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    82 S2.2 Elite Riviera, 81 S2.2 Eclat, Lotus Carlton, S2 Sumbeam Lotus, Avon Sunbeam Lotus
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  1. bistobarry


  2. Hi I don't think this is a Sunbeam. It looks like a MK2 Escort.
  3. Hi David, I would like to make you an offer. Ray
  4. Hi David, Did you sell your Eclat or is it up for sale? Ray
  5. Thanks Michael for the pics. Yes that was exactly where I saw it. I do live in St.Neots. Where in Northants are you? What a car!!!!!! Great!!!!
  6. Hi not sure if your still looking for a S2.2 but I'm thinking of selling my Bronze S2 Elite. Its a 1981 with 75,000 miles and is one of the best. I think its known to the forum? Its number plate starts with the letters DKT. Asking around £5,895 Ray
  7. Welcome to The Lotus forum Great cars!! Love the Omega (Carlton) I too have a Lotus Carlton and don't live to many miles from you. I have seen your car in St.Neots about a year ago and had to stop to take a look. Its unusual to see a low millage car and with a 1997 registration. My brother also has an unusual Lotus Carlton RHD which was registered in 1996 on a "P" plate. They really are great cars. Great colour Evora. I remember driving one exactly the same as yours on the Top Gear Live Show on the Cool Wall about 4 years ago. I was very impressed with it. Any chanc
  8. Hi Henry, Good choice in keeping it. These are great cars and you must be excited just to own it even if you can't use it at the moment. I would keep it till the times right to spend money on it , if its not costing you money just sitting there why sell it? I've had mine for 15 years and don't use it alot but love to go and look at it and think what a great looking car. If you do ever need to sell it I would love to have first refusal and would pay over the odds for it just to keep mine company. Cheers Ray
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