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  1. If anyone has an early S3 NA 1981/1982 Esprit, could they please have a look or post a photo of the two aluminium pipes where they exit the front chassis to confirm if both aluminium pipes exit with a bend.
  2. Thank you. The Esprit Manual I have shows the otter switch at the front as you say but the manual also says Esprit S3 cars prior to mid 1985 and USA Turbo models have the otter switch fitted into the water pump outlet pipe. The exploded view of the USA Turbo does show the otter switch in the water pump outlet pipe which is in the engine bay.
  3. Hi, I am in the process of replacing both aluminium radiator pipes and both aluminium heater pipes (running through the chassis) on my right hand drive early S3 Esprit. The otter switch is near the water pump in the rear of the car and not at the radiator end. I have looked at various radiator layout diagrams in the manual and have the following questions. 1. Are both aluminium heater pipes meant to be the same length? 2. I notice the passenger side aluminium radiator pipe has a large bend on the pipe where it exits the chassis and it then connects via a hose to the radiator. Is that correct? 3. I also notice the drivers side aluminium radiator pipe does not have a bend but exits the chassis and has a small length of straight rubber radiator hose which then connects to a short length of curved aluminium pipe and then to a radiator house and then to the radiator. Is that correct? 4. Are the rubber grommets for the heater hoses and the radiator hoses where they pass through the chassis still available? I ask because the front end does not appear to be original according to the diagrams in the manual. I have removed all four pipes and all are corroded. Thanks for helping Kingsley
  4. Sorry guys been away in Tasmania for the last 6 weeks and have not been in contact with the outside world etc. Of course not having done either the audi or g50 conversions I cant be sure which would be more difficult, I will take your word Hilly given you have done the Audi conversion. I guess I was thinking more along the lines that the G50 conversion has been used in lots of different cars and in Australia, from what I can tell getting hold of Audi V8s and transaxles would be expensive and hard to find and in addition, there would be very few people with experience on Audi conversions of any kind here in Australia. Thats my understanding. I think things like BMW and Audi parts are relatively inexpensive in the UK but not so here. Whereas we do have access to cheap Chevy LS series V8's here in Oz. So yeah, one thing is for sure either option will cost lots of money and engineering fabrication! Spin
  5. Hi Simon, I am in Perth. Yes I have read Hillys thread. I think there might be less engineering fitting a G50 than an Audi box, but having said that there is still a lot of fabrication to do. I know the G50 box can handle the power and I have access to one. They are not cheap and range from$3K to $8K from my research. I will be in Tassie (Deloraine area) for 6 weeks from November 1! Spin
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I have recently completed a conversion on my Triumph Stag: with 5.7L Chevy LS1, Turbo700 auto, BMW LSD, B&M Mega Shifter etc etc and I am very happy with how it has turned out and how it performs. I am now thinking of doing my 1981 S3 Esprit. I have access to a G50 and of course there are no shortages of LS1's here in OZ. So yeah was hoping someone had done a similar conversion so I could share some info. The Stag conversion was the first in the world (from what I can find out) with that particular conversion combination. It is much more difficult when you have to do it all first time yourself! M Blur - yours looks like a major rebuild project! Would be a shame to sell it now? although I know from experience how much it costs to do conversions like this and you soon run out of $$$. I will search the forum to read up on yours as I am sure there will be lots of useful information I can use. Do you know of any other G50 conversions? Vulcan Grey - thanks for the links, I will look into what they have to offer. The dollar is very good at present so could bring some parts in! Thanks Spin
  7. Hi, Has anyone fitted a Porsche G50 transaxle to an Esprit? or a Chevy LS1? or better still the combination? I have searched the forum and cant find any threads on this, which I find unusual. thanks Spin
  8. Will start a thread for sure if I get the Esprit project started. Having just done the Stag I am a bit light on for funds and the Porsche transaxle offer requires $$$ and a decision in the next week or two. Stag should be finished mid january with Xmas etc. Spin
  9. Hi, Has anyone fitted a porsche G50 or 930 Turbo transaxle to their Esprit, especially a S3? My question mainly relates to whether inboard brakes can be fitted to those transaxles? Thanks Spin
  10. Spin

    Which V8 Esprit?

    Thanks, just the info I was looking for. Spin
  11. Hi, If a person wanted to buy a V8 Esprit which particular year would you recommend? I have heard about V8 Esprits having gearbox problems as well as engine problems which has put me off. I have a S3 Esprit at the moment but know nothing about the V8's. Can someone give me the facts about the V8's and what year to go for and what to look out for? The Top Gear programme of a few years ago hasn't helped! Thanks.
  12. Sorry forgot to add S3: SCC085912BHD11160 1981 Lotus Esprit S3 NA Kingsley D Perth Western Australia
  13. SCC085912BHD11160 1981 Lotus Esprit NA Kingsley D Perth Western Australia
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