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  2. Hello! My question is, did Freescan or Espritmon run on Win10 and where can I get a USB to ALDL cable which works and is tested?
  3. Thx for all the comments! First of all freescan/espritmon does not run on my win10 pc because I have no USB to ALDL cable. Any idea where I can get one? The car has an EBPV spacer installed and the Throttle Checking Capsule is not deactivated - will do this next week. After the car stops during a trip, we found (thx to Harald for all his support) that the relay wich feeds the pump in the rhd tank was gone. We changed the relay and the car runs fine, now also when cold. No stumbling and no stalling!
  4. Hello everyone! My 91 SE stalls when you touch very soft the accelerator. When the engine is warmed up it is slighty better but there is a stumble when you toch the pedal. The ECU means everything is ok. Has someone any experiance with this? cheers Andre
  5. @Casewolf, have you read this topic, scroll down. It seems that a Toyota or Subaru servo and master cylinder works, had a lot of troubles with my powermaster III, installed the new switch from Ralf Burk, a new accumulator, new pads, new brake fluid and bleed the System according to the Workshop maual two times, the car really stops now. If you need the parts (servo and master cylinder from a subaru) they are still in my garage, to try out if this workaround will give you better brakes, let me know. Gruss Andre
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  7. Hello Everyone! I change the timing belt on my 91 SE at the moment and I have read in the workshop manual that the aux shaft has to be aligned like in the file attached. I thought, the aux shaft is attached to the oil pump and the chargecoller pump and nothing else, therefore my understanding was, the position of the shaft is not really important. Is this correct? And of corse, the settings of the intake, outtake and crankshaft pulleys are absolutely essential for the engine. Would be great to hear from expierienced SE owners about my question.
  8. As far as I understand after a talk with Ralf Burk from "B&B Sportwagen", the switch is not a standard product from Bosch, but Bosch build this switch according to Ralfs specification (for the SE ABS) in a small number of pieces exclusive für Ralf. In my case the switch is working fine an the brakes feel confident.
  9. Hey Vanya! The reservoir can stay full. You have to depressurise the system, then you need access to the pump assembly to change the switch. Last step is to bleed the system according the workshop manual. Let me know if you need a copy of this section.
  10. I changed the brake fluid in the Powermaster now and have finished the bleeding procedure according to the workshop manual. Never had this confident brake feeling during the last 11 years on my Esprit. Pump is running after pressing the pedal three times (Accumulator is 9 years old) and I am very happy abut this.
  11. The Switch is a direct replacement with full functionality inc low pressure, look at the pic. The is available till last week from "B&B Sportwagen" in Germany.
  12. Hey Vanya! The switch has the full functionality of the original switch, I can not check the specs (psi on and off) due to the lack of a pressure gauge. It feels very much better then the switch before. Cheers Andre
  13. I have got my new ABS Switch from B & B Sportwagen ( Mr Ralf Burk) in Germany. The Switch (180,- Euro) is a plug and play solution from Bosch (three times the lifecycle of the original Switch), fitted the Switch, plug in the original connector and my pump is running correctly. Cheers Andre
  14. Had the same on my 91 SE, in my case the mounting bolts of the bracket holding the Motor are lost (no idea why), so the whole load was on the left bracket on the gear box, and was broken. Did new bolts on the Motor bracket and a new part from SJ, all fixed. Cheers Andre
  15. One wire from the oil pressure sensor feeds the pressure tto the oil pressure gauge (analog signal). The second wire from the sensor is the low pressure warning switch (pressure under 1.4 bar when engine is running or engine off ignition on to check the light) on/off function. If you need schematics about this section let me know .
  16. The Connector with the black and green wire is unused in my car, the other are connected, could not see for sure where the wiring is running, could go to the fans (haarness Routing see pics)
  17. on the pics you can see the yellow plug under the relays, there is a male and female plug connected together. cheers andre
  18. Hey Marco! Some Pics from my front bonnet. sorry Marco, upload Problem :-( send me a PM
  19. Hi Marco, In my case the switch gots faulty on my 91 SE and the pump did still nothing. I can stop the car, but no assistance and no MOT :-( Cheers Andre
  20. Hi Bibs! If you mean, the Delco ABS in (translated in english, I think? = Anti Brake Lock?) which is installed in my SE is never a well working system, ok - you are right :-( I had the troubles since I bought the car in 2005!) Or want you to say that an SE with ABS/ABL is such a rare thing? If you know someone who can supply a working pressure switch or a solution with servo and brakemaster cyl pls let me know! Thx and best regards Andre
  21. Who sell this wheels? hm, cant upload the img??? Ah, it works ;-)
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