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  1. Hi all. This is my first time posting although I have reading for quite some time (hoping to pick up a S4 in the not so distant future). As some one who has done extensive installs in my previous vehicles, I have some ideas on what to install in the way of stereo. For true sound quality (ie proper sound staging) all the vocals and instruments should be infront of you. This means that only subs should be behind you, and if you place coaxials in the bulkhead like factory it will ruin your sound stage. While I realize that Lotus didn't really consider speaker placement when designing the Esprit, I think you can get good sound with the right set up. If you run a nice 4" in the dash and add a tweeter in the pillars (or even on the dash if you preffer) and a pair of 6.5 subs in the factory rear location, you should get a good overall performance. You will never win any competitions, but I think 90% of people will be more than happy with this set up. To help make things easier on you guys I will make a few suggestions. Tweeters or Mids or Subs Obviously you will need amps and crossovers for this set up, but if you want good sound you should plan on amping any set up you have,deck power isn't nearly enough.
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