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  1. Hey Mark... I used to live in Johannesburg back in 1997-98! I lived in Northcliff... I have missed it every since and cant wait to come back.. We tried to move to South Africa but were the wrong color :-) Jason Miller
  2. I appreciate your help however, I am wanting to take the car to "Exotic car night" sat night in Dallas and figured I could buy something at a local auto store and get on the road sooner. Anyway thanks again, I went to your website, your cars are breathtaking!!
  3. Thanks Tony, I will give it a try tomorrow.. funny thing, we just chatted on Ferrari chat earlier today...
  4. I need to replace the fuel pump on my 78 s2. Can anyone recomend an aftermarket pump I can buy at a local auto parts store? The two pumps I can locate here locally that are stock are used. thanks Jason Miller
  5. Here are the pictures, notice the size difference ???
  6. Ive had it for a couple years. Its been very reliable, Here is texas it gets very hot in the summer and it runs nice and cool even with the AC going. Its really been a fun car and as you probably have noticed the prices are dropping considerably. I cant believe a 12 cylinder for 50K !
  7. As a new member of this forum and a Ferrari owner as well I agree. I am a strong member in the local ferrari club as well active in the ferrari forums, I attend both local Lotus events as well as Ferrari and funny thing is, The ferrari guys welcome most every car and love my lotus, the lotus guys spend more time bashing my friends with Ferrari's and Lamborghinis. The ferrari people I know are Auto enthusiasts and respect all exotic makes for what they are. I love my Lotus's and I truly enjoy the driving experience of the esprit S2 but I love the sound and feel of a F car as well.
  8. Thanks for the welcome, and kind words about the esprit. Its in fine shape with only 22K original miles. I am the second owner and try to take good care of the car. This summer i plan to pull the engine and replace belts and more or less clean it up a bit. Its really a fun car, as they say, like a street legal go-cart. Thanks again, Jason
  9. Long time Lotus Esprit owner just found this Forum, I am excited to read about the projects and interest of other Lotus owners. I am a Real Estate developer in Fort worth Texas and love Exotic cars. I have had a 1978 Esprit for many years and love it. I am also building a Europa track car. PLS excuse treo pics Jason
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