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  1. Cool, will start off there. Thamks for the advice. I have two oil gauges aswell, one for temp and one for pressure. Plus the boost gauge in the top middle of the dash. Mine is a US MY 95 S4 imported to europe. Might be why theres a difference in the layout. I know there are several small diffrences from the euro to the US market ones.
  2. Hi guys, Drove the Esprit earlier today to work and all was fine, came home, had a tiny nap, and went out for a drive again. Start it up, all seems normal, except as I start driving, i notice the boost gauge is jumping around violently, not even giving gas, and its all over the place. I drove it for a while, and everything seems normal with the actual boost and delivery. Its just the damn needle making me paranoid. The needle is stuck all the way to the far right (Max), and sometimes dropping down and jolting about, especially on uphills around 2000-3000 rpm. Would appreciate any advice Cheers Oroboros
  3. Yup, the whole clutch needed changing, never got the full story from the mechanic, but it had worn to its last leg, and then failed. So went for an upgraded racing clutch that could handle more torque, and now its all good. Except for other minor details of course as it is an Esprit. Amongst other things some issues with boost only going to 0.65 but thinking thats probably a coolant issue, as I did see the car run a little hot on the gauge on the lower right instrument panel. Havent gotten freescan/espritmon yet, so havent been able to diagnose it yet.
  4. I live in Stavanger, Norway. Not alot of Esprits around here
  5. Brilliant! Appreciate all you guys in this forum so much! I would have fealt very unconfident with my esprit if you all were not here and this community was not as helpfull as you all are. Thanks guys.
  6. Thanks guys, guess I will be getting espritmon sooner rather than later then.
  7. Sorry bibs, forgot to check which hand I write with I meant the right side (Facepalm). I mean the water temp, is nearly touching the red. Can this have the same limiting effect, and can it then mean there is a chargecooler issue?
  8. It was at 0.5 but is now up to 0.65 after my latest test drive, the boost gauge is similar, but it has 0.5 labled on it aswell, and now it went past to the middle point, so Im guessing thats 0.65 I noticed that the temperature gauge on the lower left side, was almost touching the red. As this is my first experience with the esprit, I have yet to learn a lot. Amongs other things the correct temperatures for operation. I dont have freescan or espritmon yet, but will definately get it asap.
  9. had a long test drive today and no stuttering, wastegate operates normally judging by the sound, but boost still doesnt go past 0.5
  10. Did another test run, and the ABS light doesnt flash anymore. The boost goes up to 0.5 on the needle exactly flat out, and doesnt go beyond though. Come to think of it, I couldnt hear the wastegate operating while lifting off either.
  11. The ABS light and the Check Engine light both light up and go off normally before setting off, will inspect the spark plugs and check for water getting in. As for the wastegate, will check it after the spark plugs, as everything was normal last week when I had her out for a test run. We have had a lot of rain in the past week so I am assuming it is the spark plugs, as I have heard it can be an issue when the engine cover is off.
  12. Hi guys, First off, I apologize for being a complete noob, but I am learning on the fly. I have recently disconnected the battery and was doing the re-learning of the ECU drive today. I noticed that when accelerating, the boost would never go beyond 0.4 and at the same time, around 4000 rpm or so, the engine would start stuttering, so I let off the gas and it behaves normally under 4000 rpm. My question is; is this normal during the re-learning phaze or is this another problem? It was a rainy day, and my car doesnt have the engine cover, which Ive ordered. So I am thinking it might be the spark plugs, but any advice would be very welcomed. A few other issues I have is the abs tell tale light keeps flashing, and the fuel tell tale behaves erradically, going on and off and it seems to be random. In advance, thanks!!
  13. Please add your name to this list if you'd like to be notified by PM of local events... 1. Geir Olav (Saggitarius) 2. Roy Pallesen (Oroboros)
  14. Ramjet, You are awesome It was the front bonnet switch that had a crack in its mounting, which when the bonnet was lowered wasnt depressed correctly. I would never have thought that the bonnet switch would be connected to the interior lights. Provlem solved. Thanks heaps mate!
  15. Yes the door switches seem to be fine, did some testing and they seem to be operating correctly
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