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  1. scc085912khd133379 blue 1989 na paul worcestershire
  2. Thanks si Thats realy kind of you. Knowing your luck you would run when you've nearly finished! I've only just started a (light i hope) restoration on my on my old banger, so not sure what i need yet. I won't pinch any thing off yet, but thank you. Keep up the good work (slowly) I must admit your pictures and post do wonders for my motivation. Hope to see you at the lotus show, i'll come for a chat. paul
  3. Hi Si where did you get your rivnuts from. Seems like i've duplicated your last reply (oops) thanks paul. Duplicate post removed - matk
  4. Hi all, Thanks for all your input. Comes down to two choices . strip car right down to bare bones, and go for cellulose colour change. Go for the easy rout. Bend the rules go for 2k and just paint outer body.(existing colour) Decisions - Decisions looks like my car will be the one with black wings white doors pink roof in hammeright with with louds of runs in it ! (the wifes idea, she hates my car) paul.
  5. Hi all. As usual i can't make up my mind. Needs to be something i can touch up easily,as the old bomb seems prone to being wounded (too much junk in my garage) next question is what to spray it in ? Sprayed my first s3 in 1993 (L40 midnight blue) in cellulose. Sold it in '99 still looking good, wondered what are the alternatives? Have been told basecoat with 1k laquor won't last on the car and should only be used for local repairs also has a short shelf life. If true a complete waste of time. 2k long lasting but not really safe for diy use. Have looked at Troy Halliday's p
  6. Hi all, Just about to start thinking about respraying my 89 na. fancy a colour change (mediteranean blue to midnight blue) Just wondering what most people think. would it devalue it .Would this seen to be a bad move. any opinions. Thanks paul.
  7. Hi all, Just looking for a few tips on changing my front brake lines(1989 N/a), the ones from the master cylinder downwards across the front of the chasis. Looks like a nightmare job with everything in the way. Has anyone done this job and if so how? Thanks Paul
  8. Yes they do look cool - that's why it is such a hard decision. Nice pictures! Did you own it? Sorry it takes so long for me to reply - I have to wait for wifey to come home from work to show me how to switch PC on!!!
  9. Many thanks for your replies - lots to think about!. Yes it is the blue N/A that was on ebay in November.
  10. I have just acquired an '89 Esprit N/A running on AW1 V8 wheels with 35 profile tyres front & rear with standard suspension. The ride is exceptionally hard and the steering follows every minor undulation in the road to a level of being unsafe. According to literature V8's should run on 40 profile front tyres but maybe they would rub on N/A wheel arches? Are these wheels unsuitable for this car or with some suspension modifications the problem could be rectified? Or maybe returning to standard wheels would be the best way forward. If anyone has any experience of this any informati
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