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  1. SSC 2-piece brake kit

    Thanks for the info! Here in the Netherlands I can buy a complete set of 4 discs for €1863 incl. vat which seems very reasonable to me.
  2. Tvs1900 owners installation question

    Hi Gavin I did send my .fpf file late in the evening to ssc (in the morning local australian time) and got my updated file back within a half hour. I guess that you can drive your car after sending your .fpf file to ssc because you only send them the id of your ecu. The id of your ecu that you send to ssc actually is a very small file of only 6KB. Did you email to Nick Ray from ssc directly? He is the ecu calibration guy at ssc; [email protected] Cheers
  3. Is there someone who has experience with this 2 piece brake kit from SSC According to the pictures the rotors and alloy bells are made by DBA. Price seems reasonable
  4. Does anybody know the difference between Evora and Exige V6 callipers? They use the same pads... Can these Evora callipers be machined so the will fit a V6 Exige?
  5. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    About 2 months ago Stuart from SSC told me it would take another 3 months for having the production sample made, approved and a bigger batch made.
  6. Just finished the bracket for my Braille GU1R. It weighs 380gr. Compaired to the original bracket that weighs 1350gr. I think that is a nice saving.
  7. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    And... can you allready share your thoughts with us? Do you like it?
  8. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    Yes I bought it from them, but at that time (almost a year back ) they did not have a suitable map to go with the 2Bular system. They then said they could send me a more safe map. What is one of the reasons I waited with the install till they would have a suitable map. As far as I know SSC is the only suplier for the tvs1900 by the way. In the mean time I allready started on making a heat shield to keep the inlet air as cool as possible.
  9. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    I allready have 2Bular headers and 200 cell cat on my car. I hope SSC have got a map that works with the tvs1900 and 2Bular system by the time I have completed my install. I gues 440-450bhp should by possible.
  10. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    I'm planning to do the install myself in a couple of weeks
  11. Komotec 460 or SSC TVS1900?

    Looks like @Harry Zhao also upgraded to the tvs1900 and even added the intercooler... Would be nice if he could share his experience here
  12. New SSC exhaust

    In Frech Fries post from last friday you can see the manifolds and link pipe in the first few seconds.
  13. New SSC exhaust

    Hmm... the layout of the SSC manifolds looks the same as the 2Bular ones... That looks promising for the people who allready have the 2Bular manifolds and are considering the TVS1900. I guess they will also get 450bhp instead of 420bhp?
  14. Dyno results : please show yours !

    TVS1900...? :-P