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  1. rasasoufe

    New clutch

    The 400+ models (Exige and Evora) all use the same lighter flywheel and a bigger friction plate. The cup 430 seems to have a high clamp load clutch cover and a different friction plate (same as the Evora 410 430 models).
  2. rasasoufe

    Oxygen sensor

    KomoTec and 2Bular both use a HJS sports cat which is one of the best.
  3. rasasoufe

    I picked a TVS1900

    Hi Marc i) I guess not as I also think that SSC have still not released their headers... ii) I run 2Bular headers and sports cat in combination with the TVS1900 without problems. Before installing the TVS1900 I was told by Stuart and Nick (SSC's calibrating guy) that they know from their testing with different headers that the ECU is very flexible to hardware changes so I would be fine to have the 2Bular headers installed with the tvs1900 supercharger. They also told me that once they had tested their headers with their 1900 SC kit they would see if there are any more gains to be made from tuning but they were fairly confident that the file will be the same as what they have already done. By the way... From the photo's I have seen from SSC's headers I would say that their design looks very similar to 2Bulars...
  4. If you do find the O2 extension cables or the lambda sensors itself to be faulty I have lambda sensors that allready have the correct lenght wireing so that you don't need extension cables.
  5. If you have the Larini manifolds you also must have O2 sensor extension cables. Maybe there is something wrong with the O2 extension cables instead of the O2 sensors.
  6. rasasoufe

    SSC 2-piece brake kit

    Yes the part # I gave are with the alloy bells. But delivery takes 3 months as Fineline had to order them directly in Australia and due their weight the discs are coming by boat.
  7. rasasoufe

    SSC 2-piece brake kit

    Just edited my previous post.
  8. rasasoufe

    SSC 2-piece brake kit I ve ordered a complete set (front + rear) for €1775 including the alloy bells. Partn # are: dba52908blkrs, dba52908blkls, dba52903blkrs, dba52903blkls
  9. rasasoufe

    SSC 2-piece brake kit

    @race can help us out with that I think.
  10. rasasoufe

    SSC 2-piece brake kit

    In the Netherlands I ordered them at FineLine Imports. However... Last week I discovered that LIR-racing also sells the DBA 5000 series discs. They have a complete set (front and rear) for only €1420 including VAT! Or is that price for the discs only without the alloy bells?... My french is not good enough...
  11. Ah. Thanks. This wasn't on elise-shops website when I looked yesterday. Sadly the side scoops are the sport 380 ones and not the cup 380 ones :-( £1556 for the rear hatch in carbon... Well that includes vat...
  12. Is the front access hatch the normal one or the cup style one? And the louvred hatch is that the same as the awfull one sold by Komotec, wich also is sold by winace. Or just the panel wich only replaces the rear glass? I would also be interessted in the cup380 style side scoops and rear wing by the way.
  13. DBA also sells brake discs for the Exige V6: DBA52908-1LS, DBA52908-1RS I'm let to beleave that they use the same bolt pattern as the oem discs. Maybe simplysportscars can confirm this.
  14. rasasoufe

    Evora 400 Pads

    Thanks but the S1 uses the frp3083h. I ve got a set of 3084h lying here hence the question.
  15. rasasoufe

    Evora 400 Pads

    Can somebody confirm if Ferodo frp3084h pads fit an Evora 400?