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  1. Sorry for the late responce. i will post some photos next week. Please pm me with any requirement and i can take photos of specific items.
  2. I have decided that restoring my car is not going to be possible due to commitments, therefore i have an almost complete car that i am going to sell for parts. Let me know if you need anything.
  3. Hi, I have finally made a start on getting this running. I am coming up against problems though! no fuel to engine! So far i have checked fuel lines are clear and fuel pump works when i put power to it. My question is. I found a switch of some sort on the fuel line under the car today. What does this do and where should it get its power from? Also does anyone have a wiring diagram as i think my electrics are all pretty tired. This is the first car ive ever worked on so apologise if some of my questions dont make sence. sam
  4. Hi all, Have just bought a 1975 elite to restore. it is running but the body and interior needs work. Hopefully with peoples help i can restore this to its former glory. 1st question. Does anyone have a picture of a red and gold elite? as the previous owner has painted it all red and i wish to get it back to factory finish. Thanks in advance sam
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