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  2. Congratulations Alex, I've followed this thread from the beginning, beautiful job Mauricio
  3. Saw it today, thanks for the detailed step by step procedure. Mauricio
  4. You're right. I thought you had a local source for the headgaskets in Germany. I have a good friend in Heppenheim who can help with parts. I will let you know if my crankshaft needs repair. thanks
  5. Thank you Gunter, PM sent. Gunter, your PM is full? does not accept more messages? Do you have email? I am interested in bearings and headgasket. Thanks Mauricio
  6. Thanks everyone for your kind support and good advice. I will be contacting the shop this week to determine if I am on my own or not. I spoke to gmendoza over the weekend and he gave me good encouragement to move forward with a rebuild and a very good estimate of the costs. I know an engine from a breaker is a gamble, which could be worthwhile if they were cheap but they seem to cost as much or more than the parts necessary for the rebuild. If anyone has an leads on reasonably priced parts that I will need or has anything in their garage they would be willing to sell, please PM me. If I am on my own with the rebuild, I will be collecting parts over the next few months until I have everything needed to rebuild the motor. I just spent over $7k on the car so money is tight right now. Thanks Again, Mauricio Martinez
  7. Hello Everyone, Sadly but surely my 2001 V8 has blown. I started a thread on Lotustalk titled "another one (v8) bites the dust", you may read there to see the sad story and opinions I've received. My current dilemma is whether to rebuild the engine or buy an engine from a breaker or perhaps purchase a rebuilt engine (block with heads) from a reputable outfit in the UK. The cost of parts here in the States is not astronomical but finding a meticulous, professional mechanic who will do it right the first time is not easy. I have enough skill to remove the engine, swap out the plenum and all the ancillaries, sensors, etc. and then install the engine, but I do not feel comfortable doing the rebuild (valves, pistons, bearings etc.) nor do I have the specialized Lotus tools. Are rebuilt engines available in the UK? BTW, does anyone (Bibs or Dave?) know about a sport 350 that is breaking at "Dewsburry Auto", if anyone here knows the mileage or condition of the engine and if it's available still, it could be my solution. I would appreciate your thoughts and advice about what to do. Mauricio Martinez
  8. Hello Everyone, Have any of you replaced the side mirror wings (from damage) with an older cx mirror housing? The older mirrors have manual cables but the casing and stalk appear the same. I am wondering if the newer electrical "inside" parts (motor, glass, electric cable) will bolt in to the "old" housing. I see these older housings on ebay and considering them for back up replacements and possibly use them for molds for a pair of CF caps . Thanks Mauricio
  9. Thank You, I would have never found it without your help.
  10. Hello everyone, Has anyone found a direct replacement window switch for the late v8 interior (mine is 2001)? I know it must be an Opel/Vauxhall part but they vary slightly in size. A GM part number would be great! Thanks
  11. Gunter, thank you very much. I have a friend in Germany who will check local prices. There are many on German ebay.
  12. Hello everyone, could someone supply a cross ref for the V8 coil packs please Lotus# 918e6009 and SJS has SJ918E0012. I am sure there is a GM part rom a GM car that works. Thank you
  13. Hello, If you build a cat with a magnaflow core (200 cell or similar) and cut the bypass pipes so as to have pre and post 02 sensors...Would this meet US specs so as to pass California smog inpection?
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