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  1. Hi Sorry for hijacking your picture, but I've got to ask, what are the wheels off? Or what make are they? Thanks
  2. Well never mind, some other poor sod has got themselves it for £2306. Respectable price I think
  3. Thanks! That certainly sounds a lot more positive than when I posted it on my ford forum...! What would it be worth fully running, reasonably complete with an MOT etc? I'm not looking for an investment but then again I don't literally want to throw money down the drain. I've done that on my current car already I guess I naively hoped that parts wouldn't be quite so difficult to come by. I think I'll hope it doesn't sell, then make an offer to the guy for around £1500. Which in my mind is a *steal*. But I'm sure he won't accept that but it'd be worth some negotiations.
  4. Hi, I'm a newbie, looking at as a possible project. My history lies in old fords, but have a recent new job and want to treat myself to a proper sports car project. Looks like it needs some electrics, attention to the brakes among other things. Also I think that exhaust needs to go in the bin and a trip to Simpsons exhausts to get something stainless and tubular made up. So a couple of questions, how much do you think that is worth as it stands? How often do half decent leather interiors co
  5. I really would like this as a project, anyone got any thoughts before I go to my bank for a loan?
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