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  1. Hi Fabian i think I can sort you out mate 👍🏻
  2. All done Pat, I’ll post another update soon. 👍🏻
  3. Thanks Phil, all added 👍🏻
  4. Looks like a nice car Mike, congratulations on the purchase 👍🏻 I will do the update 😉
  5. This is part of the reasons why I prefer classic cars. Several cars in the village were hit a couple months back, the damage was the exhaust either side of the CAT along with a bent wing from the pricks lifting it for Jack access and a bent floor pan on the owners car I knew. Unfortunately this is going to get worse before it gets better as Police rarely follow up such crimes due to little chance of catching them or achieving a prosecution. The attack locally to me only resulted in a crime reference number being provided for insurance purposes. CCTV only provides a deterrent but these people cover their faces, turn up in a unregistered or hot car and are generally tooled up literally, most garages are not big enough for modern cars so not sure what can be done? Perhaps some sort of legislation on sales of secondhand CATs being only through regulated vehicle dismantlers? Again so hard to enforce….. A couple of online options
  6. Gerry’s turbo at the Haynes motor museum
  7. Is it just the Esprit then I wonder, have they gone out of favour? I doubt the JPS will reach £63k second time around and the reserve is lower than £60k so that looks like a tactical error or false hopes from Bonhams. That Essex reached half of what they fetched in the peak which was the biggest surprise, perhaps the high estimates put buyers off? What’s the next project Barry? Another Stag or a surprise 😁
  8. Some shocking figures with an Essex only fetching £2k more than a JPS! What is going on with the classic market at the moment? Strange times and seems to be a buyers market 🙄 Is it seasonal? Is it the whole EV thing? Dave
  9. Yes it is Filip as I sold it to the seller years ago, the advert is not right though as he was hacked and the car keeps coming up for sale, I messaged him about it a few times. Dave
  10. Showing as still on the road through DVLA search, I’ll add it on. Shows as grey on their system though? Dave
  11. All been added, thanks for the updates 👍🏻 Dave
  12. Wow it’s flying along now Paul, at this rate you will have it painted in weeks! The bulkhead panels look pretty good. Dave
  13. That’s an interesting car Mike, good spot. It seems to be a good shape and no doubt in regular use as not dirty. Only just MOT’d this August after a period off the road with around 40k on the clock.
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