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  1. Brilliant and added, thanks Steve 👍🏻 Looks nice, hopefully it will grace our roads again sometime in the future? Dave
  2. You may be lucky as they are in good rust free condition so should spin free provided the screw doesn’t turn. Mine have nylon nuts fitted and had glue on them. I decided to just leave mine as it works but sound was pretty poor tbh. Dave
  3. The base speaker is secured from the top of the dash meaning you would need to remove the leather in front of the screen. The proper way to do this is remove the screen and dash itself as the leather tucks under each. Also the screws are very close to the screen so access is poor with the screen in place. Unless you are desperate to correct the base speaker I would leave it alone and explore other options for the door speakers. The US cars had a Blaupunkt unit as above. Dave
  4. Count me in although getting it right with the gold thread won’t be easy 👍🏻
  5. Can’t be many of these about and for sale on ebay 😁 Dave
  6. Still not sure I’m going blue as never seen one and photos always make it look like quite a dull colour. Matt Watts blue S2.2 was a really nice shade of blue and I did like. Lagoon blue just doesn’t quite do it although this could be just poor photographs. I will get the paint shop to do me a test strip then decide after. This blue looks better but more a royal blue I think? I think Red and Marcasite will be the way Paul goes which will look really smart and not many red ones about these days. Dave
  7. Paul This is going to be a fantastic journey saving possibly one of the biggest S1 projects I’ve seen other than a fire car. It makes mine look pretty simple but with everyone’s help should be a stunner like your white car. My vote is red everyday but I have a thing for red S1’s as you know. The body is certainly more hacked than I thought and we have been talking offline so that’s going to present a few challenges along the way but all fixable. The chassis looks excellent so that’s a massive bonus and being a matching number car definitely makes the project worth that extra
  8. I’m down your way in Plymouth if you need any help, what colour is yours?
  9. Yes the JEX plates were Norfolk cars and as Lex said it was ex-Lotus company car and spent some time in engineering as their development car, the engineering team described it as one of the most balanced cars they had at the time getting lots of attention. SWLC looked after it and said it was a good car. Dave
  10. Come on Barry spill the beans..? Something cool? Dave
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