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    Scott Walker in the local press.

    Yes Paul that was mine before I sold it to Ken.

    Very early dry sump SOLD at French Auction

    Andy I really can’t remember, I was after MK1 RS2000 parts at the time so just picked them up at the end of the day. I remember the box still looked as full as it did in the morning so not much interest at the time, for me it was just using up the last of my spending money on the day. I agree with Phil if not in Essex paint then not worth fitting. Interesting stuff with the leather, my car is full leather with ruched seats just cloth centres like Stephen’s first wet sump, going to get my centres changed if I end up painting it in Spring. I can confirm the ford Capri brake master is the same as changed mine today, picked that info up from something Andy had posted ages ago so thanks ? Dave

    Very early dry sump SOLD at French Auction

    Surprised this car never had the ruched leather as mine is half leather but still has the puffer jacket style? I assumed all the early Dry Sumps came from the factory this way from all the shots we have building the dry Sump Register. The L25 paint code on the chassis plate confirmed it was a factory white car and the decals and cam covers were available as Lotus patternised, I picked some covers up at beaulieu around over 20+ years ago to put on my black turbo forgetting about the oil filler so they were discarded to my parents loft, the seller had loads of lotus factory bits and a card board box full of the covers all thrown in unprotected. I was going to Essex replica my dry sump but all my interest in the car to date is to keep it red/black so come spring time that will be the way forward, can’t help thinking though if painted in Essex colours it would sell faster! I know Mark at Stocks sold his Essex painted (non Essex)cars quickly enough and one was not even a dry sump.....? Andy is right about the retrim costs as getting the ruched look done properly is mega bucks from all my quotes.? Dave

    MJK illness

    Get well soon MJK and Kimbers, I will send Mike an email, he was great with replies while researching my Elan. ?

    Essex Random Images.......

    It does not mention the engine being out of the car on eBay, May give the winning bidder a shock when he goes to collect on a trailer. I am sure it will be restored in full Essex form especially since it has the cam covers which are missing from several official ones. Dave

    Very early dry sump SOLD at French Auction

    That was me Andy ?

    Very early dry sump SOLD at French Auction

    Well for a non-Essex it does have the cam covers which is a nice touch with roof radio but 1/2 leather. Looks like the new owner has cleaned it up from the new photos listed. From the photos it looks like the duck tail has been blended in and the filler has since cracked. ? Dave

    Bond interior colour

    No she is up for sale Stephen, I have a good reason and know I will regret it as a good car ?

    Bond interior colour

    You can get it from Scotweb ???
  10. LOTUSMAN33

    Very early dry sump SOLD at French Auction

    I have added it to the Register now, interesting car and nice to add another one as been a while with no more leads. ??? Dave
  11. LOTUSMAN33

    Compomotive refurb

    Nice work Steve yours are looking great ?? What size centre caps did you use? As said there are several ways to rebuild these wheels Yes Phil powder coating is fine but make sure you talk to the workshop, mine use a different compound for wheels which is sprayed and baked, gives a very hard wearing finish. Dave
  12. LOTUSMAN33

    Compomotive refurb

    Hi Phil I am just doing mine at the moment, this will be my third set and so far no leaks.. There are a few methods to do these as demonstrated on the forum but for me; Strip the wheels and get the centres and inner barrels powder coated, my centres will be powder sprayed once I machine the centres to take the alloy centre caps. Prior to painting the inners make sure they are dressed/filed flat on the sealing face as 20 bolt Comps tend to distort more than 30 bolt ones. There are 'O' seals which will look completely square and flat when removed along with no doubt breaking up as you remove. Once outer barrels are polished you can rebuild, I always use new Gaco cord (O seal cord) which you can buy online. Don't worry about the width of the O seal groove as the depth is more important when deciding the diameter of the new cord. Don't go too thick as it only needs to protrude slightly to seal. Always cut the ends square and glue with the correct O seal glue ( Loctite 404). I then use some Loctite 574 face sealant on the inner face where the O seal fits to seal from moisture and corrosion. I use black plated Stainless cap screws (not cheap but won't corrode like normal black cap screws) and nyloc nuts with washers. Once built I then mask a 25 mm - 30 mm ring/band on the inner wheel and run some Sikaflex sealant around the wheel which will be hidden by the tyre. Only needed really due to the old barrels having that slight distortion from use where the 20 bolts pull together, seals and protects from further corrosion. Buy some nice new stainless tyre valves to finish the look. Dave Only ones I have photos of on my IPad which I did years ago.
  13. LOTUSMAN33

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Awesome, looks like an Essex parked amongst them as well. ?
  14. LOTUSMAN33

    The last Elan to leave Hethel??

    Thanks guys, took it work today which is an unknown for me, just could not wait to drive it again as such fun now! Think I may keep her and let the Esprit go to someone who has the time to dedicate to her. ?