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  1. Well done Parker, me lady will give you a special treat I’m sure Dave
  2. Nice and being a cottage the walls would never have been flat so looking great now. Bet it’s a nightmare getting furniture in there as door looks quite small. That’s been our dream for years to buy a barn or old cottage with some land, we are holding out for the lad to go uni. Keep the S4S and sell the missus Dave
  3. Another job well done Barry, you certainly don’t hang about ! what’s next? Dave
  4. Good effort, I will be happy if I can get mine performing like that when I get around to that task Dave
  5. Steve Thats fine, I like originality but quality wins for me and your sets are superb. Dave
  6. Very nice, last one went for £45k plus fees Dave
  7. I’ve not changed a Lotus loom but both Mk1 Mini’s I restored over the past few years have had short looms with missing cables which is a pain as they are cotton wrapped. I had to route both differently and the colours never matched the original so glad I marked up when removing aiding transfer of tallies. I’m really interested in getting the door seals sorted as my drivers one has a few nicks in it, I can measure mine if needed. The engine bay loom in my Esprit is quite scruffy so when the body comes off I’m going to renew the whole thing hopefully if available with A/C. Dave
  8. Steve Can you add a set of black ones to my wool interior set you are making please. LHD S2 mate Many Thanks Dave
  9. Up in the loft sorting out Lotus bits this morning and came across these photos, anyone recognise or own any of them? I travelled to London to buy this turbo but it had a rather terminal sounding engine at the time so was due a rebuild, it was up for £5000. I have lots of photos of this one as pained me to walk away at the time. I very nearly bought this S1 many years ago, it was an early 76 car with centre ashtray and a sunroof with black vinyl and red tartan interior. Pretty sure I recognise this plate from on here? Dave
  10. Cool (literally) Not seen one, wonder where they put the controls, probably on an extra dash added panel? Dave
  11. Here you go, hopefully you can read it until your copy arrives, you think they would have sent you a copy first especially as making the front cover. Dave
  12. I subscribe so get it early mate My eyes lit up when I opened the envelope, it looks Ace Fabian so well done you.
  13. I agree hence deciding LHD in the end, I used to bake in my old JPS in the summer especially being black. Not sure if federal S1’s ever had it? Dave
  14. The engine is in, bit of a pain doing it on your own constantly up and down checking nothing is fouling but done I jacked the car up 3” higher than when I removed it which made a big difference. One hell of an angle in the end and lost some gearbox oil from the speedo drive. Finally on the mounts although I need to remove the RH mount again as the AC hoses should run below looking at it after, no hardship to sort out though. So nice to have it back on its skates and check out the ride height when still not fully built so well pleased with tho
  15. Fabian’s in print ! Fantastic write up and the 2CV looked magnificent No seriously get your copy as very good and the Esprit looked really good in glossy print Dave
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