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  1. Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Awesome, looks like an Essex parked amongst them as well. 😀
  2. The last Elan to leave Hethel??

    Thanks guys, took it work today which is an unknown for me, just could not wait to drive it again as such fun now! Think I may keep her and let the Esprit go to someone who has the time to dedicate to her. 😉
  3. Didn't Matt Watts buy that one? Looks better now cleaned with its other wheel fitted. Dave
  4. The last Elan to leave Hethel??

    Been busy over the past few weeks stripping down all the suspension on the Elan and rebuilding with new fastenings along with UK spec springs removing the development set. Reason was the cars handling was strange and left you less confident with the car. I have owned several M100 from a N/A, SE and S2's and this was totally different. The development springs were about an 1" longer and the shocks had spacers fitted below the springs to increase the compression. The ride height now is much nicer. I took the car to Protyre today in Plymouth for a full suspension set up including castor, camber and toe adjustments front and back.The guys were brilliant and spent hours adjusting and rechecking until alignment was spot on, I had already cleaned and greased all the eccentric adjusters and shims making adjustments much smoother. The car was miles out when it arrived with a screen full of red images. I decided to replace all the tyres to gain full effect of the hard work and must say I can not recommend these guys more, jacking the car car properly along with using the correct torque on the wheel bolts rather than rattle gun destruction! The drive home was the best Elan drive I have ever had with the car transformed into a super tight balanced drive returning that confidence to return along with a massive smile! 😁 This is worth the money to any Lotus owner utilising modern technology to maximise their cars potential. That impressed I have booked my wife's Swift in for similar treatment. I have retained the development parts as part of IB10's unique history. Dave
  5. Good find Fabian, not quite as nice as yours but still pretty! 😄
  6. I actually quite like it from an effort POV as looks like someone has worked hard to achieve that look. I wonder how it stands close up? Good find Mark and not badly priced considering the money which must have been sunk in. Dave 🙃
  7. Lotus Elite S2.2 1981 – Altair Green

    Very nice indeed 😎😎😎
  8. Dry Sump Register

    All The Register is now getting a little big to post, so if anyone wants a latest updated copy just PM me with your email address. It is not a secret and available to all. 😉 Dave
  9. Dry Sump Register

    Hi Fammo I will add this one and send you a copy if you PM your email address. We had 1067 listed but this one was missing. It falls inline with Compomotive wheels so may have been changed later in life. What colour is the interior? Lovely looking Esprit Dave
  10. NEC Classic Motorshow 10-12 Nov 2017

    Yes good show, I am going Sunday this year for a change.
  11. Essex Random Images.......

    Certainly makes the Aston, Porsche and Bentley look plain! Stunning car Barry 😍
  12. 81 dry sump turbo

    Time of year Dan, I had lots of potential buyers for my Elan in spring/summer but not getting a bite now. Living out the way for both Stephen and myself doesn't help I guess. Still lets us keep enjoying our cars and maybe even change our minds 😉 Dave
  13. 81 dry sump turbo

    Well said Howard and welcome to the forum, if fairness your price thoughts seem fine to me as a lovely car in superb colour. Good luck with the sale and enjoy your ownership in the meantime. Dave
  14. 1982 lotus esprit s3 NA

    Yep Mike's car with a healthy mark up 🙄
  15. Lovely hc celebration for sale

    Beautiful car and very rare, saw one at Donington Park years ago and liked it then. Looks to be in fantastic condition so should sell to a collector. Not keen on the limited edition decal as looks like something you buy from a motor factor swivel rack. Grey does suit the Guigario design well 😎 Dave