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  1. Welcome Tony, nice looking Elise
  2. Pete built me a Turbo engine once when I was working on TNR160R, that engine was superb and drove beautifully well, the current owner has done nearly 50k without any problems other than a replacement turbo due to seal failure. Just go for it Fabian and have a well earned break.
  3. last time I went to Europe in my own car was in an Escort Cosworth, We did 145 which seemed quick enough. I don’t think I would be allowed these days without a jab in the arm and a lot of screaming! Will probably do France, Germany Switzerland and Italy but considering part of Austria as well, should knock up a few thousand miles and put the Evora through its paces. Didn't realise you can’t change the bulbs, guessing it’s the LED thing? Thanks for the tip with V5 and driving license, not researched that yet but knew we would have some changes to sort. Good info on the Wiring looms Chad, thanks Dave
  4. I agree with Mark on all points, although I would have liked to view several I just went with my gut in the end and as stated good history. I love the gearbox and low rev cruising with the long box, motorway use is really pleasant. We hope to take ours to Europe in the Summer so it should be perfect. You are doing the right thing with alerts, the right car will pop up just be prepared to travel with the limited numbers available. Parts can be expensive so as stated by Mark have a really good look at the car, compared to the Esprit where lots of parts are supported by the specialists the Evora has limited more options. Dave
  5. Nice choice Mark, don’t see many red ones about. Shame this one on Autotrader is an Auto! Dave
  6. Your welcome, I have used it twice now and with some patience you can get them spot on. Look forward to the results Dave
  7. Mark As a new Evora owner my advice is go for it, you won’t be disappointed as these cars are simply sublime. Yes the early cars have a few niggles and things to tinker with but that only adds to the joy IMHO. The drive is great and the engine sounds superb! Forum support is second to none so worth reading the various posts and owners reviews. I wanted a first edition car and found a cracker so my advice is go have a drive and don’t look back Good luck with your search and please post on your progress? Dave
  8. You got to love this forum, brilliant and what a find, still looks stunning! Now just to find the latest custodian!
  9. Probably right as my M100,s has wind noise but lucky with leaks unlike some, key was good seals. I will be putting some thin foam packers in where the seal is compressed on the A pillar corners. My drivers window doesn’t drop when opening like the drivers side? Doesn’t run anywhere though so not a big issue. Dave
  10. Lex Latest copy now sent, please make it your own and make sure you share it with anyone who asks. Keep up the good work and hopefully fill some more gaps. Thanks everyone for helping to build it up and enjoy going forward, fantastic cars and last of the real chapman era. Dave
  11. Are leaks common with the Evora, not tried rain yet but wind noise indicates gaps
  12. Fantastic, that’s my birthday sorted I will do my research then go for it, thanks Bibs
  13. Was it an expensive exercise and I take it the pioneer system is far superior? Did you change the reversing camera as well?
  14. Lex I would be more than happy for you to take it forward mate as it was meant to be shared with the dry sump owners. I will mail you the latest copy so you can check against the last I sent. Dave
  15. Thanks Bibs I will do some research on the early posts then probably come back for more advice as not really up to speed on this and the head unit issues. Are they a simple change as seems quite integrated to the dash? Dave
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