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  1. Maybe Stu, not decided what to buy but considering a modern europa S as an option. Not rushing into it so just watching the market. Very tempted by the white S2 on eBay at the moment too. Mini is looking superb now, I will mail you a photo, still busy building it up hence not rushing back into Lotus ownership. Dave
  2. Nice, I like this although need to confirm what the damage was as last damaged V8 I owned had a bent chassis. What is an ex-damaged V8 actually worth?
  3. I owned a mint DB7 6Cyl and enjoyed it very much from comfort to style, power was okay but nothing like a Turbo car, mine eventually had a crank seal failure which was mega bucks to sort. M100’s are superb and still represent great value, having owned SE’s, S2 and a N/A I would buy a good SE anytime, please throughly look them over though as corrosion is a big issue in hidden places like the A posts, wishbones and chassis rails. I would put an inspection camera down the inspection grommets if buying. The wishbones rot from inside out and often too late to save and expensive to replace. I tried a DB9 when I bought the 7 and thought it was a really great car, I prefer the V8 vantage though given the choice. Good luck with you search and sale of the Maserati (On my bucket list for the future). Dave
  4. Yep that is normal on 81 onwards dry Sumps, look at some of the photos on this post, the rears are the same but these were the strengthened fronts when I discussed With Compomotive. My fronts were exactly like these.
  5. Those are 1981 onwards Split rims
  6. I like the white one more
  7. Hey Stu, yes still about and looking to sell my organs to buy your Active Esprit mate Hope life is treating you well too
  8. Although not active I have continued to maintain the register so happy to take any further updates.
  9. Hi Steve No currently without Lotus, been restoring a 1967 Works Cooper I will be buying one later this year hopefully but not decided what yet, just dropped by to see what’s happening
  10. Yes Paul that was mine before I sold it to Ken.
  11. Andy I really can’t remember, I was after MK1 RS2000 parts at the time so just picked them up at the end of the day. I remember the box still looked as full as it did in the morning so not much interest at the time, for me it was just using up the last of my spending money on the day. I agree with Phil if not in Essex paint then not worth fitting. Interesting stuff with the leather, my car is full leather with ruched seats just cloth centres like Stephen’s first wet sump, going to get my centres changed if I end up painting it in Spring. I can confirm the ford Capri brake master is the same as changed mine today, picked that info up from something Andy had posted ages ago so thanks ? Dave
  12. Surprised this car never had the ruched leather as mine is half leather but still has the puffer jacket style? I assumed all the early Dry Sumps came from the factory this way from all the shots we have building the dry Sump Register. The L25 paint code on the chassis plate confirmed it was a factory white car and the decals and cam covers were available as Lotus patternised, I picked some covers up at beaulieu around over 20+ years ago to put on my black turbo forgetting about the oil filler so they were discarded to my parents loft, the seller had loads of lotus factory bits and a card board box full of the covers all thrown in unprotected. I was going to Essex replica my dry sump but all my interest in the car to date is to keep it red/black so come spring time that will be the way forward, can’t help thinking though if painted in Essex colours it would sell faster! I know Mark at Stocks sold his Essex painted (non Essex)cars quickly enough and one was not even a dry sump.....? Andy is right about the retrim costs as getting the ruched look done properly is mega bucks from all my quotes.? Dave
  13. Get well soon MJK and Kimbers, I will send Mike an email, he was great with replies while researching my Elan. ?
  14. It does not mention the engine being out of the car on eBay, May give the winning bidder a shock when he goes to collect on a trailer. I am sure it will be restored in full Essex form especially since it has the cam covers which are missing from several official ones. Dave
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