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  1. The turbo is sitting really nicely now it’s all settled, cracking photo Fabian. 👍🏻
  2. Hi Steve, do you have details as I’m making the insert anyway so may be worth doing the Mod now? Dave
  3. As a temp solution being knackered already you could drill, tap and grub screw both sides or drill and pin. Changing the wiper box is one of the worst jobs unless you remove the dash. Good luck 🤞🏼 Dave
  4. Yes been a while since I ordered one, thanks for the update. 👍🏻
  5. Yes you can get the original still, I think Andy calls it the standard certificate now. (£55) [email protected] Dave
  6. That race esprit is gorgeous, I would love to have a go in that baby! 😍 Looks like a good show of Lotus owners 👍🏻 Dave
  7. Lol she wouldn’t know or care, if asked what size the engine it is she would probably say big enough to fit under that bonnet! 😁
  8. Well done on the inlet, jobs like that are just frustrating and rewarding at the same time. Yes the 907 will fit the SA once the crankshaft has some machining undertaken. I took loads of measurements today and trial fitted the drive plate. Dave
  9. Poor mini trying to be a lotus with its fibreglass front, I saw one tear it’s wheels off on Wiscombe last year looking very similar to that one. How did you get on results wise or did you just go for a bit of fun? Dave
  10. Well the engine is out of the Excel and cleaned up ready for some valve clearance adjustments and assembly into Esprit form. I need to swap the sump, oil pump housing, oil sender housing, front crank seal housing and the water pump. I have encountered an issue which I wasn’t expecting with a difference in the automatic crank shaft.907 engine with a poorly fitted needle bearing or input shaft circlip failure which I need to investigate at some point. The 912 HC motor which has a recess machined for the torque converter, everything else is the same including the inner diameter. Plan is to machine and shrink in an insert to replicate a manual crankshaft, I may use loctite 601 retainer or a grub screw for belt and braces. Just some accurate measurements to take now. I am putting a 907 back in the excel so that’s going to need the crankshaft machining to replicate the SA variant. The 907 engine I removed in my Esprit had a completely seized clutch which has badly pitted the flywheel, the clutch was pretty much worn out anyway, the pressure plate has deep pitting as well. Plan is to fit all new and Definitely investigate the gearbox 🙄 Dave
  11. Engine now cleaned and drive plate removed (Yes crank pulley bolt released first). Took the valve clearances and mostly in spec but have one on the inlet a tight 0.005” and several on the Exhaust side at 0.009” so I will be removing the cam carriers and try to get them all in the upper range (I have loads of shims from over the years). Now for the first of the issues 912 HC engine 907 engine with a badly fitted needle bearing or a failed circlip in the gearbox which has driven it into the crank. (Clutch was seized to the flywheel so will be skimmed before use. As can be seen the machining of the crankshafts is different but the smaller diameter in the lower photo is correct. So not to give up I’m going to machine an insert which will be shrunk in with a little Loctite 601 retainer with the correct diameter for the needle bearing. I may even add a grub screw for belt and braces although shouldn’t need it. This will sort the engine for the Esprit but now I have the issue with the 907 which is going in the Excel. Plan is to fit a cross drilled Esprit crank in the Eclat engine getting the recess machined in to match the HC engine I removed. Both engines need a new crank case cover Gaco seal, the 907 has been pressed too far in anyway. At least the 907 engine will get a new set of shells now 🙂 TBC Dave
  12. 9 mins, bloody hell that was unbelievable, I would say it must have been a newish or new car without the rust factor added 😁
  13. If you rebuild make sure you support the body properly as I’ve seen these break on the press being only cast. Easy enough to do if you follow the instructions. Dave
  14. The engine is out with no issues, I know you aren’t meant to split them but as SJ had already done this very thing and it was only held on two bolts I did the repeat operation (Shoot me now!) In fairness I supported the box, took the weight of the engine and it just slid off with no force whatsoever, I immediately supported the torque converter and will make a holding strap arrangement this week. The car was tilted back on a sloping drive with the addition of the front raised on ramps. My trouble was I couldn’t get far enough back to disconnect the propshaft safely, my other two sets of ramps and axle stands are being used on the Esprit. My intention was follow the advice and do as an unit but had to improvise, if it didn’t part smoothly I was going to replace the bolts and rethink. The auto box is still full of fluid and the cooler is still attached along with the cable, mount and propshaft. I don’t think I can replace the engine this way so it will be fitted back complete. Next challenge is safely lifting the back on a sloping driveway 😬 (I have a plan as Mr Caine once stated 🙂)so I can carefully drop the auto box. Next task is to transfer everything over to my Eclat engine after I give it a good refresh and set the valve clearances following a good head off inspection. The car was extinguished with dry powder I think as everting has a bluish powder coating stuck to the grime. The engine bay will be getting a good clean up now as well. I have started compiling a list of new items I need before sourcing anything else secondhand, it’s mostly cables, hoses and consumables. I have to rethink some of the plumbing as the 907 engine has different water outlets on the head and won’t have the sensor. SJ sell the parts to fix the dizzy including the harness which is good. If all else fails I will break it or sell as a rolling chassis but at this stage I fancy getting it going again and using as a everyday hack. Definitely need to sort the water ingress first. I think I will remove or leave the R12 A/C system disconnected as no doubt it had failed years ago anyway and don’t want the expense of converting to R134a. Dave
  15. There was lots more but it’s all in the underlay, it was dry when it arrived as one of the first things I checked after the last Excel I had. It was a low mileage very clean celebration model. Dave
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