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  1. [Ebay-bot]1978 LOTUS ESPRIT S1

    My original S1 had the lovely chrome handles along with what I used to call GWR chocolate and cream interior 😁 The chrome handles really work well on your Turbo Stephen, I have a new old stock set ready for my dry sump as well. 😎 Mark will soon sell this no doubt taking something nice in P/X Dave
  2. [Ebay-bot]1978 LOTUS ESPRIT S1

    Yes I was wondering about that! Colour coded petrol caps would be good too. Still a stunning example, something about chrome handles just does it for me on the Esprit! 😉 Dave
  3. [Ebay-bot]1978 LOTUS ESPRIT S1

    What a nice looking S1, like the colour and interior combination. 😍
  4. Rare as hens teeth

    Later Comps had 60mm holes and a spigot for the black plastic push on caps. Yes as Barry said they were anodised, I sent my rims to be pro polished and the guy had a nightmare with the two rears which still had the Compomotive decal in place due to the anodising. Dave

    I was just looking at that myself, lot of car for the money Barry...... buy it! 😄
  6. Rare as hens teeth

    I reckon £1500-£1700 but £2k would not surprise me these days. Dave
  7. Fabian If you struggle with brazing the strainer send it down and I will sort for you mate. Dave
  8. Rare as hens teeth

    Absolutely Alan, library photo although I do like the V8 wheels.
  9. Rare as hens teeth

    I always fancied a S4s in white but only ever seen one? Mind nothing wrong with Red or Yellow 😂 Dave
  10. Rare as hens teeth

    S4s....beautiful cars, must add to my bucket list! 😄
  11. Rare as hens teeth

    Brilliant picture, you need to add the S4s mate 😉
  12. Rare as hens teeth

    Almost as smart as your cracking S1 David! 😁👍🏻
  13. Rare as hens teeth

    Hi Andy These we're changed by Compomotive to improve leakage on the front steering wheels, you could have them exchanged so even a few Essex have them. I got this info from Compomotive when I discussed remanufacture. Dave
  14. BBS rear wheel

    Yes rears are similar although the centre hole is only 60mm rather than 80mm bond and Essex cars, there is also a raised chamfer for the plastic centre cap, earlier ones are flat. They could be machined to take chrome caps though if wished. Fronts are totally different and have a separate seal ring. Dave
  15. BBS rear wheel

    Hi Wayne No afraid not as totally different design, mine are away at blasting but will do some photos when they return. Above images show them fitted to early cars. Dave