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  1. Thanks Harry, the seller didn’t know as was planning to fit up with a Jaguar engine in his kit car, he thought it was an Esprit box. I told him it was Citroen due to the bellhousing but that’s where my knowledge ended I may contact you when I find a bell housing for some advice? Dave
  2. I managed to buy a Citroen SM box as a spare not knowing the condition of mine, there’s a few differences like bell housing and mounts plus selector shaft. I was very fortunate as it was rebuilt to go in a kit car and came with new calipers and discs albeit a little soiled from storage for years. I plan to rebuild it again as a spare for my S2 seeing if I can find a lotus bell housing first. Dave
  3. So some progress although been pretty busy doing DIY keeping the boss happy Interior dropped off at the trimmers today to have the leather replaced where required, great bunch of people who are very knowledgeable about the Esprit and their interiors from Tartan to the Essex so I feel in very safe hands. Fitted the euro front lights today into the bumper and wired up with side lights now, the federal Esprit is very different from a U.K. car wIth an extra panel behind the front which is then foam filled in the void so a fair bit of cutting was required to accept the clubman lights which was time consuming. I added the rubber trim which was missing so fit is far better now. Just needs its reg plate next I have had to order different headlight bowls as these wouldn’t take the new lights due to the lug positions being way out. Next job will be degrease the engine and glassfibre the original US tag panel to fit the UK plinth, I will remove the rear marker lights at the same time and fill all the bumper holes etc from the impact bumpers. Dave
  4. Thanks for coming along Dan and welcome to the forum, please keep us updated on your restoration of 79B, you own a special car Dave
  5. I think Matt will be over soon Lex and give the accurate info This is 79B under resto, looks really nice now 79A is 738H but RHD from build Dave
  6. Matt says it’s being restored now Lex so we should see it in the future. Matt still owns the sister car in RHD and a 2 litre dry sump engine (Type 79A) which sounds awesome. The LHD car is 79B Dave
  7. I agree, Matt sold it a couple years back Lex
  8. Not sure if Matt still owns it? Thought I recognised it someplace I have messaged him to ask Dave
  9. Lots of work but good starting base and price, like you if I had the space I would be very tempted to do this one as like the Eclat. Good luck and hope it goes to someone on here so we can see the work going forward Dave
  10. Hi Bill @bgalbraith Do you still have the artwork for the Air Con panel as mine has a few scratches so a refresh would be good? On you LH panel what is the top right switch? Dave
  11. Thanks Neil, I have a rubber duck type fitted but want to fit something more original looking if I can Dave
  12. I need to get an aerial for my S2, what are people using as a replacement close to original these days? Dave
  13. No not seen these Lex but looks like a federal LHD car, it could be a turbo look S3 but unlikely with the age of image. Thanks for sharing Andrew, as Lex says it needs investigating Dave
  14. Look forward to some photos and hearing your progress, keep us updated Welcome and enjoy some excellent help and advice. Dave
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