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  1. No it’s a manual Ken sorry It may have to go though as in process of negotiations on an early Esprit I owned 25 years ago which needs a body off resto so will need space. I will be gutted to let it go if this happens Dave
  2. Carbon grey....Evora Launch Edition = perfection Dave
  3. 02/82 Chassis 1177 all original with Tan leather and around 40k on the clock in immaculate condition.
  4. Another to identify, LHD early car Dave
  5. This one is on FB with a snapped belt, I have asked for the chassis number but don’t think it’s on the register. Registered 11/02/82 so quite a late dry sump Dave
  6. That looks like an early Dry Sump Turbo, do you have the last four digits of the chassis number for the register? Worth saving so good find. Dave
  7. Good job Fabian, some fettling, prep then paint! Now crack on with that engine and get her back on the road. Dave
  8. Now that is something else, a 80’s survivor and nice find. Shame it’s stateside and looks like it’s sold. Looks nicely put together, let’s hope the buyer gets in back on a track. Dave
  9. It is certainly early enough Lex, I guessed this one was either exported or moved onto a personal plate which is so popular, most of my Esprit’s when you could obtain old log books had several plate changes. Does look smart though in Red with the black comps doesn’t it? Dave
  10. I loved my Astra GTE dash back in the 90’s, such a cool car until some thieves decided to take it and wreck the poor thing! Worth a fair penny these days... Dave
  11. My favourites and have the scalextric versions, time to raid the loft Dave
  12. Wow, looks like a good base but loads of work and costly to build with all the missing parts. We look forward to progress, I’ve seen quite a few bits like the turbo tail come up on eBay recently so be patient. Dave
  13. Looks fantastic Fabian, are you sending them to Neil for final paint or getting them done locally with Neil supplying the mixed paint? Are you going to drill and secure to the Bootlid or bond with something like Sikaflex 221? Dave
  14. Lex I never found out which car this was, I assumed it was 952 but not confirmed. Dave
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