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  1. Thanks guys, I will definitely undertake. The seller did take the car to a garage before I bought it and got them to run it up with a gravity fuel supply which wasn’t ideal as I would of preferred to have just run it after a thorough going through and most garages don’t know these cars to well. I hope that oil soaked cardboard wasn’t this car I can’t find the movie file he sent on my iPad for some reason, it sounded ok other than the smoke from all the oil. I did try to release the screw connection on the oil filter yesterday but suspect it’s been loctited in place and didn’t
  2. Thanks Fabian, great advice and yes I was planning to do the oil pump run but need to get a couple blanking caps for my oil cooler connections as all going to be new and don’t want to connect the old one and introduce contamination into the clean engine. I will need to connect the alternator bracket as on the federal cars it forms part of the pump housing. I will order a Aux housing gasket and do the inspection Dave
  3. Lovely colour scheme Mark, Good luck Dave
  4. Gorgeous as always, jealous as hell Dave
  5. A little more progress... Engine now on the stand and sump removed, definitely leaking as oil completely covering the upper gasket face so removing was a good thing, it took a while to clean it up but now ready to go back on, I cleaned the strainer but nothing to write home about as pretty clean. I have removed both cam housings in the end as although the exhaust side was in spec the sealant was clearly failed when I removed the inlet side just flaking, also the ‘O’ Seal on the oil way was hard. I have measured the shims and going to adjust the 0.010” exhaust ones as I
  6. Looks like a nice example and went for a good price for the buyer although buyers premium does add up. Dave
  7. I’d go rubber over poly any day for a road car, I’ve done the poly bush thing many times and end up regretting it often losing ride quality. I’ve used the protech shocks without issues although prefer originals. Give you fastenings a real good wire brush before penetrating oil. Adjustable arms as stated are ideal if you plan to have the car properly set. Dave
  8. I use a similar gauge on my belts without issue but will try the frequency check to confirm accuracy. Hope you get the temperature issue sorted Scott but sounds like you have the issue sorted now. Dave
  9. I tried a 1/8” BSP Die nut on the injector today which did cut but only a little so ordered some 1/8” BSP blanking plugs, I will run a tap down the head after plugging the ports just so nothing fires up. Dave
  10. Thanks Steve, I will check that tomorrow as I use 1/8 BSP brass plugs in work on gauge lines. Dave
  11. The timing on the engine is off so couldn’t have run well with the distributor marks aligned to the wrong side of the dimple and still out some, probably from use of a mirror I assume and not allowing for the tension. I measured the Air injector threads with the male being 3/8” x 28 TPI and the female 1/2” x 26 TPI. I can’t buy plugs or bolts of the shelf in 3/8 size as very fine with 3/8 UNF being 24 TPI so may just cut the injectors then blank the female threads. I rechecked the valve clearances this evening as easier on the trolley but sizes are acc
  12. Reading this looks like I still have a bit more to do getting the car to Domestic spec, I already have new Webber’s although these will be swapped out for DHLA at some point. My air injection system is now gone along with the federal exhaust system and catalytic converter with a Peco sports system on order. I noticed the blue and red dots so will have a play with this once I have done the valve clearance adjustments. I still have a 45D4 distributor with vacuum so will get some UK springs and blank/remove the vacuum advance system. I will be losing the K&Ns and fitting the stand air
  13. I’ve order one for my JPS, the engine bay temps are fine as someone on FB tested it with an infra red monitor after thrashing the car. The engine cover is ideal as nicely hidden as well. Dave
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