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  1. I feel your pain being a new vehicle having faults, water leaks are among the worst as it makes the car smell and quite unpleasant to use with condensation. I agree with all that’s said, it will be simple and likely a blocked drain tube, water getting past the seals or penetrations. I’ve had leaks on many cars over the years and bought a new Mondeo once, the dealer searched endlessly for the water leak changing seals, removing the headlining to confirm the sunroof tubes were attached, vac smoke testing and the list went on. In the end a forum member said check the rear lights which myself and the dealer dismissed as the boot was dry. On further investigation he was correct with the boot carpet up the water was tracking along the stiffening ribs in the boot pan. Lights removed, resealed and the problem was fixed and never leaked again. At one point I was ready to throw the towel in but my dealer was so good and once fixed replaced the complete carpet in the car and attached underlay. Unrelated to Lotus or water leaks - My only terrible dealer experience was the purchase of a new Kawasaki ER6-N in 2013 as a work commuter bike, I test rode the demonstration model for a whole day which was great for unfaired small bike so bought a new one they had in the showroom. I collected it 5 days later all happy only to find as I started the engine terrible vibration. I immediately removed my helmet and got the manager and service dept out to listen. Both parties assured me this was normal and would settle once the bike bedded in, well as you can imagine it got worse and I always run bikes in to the book. After two visits and contacting Kawasaki direct on several occasions I was just told it was part of the bike’s characteristic despite arguing. After 3 months of numb feet, hands and ass I tried to P/X it for another bike where they offered me a ridiculous figure. So cross I decided to ride the bike a week later to a dealer some 60 miles away on a dual carriageway where at 70 mph the vibration became unbearable, I pulled the clutch in to release drive and pull over when the engine destroyed itself. On recovery the 3 month old bike was returned to the dealer who then tried to claim I had over revved the bike, it took a further 4 months of arguing to get resolution and a replacement engine installed which was as per the original demonstration bike. Shortly after I bought another bike and several since but never another Kawasaki. My Evora had a slight leak on the A post but only in heavy rain, it had wind noise in the same area so I replaced the seals and applied a small amount of sealant against the body which seemed to cure it. I wish you good luck fixing the issue, the Evora is a fantastic car and the most refined lotus I’ve owned and driven to date. Dave
  2. Fantastic Mike, hope you get together with the current owner and exchange stories. It’s great when previous keepers come forward and get reunited with cars they probably wish they kept. Dave
  3. That’s interesting the car wears the ‘lotus’ script on the nose section instead of the badge and esprit. Just like the bond car and early press photos 👍🏻 Dave
  4. That’s stunning, thanks for sharing the photo. 🙂
  5. No sorry I don’t, these photos were posted to me in the 90’s when I was considering buying the car. I lost contact with the owner. Matt Watts on here may be able to help though as I think he’s aware of the current keeper. I bet it was fun owning one back then when almost new? Dave Heres the only other photo I have
  6. Not quite so old Chris but circa 1993 .
  7. All added to the register Telemaco
  8. Nice in solar yellow, do you have the build or registration date?
  9. Sad sad news, RIP Hazel and condolences to the family 😢
  10. I have a pair of turbo alloy tanks if anyone needs them bought in error, just PM me. Dave
  11. Looking good, it should be easy enough to get that ground out and tig welded. 👍🏻
  12. Welcome Jonathan Looks like a very worth while pair of projects, lots of the federal S1’s have been modified. I was in discussions with someone in September with a similar car to yours. Lots of help on here so good luck and enjoy 😉 Dave
  13. Very nice Dan, fantastic to see such a rare car is back on the road. 👍🏻 Dave
  14. Welcome Nu, great to have you onboard with a fine example as well. 👍🏻 Dave
  15. From FB but worth sharing 😉
  16. Good post in Classic cars, seems early turbos are the flavour these days. Dave
  17. Hi Fabian i think I can sort you out mate 👍🏻
  18. All done Pat, I’ll post another update soon. 👍🏻
  19. Looks like a nice car Mike, congratulations on the purchase 👍🏻 I will do the update 😉
  20. This is part of the reasons why I prefer classic cars. Several cars in the village were hit a couple months back, the damage was the exhaust either side of the CAT along with a bent wing from the pricks lifting it for Jack access and a bent floor pan on the owners car I knew. Unfortunately this is going to get worse before it gets better as Police rarely follow up such crimes due to little chance of catching them or achieving a prosecution. The attack locally to me only resulted in a crime reference number being provided for insurance purposes. CCTV only provides a deterrent but these people cover their faces, turn up in a unregistered or hot car and are generally tooled up literally, most garages are not big enough for modern cars so not sure what can be done? Perhaps some sort of legislation on sales of secondhand CATs being only through regulated vehicle dismantlers? Again so hard to enforce….. A couple of online options
  21. Gerry’s turbo at the Haynes motor museum
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