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  1. Just seems amazing Lotus applied the bond car plate to one of their other cars when they retained and used the bond car for promotional work. When I did research on the M100 initial builds and development cars there were many instances where plates were used between cars. Recently talking to a chap called Ken who worked for Lotus in the development department during the Essex build he said the plates were switched between cars as only so many were registered and insured at the time. Still odd to see the bond car plate registered to a S3, I was at COYs Silverstone in July 98 when they sold the bond cars off to Peter Nelson, I don’t recall the mention of one being unregistered without logbook although I may have missed it. Mind there were lots of development cars sold off and that S3 may have been one of them.
  2. Wow that’s amazing, you need to buy his car! 😁 So what is the bronze car in the Dezer museum registered as I wonder?
  3. What’s the story with the bond plate on the S3 Fabian, I see that’s how it’s registered online as a 81 Blue Esprit? Dave
  4. I’ve sold the car now but it had raised letters, the plaque was made of plastic. Dave
  5. Hi Neil It was post on The Lotus Esprit group and originated from Jocelyn Hurtubise who posted in another group. This was the text with it; A Lotus Spirit apartment at Mark Thatcher (Who sold guns to shady countries) son of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the early 80. s. Photo taken by my father. Regards Dave
  6. Does anyone have a good rear Armstrong shock spare to sell or has anyone used a good company to refurbish them in the past? One of mine is weeping a little oil albeit tiny it needs sorting sooner rather than later. They are all in great shape condition wise so was hoping to avoid going aftermarket especially since the cars only done just over 12000miles. I had a one in the loft I thought but can’t find it hence the ask. 🙄 I assume they can actually be rebuilt with new seals somehow? Dave
  7. Just posted on FB, Mark Thatchers Essex 100
  8. She’s still looking fantastic and what an interesting M100 it was. Nice choice with the Esprit, the S3 is so well balanced you will love it! Dave
  9. Happy birthday mate 🍻🎂
  10. I will be getting my own made on the S1 with less bling although don’t mind them as gives a little colour and match the leads. By choice they would have been black and gold fittings, quality seems good so time will tell how they perform😁.
  11. Fuel hoses sorted this morning which look much better, I thought I tried this combo in the past but must have dreamed it 😳 Now into trying to access the washer jet after failing from the drivers side yesterday it’s passenger seat out today and reassuming that lovely esprit position we have all done before with legs hanging out the car. It’s loose so will be a water leak path which I definitely don’t want over my new carpets. Then onto the joyous job of applying Lanoguard to the underside to help protect it now looking so fresh again. Dave
  12. My old S1 is running lumenition fine as I fitted it over 25 years ago. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t get my original distributor overhauled to the spec required but Steve assured me these new units are good and what he fits in his restoration builds for customers. I remain on the fence until some miles are put on the old girl but all seems fine so far. Dave
  13. That interior is gorgeous and really suits the modernised look of the car, wow that paint reflection is flawless as well. Top job and cracking Esprit. (Excuse the pun😁)
  14. A brand new one from SJ, I sent my original to be converted to to 45D4 spec removing the vacuum advance and changing the springs but ended up with a brand new unit (yes with internal seal). I’m still running points but will change to electronic once I have the car set up. I did buy a power spark module but it was defective so removed for the time.
  15. The engine before with air injection, CAT exhaust, Webber’s and K&N filters. It’s now in domestic spec with timing adjusted and new distributor. A/C retained though 😁
  16. Another small step with original airbox now fitted, I replaced the evaporator hoses today to make sure any fuel smells don’t develop. Wood and carpets all replaced so next step is final commissioning. Hopefully the rear bumper, cant rails and both spoilers will be back from paint this week so I can get it in a driving state. I’m still having a few electrical issues but discovered a couple relays which were getting very warm so ordered some original Lucas replacements and had a good earth cleaning session today. Looking forward to final detailing then driving it as been a mountain of work so far but light is slowly coming through the trees with an end insight. Dave
  17. 600LOT has been SORN since 2011 on a Red 1989 Stevens Esprit, I assume Bell and ‘Coaltruck’ just used the plate for show purposes.
  18. Dave is the expert on this sort of work, the grey primer is fine so don’t worry about a few traces here and there. I always try to grind out any gel cracks before starting the prep which gets most of them, you need to make sure you get the full length of the crack though as it’s easy to miss the really fine bits. Key is to just take your time, I tend to do a bit of prep between other jobs otherwise it gets really repetitive. Dave
  19. Good work Steve, it is really time consuming but worth the effort. I do my prep as well then send to the paintshop and follow the same merhod taking to gel coat/primer. On my S1 I’m going to be using Upol Reface which is a polyester spray filler then dry guide coat to finally get the desired finish. It does mean getting the car transported to the paint-shop twice though as I want to do 90% of the prep if I can and don’t spray at home (Upsets the neighbours). I use a set of these which really help with final finishing; Good luck and wear gloves or you will soon loose your fingerprint ID which is a pain if you use for apple login 😁 Dave
  20. Excellent info on LEW;
  21. It was exported I seem to remember to the US in 2012 and the plate had been reallocated to another vehicle years ago (Red Stevens Esprirt) as the owner (Paul Godfrey) was trying to track it’s owner down. It had a 2.2 HC engine when sold with a tan leather interior although original engine minus turbo was still with it. 0270G, not sure if it’s still in the states. Dave
  22. If you contact Andy Graham at Lotus he can do you a Provenance certificate pack which will tell you how many were produced in your colour/trim along with where yours sat in the production run. [email protected] Dave
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