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  1. I’ll pop along to that I think, thanks Keith 👍🏻
  2. Nice, at £3k that wasn’t bad for a non age related bond plate. PPW306P went for £4910.
  3. I may have a few photos of the bits from when I did the JPS with A/C. My LHD S1 had it but since removed, hoses are still there and not checked under the front but believe the condenser and separator are gone also.
  4. I have that one Jonny but not sure with the second one unless I can get its registration number 👍🏻
  5. The fronts actually suit the car quite well 👍
  6. Good work Fabian, once again I’ll follow your lead on this as my White S1 has horrendous play in the wheel. I have noticed some spline wear in the steering wheel spline but initially was looking at the rack or track rod ends. I think I’ll do some checking on the UJ’s first now as reading a few threads they seem to be a weak link. Dave
  7. Currently we have 63 cars including development ones.
  8. Good find Mark, all added thanks Dave
  9. Yes one of each for the sliding bolts, I can’t remember which one was which though. The sleeve goes in the pivot lever the cable attaches too if yours is worn. I think the rubber is for if use the modified kit on an original cable from memory to slide over the thin rod. I do grease my gear mechanism when I build it up, the area is dry in the tunnel unless you flood the car so it doesn’t need plastering with grease. Dave
  10. Can’t comment on handling or parts use but will be interested in the thread as always fancied a Morgan one day. Keep us posted how you get on it with it? Dave
  11. The surrounds for the lights and number plate are available from SJ at £267 posted. I believe Jon has ordered these so just awaiting the lights to come up at a sensible price.👍
  12. Good work Fabian, keep us posted on how the oil performs as I will follow your lead if it’s good. I have used Mobil 1 on other cars with happy results so sounds like a winner. 👍🏻
  13. Days of scrubbing as it was pretty grubby. I used gunk then carb cleaner with brass wire brushes followed by more carb cleaner. This one was easy compared to the white cars one. Mind the bell housing did get a coat of silver enamel engine paint as casting doesn’t clean so well unless soda blasted.
  14. That’ll be the one, I jacked the car up before buying it and gave everything a quick wire brush but since sitting in my dry garage working on the rear end its literally exploded like a teenagers face 😁 In fairness the chassis bars at the back were pitted but not holed so been on my mind a while. I jacked the front up higher to run the new clutch hose in which is where the true condition showed after a good wire brush attack. A new chassis will be the way forward to match everything else which has been refurbished now. Brand new input shaft and perfect CWP should see this last as well now. Dave
  15. Done the body off thing before so no drama there but the chassis is toast as thin all over and even blasted the rust will be lurking inside sections rotting it further. I have decided to buy a new one now and give the car another 45 years of life, it will out live me that’s for sure 😁
  16. They don’t need to fill much in really Jon as below.
  17. Well I came close to bailing out as discovered the chassis is really thin on the front, after some wire brushing the true extent of the corrosion became apparent… I know people repair these but for me the whole thing is thin and not something I think would survive a blasting very well let alone a collision 😬 I really didn’t want to get into another full body off restoration but have decided if I can secure a replacement chassis at sensible money then that’s what the cars going to get. Anyone got a chassis they want to part with 😉
  18. David is right this is the time to do it as you do need fibreglass modifications to fit the S1 light plinths, to do after without dry lines would be a full rear end paint. You could buy just the plinths to get the glass work done and while building the car await some X19 light to come up. I have bought several for around £50 over the years. All three panels with postage is £267, you can make the retaining straps easily and happy to give you templates/sizes? Worth thinking about Jon? Dave
  19. Good effort Jon, looks smart now. Are you adding X19 rear lights and plinths as well? Dave
  20. I have used Redline MT90 in the past adding 3 quarts but find it really thin so want to try something else this time (Building two gearboxes currently). I’m happy to try Castrol as like their engine oil if it works well?
  21. Cool sounds like you are all over it. Normally the radius arms end up with 3-4 washers to get you in the ball park for the alignment. Don’t forget you need the gearbox plate and the channel on thebS2 to mount the silencer 👍🏻 Dave will pick up any shortfalls when he gets the chassis as he’s an esprit expert. Dave
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