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  1. Dave is the expert on this sort of work, the grey primer is fine so don’t worry about a few traces here and there. I always try to grind out any gel cracks before starting the prep which gets most of them, you need to make sure you get the full length of the crack though as it’s easy to miss the really fine bits. Key is to just take your time, I tend to do a bit of prep between other jobs otherwise it gets really repetitive. Dave
  2. Good work Steve, it is really time consuming but worth the effort. I do my prep as well then send to the paintshop and follow the same merhod taking to gel coat/primer. On my S1 I’m going to be using Upol Reface which is a polyester spray filler then dry guide coat to finally get the desired finish. It does mean getting the car transported to the paint-shop twice though as I want to do 90% of the prep if I can and don’t spray at home (Upsets the neighbours). I use a set of these which really help with final finishing; Good luck and wear gloves or you will soon loose your fingerprint ID which is a pain if you use for apple login 😁 Dave
  3. Excellent info on LEW;
  4. It was exported I seem to remember to the US in 2012 and the plate had been reallocated to another vehicle years ago (Red Stevens Esprirt) as the owner (Paul Godfrey) was trying to track it’s owner down. It had a 2.2 HC engine when sold with a tan leather interior although original engine minus turbo was still with it. 0270G, not sure if it’s still in the states. Dave
  5. If you contact Andy Graham at Lotus he can do you a Provenance certificate pack which will tell you how many were produced in your colour/trim along with where yours sat in the production run. [email protected] Dave
  6. B079M6099F FIBRE OPTIC LIGHT SOURCE Lotus Esprit S1 and S2 Genuine and own brand , Lotus spares, parts and accessories for Lotus Genuine and own brand , car spares, parts & accessories for Lotus Lotus Esprit S1 and S2 B079M6099F - FIBRE OPTIC LIGHT SOURCE Series 2 only. Item Cost Details Net Price: £10.52 Per EACH VAT: £2.10 Price (including VAT) £12.62 Per EACH Delivery Charge, including vat £5.94 Delivery to United Kingdom (0.04Kg) Estimated dispatch date: 04/05/2021 Quantity Add to Basket Continue Shopping
  7. B079M6099F FIBRE OPTIC LIGHT SOURCE Lotus Esprit S1 and S2 Genuine and own brand , Lotus spares, parts and accessories for Lotus Genuine and own brand , car spares, parts & accessories for Lotus Lotus Esprit S1 and S2 B079M6099F - FIBRE OPTIC LIGHT SOURCE Series 2 only. Item Cost Details Net Price: £10.52 Per EACH VAT: £2.10 Price (including VAT) £12.62 Per EACH Delivery Charge, including vat £5.94 Delivery to United Kingdom (0.04Kg) Estimated dispatch date: 04/05/2021 Quantity Add to Basket Continue Shopping
  8. I’d be interested as the VDO click in my JPS isn’t working. 👍🏻 Dave
  9. I looked at those David but just don’t use the cars enough to justify something which may well perish under my ownership. My classic car mileage is around 1500 per year due to other commitments with work etc. As soon as this cars done I’m moving onto my S1 which will take most of my free time for sure meaning the JPS will get very limited use. Dave
  10. Thanks gents, I’ve been looking at Maxxis and Nankangs so seems I’ll be in safe hands. I would really like a matched set but looking online that seems to be a fruitless search. Shame these sizes aren’t really support that well these days with the correct speed ratings.
  11. Finally finished the prep work on my rear bumper, rear spoiler, both cant rails, one light pod and the front spoiler. It’s been a task with the old panels chasing out gel cracks and carrying out the repairs but all now dropped off at the bodyshop ready for final top coating. Next job was to try and start the car after it’s rebuild; Battery fully charged - Check 👍🏻 Oil pressure - Check 👍🏻 Fuel - Check 👍🏻 Water - Check👍🏻 Static timing - Check👍🏻 Spark - No Check 😬, Power at ignition was fine but power at the coil was nil, I had a spare which checked out well on the resistance test so installed but still no spark. Wiring diagram out and the white and yellow cable from the solenoid was only providing 9 volts when cranking? The coil with the ignition on was showing no voltage. When the car arrived it had a green wire connected to the coil which wasn’t on the wiring diagram so I reconnected this which was a live wire and 12.9 volts registered at the coil. Next I put a spark plug lead on the coil outlet with a plug and then ran a wire from the coil negative to ground and had a healthy blue spark! So that was that I thought and reconnected the dizzy which was fitted with a power spark electronic module, again no spark when cranking 🙄. The distributor was rebuilt by SJ so I assumed it was duff and fitted a new set of points and a condenser set to 0.015” and bingo a healthy spark. I disconnected the rogue green wire and tried again and had a spark albeit not so intense. Fuel pump reconnected and turned the engine over where it fired almost straight away but as soon as you released the starter it died as coil lost its power so I plugged in the green wire and all ran again. The engine sounds fantastic and very quiet so glad I did the valve clearances. The car now needs setting up but as the engine was at the back of the garage I was becoming intoxicated from fumes so finished up for the day following a few flames from the trumpets and the odd backfire 😁 I’m still not happy with the wiring situation so that needs investigation as to why the car is losing its 12volts with the starter disengaged, the white and yellow wire has a red wire with cotton sheathing around it which runs into the loom going to the fuse box I assume as lost trace of it. I also need to determine where the green wire goes. I need to put the binnacle back in as I removed it all again due to not being happy with the way the drivers door was aligned, it had no play in the hinge pins but the top was sticking out slightly and the gold stripes weren’t aligned perfectly, I removed the door and reshimmed it correctly so now all good with good door seal compression ( New SJ seals). Both doors now fit perfectly with no sticking out anywhere. I have bought a Lanoguard underbody protection kit to maintain the preservation of the chassis after reading some excellent reviews, I tried it and much easier to use than waxoil type products allowing you to apply with a microfibre cloth, it just applies a wet look film to all the components. I will post some more photos when I get the panels back and installed but coming along nicely now. I have started the engine cover repairs where the car had a minor carb fire at some point in its life. The cover was pretty much toasted where the resin had burned off leaving a fluffy smelly mess on the main body and lift up lid. Not played with fire damage before but I basically used a 80 grit paper by hand and slowly de-fluffed it more or less leaving gel coat holding it all together then applied a layer of Matt to the underside to provide strength again. Next I cut out the really bad areas and have now taken two moulds from good areas to recreate the desired profiles. I will post some more pics when the weather warms back up again as dropped considerably over the past couple days. Both moulds fit well so I think I can save this cover with some hard work. As much as I love the Goodyear tyres I have started exploring some new boots as know it will drive awfully with ancient rubbers even if in A1 condition. I think I will be painting the sidewalls for a few photos first though giving that Grand Prix look 😁 Whats the view as seems getting a matching set is not likely? Dave
  12. Dan, keep it mate as rare and in a fantastic colour combo, it’s without doubt your choice and I totally get wanting a change as done it many times myself including the Evora which was very nice. Remember the Esprit is an addiction for life, one day you will see one drive by and lust after another. Been there and have a wardrobe full of the T shirts 😁
  13. The faces say it all, stop taking photos and throw the bloody ball man! 😁
  14. Wow I didn’t know about the 70th display, nice David and Stu got to see it as well. 👍🏻
  15. I’m with David, just paint it in good quality paint. Definitely worth getting it checked though. 👍🏻
  16. Hey Justin, great to hear from you, hope IB10 is going well? The S3 is a fantastic choice for an Esprit and will provide a very different drive to the sublime M100’s. I would love to have popped along with you as well, hope it works out well! Dave
  17. Well done Fabian, many would have just accepted the stumble but as usual you persevere to get things just right. A turbo driving well is such a rewarding car to own as well. 👍🏻 Dave
  18. Wow that’s a late one, now added 👍🏻 Dave
  19. Interior is almost back together, just the binnacle to replace and then final exterior bits to finish off. I have oil pressure but have discovered a leak from one of the heater through chassis pipes so a new pair are on order, I’ll hold off until done before I run it for the first time. Once running and set up I need to fit the new engine bay carpets and fix the engine cover. Hoping to have it running during May ready to use, it will be a shame to lose the Goodyear’s as like new but still old so won’t perform, I may paint the sidewall writing and do some photos first 😁
  20. Fantastic tribute from the top gear family, Sabine always lit up the set when she was on and brought humour to the show. Sad loss to the motoring world who won’t be forgotten , RIP Sabine.
  21. I have a spare lumenition module if you end up needing one Fabian 👍🏻 Dave
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