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  1. That is going to be one very proud and happy owner, fantastic work Dave so hats off to a true artisan. 🙇‍♂️ Dave
  2. Yep all good, do you have S1 rear quarters? They should fit fine I think Jon. I know David has sent his pic but here’s a couple extras. Dave
  3. Best I have in my library, I can always do one tomorrow for you Jon.
  4. She thinks she’s a squirrel, absolutely nuts!
  5. Fantastic photos and interesting to see Lotus marketed all the models with the painted goodyear tyres. They first generation Excels in silver with red look so smart. Dave
  6. What lies beneath.... The turbo front is actually a body section riveted over the original cut S1 front with glue, filler and a bit of fibreglass here and there! The front has been cut in an awkward place so more of the original will have to go before the new section can be joined and grafted on. Thankfully the repair panel more than covers what’s needed allowing me to trim the original body back to suit the best access allowing a strong two sided repair. The rear sections seems to be a the same mix of glue, cheap fibreglass kit and aluminium with rivets so hopefully won’t put up to much of a fight. The rear duck tail wasn’t cut back far enough so overhangs the bumper more and is actually taller than a standard turbo, you can see the join has started to crack. Can’t wait to get stuck into this car but need to finish the JPS first so it’s back under cover for the time. Dave
  7. Bet we see a few more go under the hammer now, still a good investment for someone with a limited edition car. Wonder what the highest price one has sold for now? Dave
  8. Wow that’s a big surprise. Very nice JPS mind, certainly shows the market is strong at the moment. Dave
  9. I actually quite enjoyed the chase back then waiting for the news agents to open and scanning the autotrader and such like. Mind I used to be a big Ford nut as well so even car boot sales were a source and Sunday auto jumbles. The other fun part back then was visiting scrap yards and climbing on cars three high filling your pockets full of odds and sods then negotiating a good deal. Fabulous times........ feeling positively old now 😁
  10. It’s not much better living in the South West David, I was lucky with the mirror having a close family member with one tucked away. Its taken quite a number of years since discovering the car to find all the missing bits. I now have the 5x Wolfrace wheels with centre caps and nuts, S1 seats, mirror, rear screen, rear lights, all the body panels, Steering wheel, centre console, centre ashtray and lots of mechanical bits to get me going including new tanks and refurbished carbs. I will be getting Steve to make me a dash board as mine has a turbo one fitted so wrong around the centre console area along with vents all over the place not fitted to the S1, new air box and air box silencer (late 78 spec). The rest of the build will just be the usual mountain of expensive parts putting it back to roadworthiness. Still not decided fully on interior choice so will decide later but may just go tartan and be done with it. I wanted to do this in the early/mid 90’s when I owned it but finding parts without the internet was near impossible scanning freeads and club lotus ads so I owe it to the car now 😉👍🏻 Dave
  11. I visited Steve today at SJ and collected my panels to repair the S1 body restoring it back to its original shape. Really pleased with the quality but not looking forward to the itching when I start😬 Steve made me some custom panels to undertake the repair including a complete lower front and full rear section to give me scope to cut. This really will be measure twice then measure again then out with the air saw to commence surgery. I really want to start but have to finish the JPS off first which is pretty close now. I have been lucky enough to obtain a 77 pod mirror as well so that’s all the hard to get bits sorted. Dave
  12. This was the last photo he sent me when he put the wheels back on I gave him later, I will have to email to see if he got the respray done. No I’ve not seen a pump jet calibration kit, I would be interested though as about to set up my new carbs accelerator pumps on my rig before starting the JPS for the first time. I have a rebuilt set ready to go on the S1 but will hold off putting fuel through these for the time. Dave
  13. When I spoke to the Compomotive director on the phone doing my dry sump he said the reason they moved to the external fitting centre like you see on many dry sump CX’s is to increase strength/rigidity and to stop deflation issues on the steering wheels. Shortly after they moved to CX501’s with the 30 hole pattern. The early wheels do look far better though but as Fabian says you pay the price with quality. I like the anodised outer, when I enquired I was struggling to find someone to undertake on old aluminium. I would have done mine for sure. My set after I refurbed them, you can see the later type fronts. Dave
  14. I think some people have more disposable income at the moment from the lockdown and not spending money, the housing market is crazy especially in the Westcountry and similar areas where people can work from home now with city incomes still. Houses have been selling at 20-30% over asking prices and perceived bank valuations often bought cash without viewings. Great time to sell but not good if looking. Good luck to the S1 seller, TV appearances like Top Gear no doubt will help the market with very positive comments on the car. Dave
  15. As Bibs says, I sold it to Ken years ago, it’s the one he kept as was a lovely original car still wearing its dealer plates and running in decal in the windscreen. Always nice to see it popping up in various places and being enjoyed. 😊
  16. No I sold this one years ago, it was my second S1, I’m about to restore the one I owned 25 plus years ago.👍
  17. Paul that’s nearly in the wardrobe, what have we said about hoarding 😁
  18. Yep pretty cool and on this Sunday, I’m sure it will get a hard time with Freddie behind the wheel both in criticism and the thrashing it gets! Should be a good laugh though 😁👍
  19. Brilliant and added, thanks Steve 👍🏻 Looks nice, hopefully it will grace our roads again sometime in the future? Dave
  20. You may be lucky as they are in good rust free condition so should spin free provided the screw doesn’t turn. Mine have nylon nuts fitted and had glue on them. I decided to just leave mine as it works but sound was pretty poor tbh. Dave
  21. The base speaker is secured from the top of the dash meaning you would need to remove the leather in front of the screen. The proper way to do this is remove the screen and dash itself as the leather tucks under each. Also the screws are very close to the screen so access is poor with the screen in place. Unless you are desperate to correct the base speaker I would leave it alone and explore other options for the door speakers. The US cars had a Blaupunkt unit as above. Dave
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