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    TNR 160R leaving for new owner


  3. Last night I had a call from a guy after some Lotus parts for his S2 Esprit, we had a chat and it turns out he is in Plymouth and had his car for over 16 years and covered only a few thousand miles. I agreed on his parts and thought that was that when the phone rang again and he asked my full name, then said I was the previous owner of the car, He gave me the registration and colour which mean't nothing as the car was yellow and had an Irish plate fitted, after a little digging I asked what colour the clocks were and they were green, I clicked right away and asked if it was white before and yes. To cut a long story short I bought this car towards the end of my apprenticeship after a long term childhood love of the Esprit and always said when I could afford it I would have one. The car was dressed like a Turbo with split rims but was a 78 S1 to start with, I wrote to all the previous owners who sent me photos and letters of the original car which left the factory in blue. I eventually sold the car to buy my first S3 Turbo in black/gold and have never seen it since. I sold it to a guy from a Ford garage. The current owner bought the car stolen recovered from that guy and has had it since where it broke a cambelt and had the screen smashed. He since painted it yellow and fitted a S2 front spoiler but not used the car due to various problems. If I had'nt bought my current S1 I would of had this one and put it back to S1 standard, I loved that car as I owned it when just 19, all my friends were driving hot hatches and there was me in my old Lotus which was scruffy but mine and I loved her to bits. Not sure but I think Rob would sell it although the work scope is large as the Turbo rear end has been grafted on, although it has the ears they are just dummies with no holes cut through. Lost a little sleep over this one last night and not sure what to do next . Strange the car is only a few miles down the road and I have never seen it, just shows you don't know what is in peoples garages! I will try and find some of the original pics and scan them in. Here it was during my ownership, shame people did these things to early Esprits, you see so many now and they are not easy to put right. Still looked good though
  4. Thanks Tony My son is sat next to me and thinks your Esprit is stunning in blue, getting them trained young these days
  5. Wow Cos They look great, who did them or was it your own work? Thanks Dave
  6. Hi Everyone After some more advice; Want to get my wheels refurbished but not sure where to get them done, they are in good general condition with only one small dig on the edge of one rear alloy. The last S1 i did I used Renowheel who diamond cut the wheel then enamel coated them, they looked great but you could see the machine line from the the lathe. I was hoping someone could just repair the edge and polish them, not sure about the enamel another member had his done and they went cloudy after only 12 months and were told the only way to recover them would be to have them cut again. I have polished up alloys before but they tend to go dull quick and need a lot of work. Thanks Dave
  7. Welcome Geert What a stunning looking Lotus, very impressed with the interior. I would keep that colour as she looks great, the cream interior may not suit the gold paint work so well although I love the gold cars. Keep the updates coming Thanks Dave
  8. Hi Paul Not yet, don't think they have broke an early S1 though. I will call them.
  9. Hi Bibs No it is not that bad, could be fun if used correctly I guess but as most members don't know about it you might as well bin it. Keep up the great work Cheers Dave
  10. Now I understand, I have this as well but no one explained why, I am pretty up front by nature so if I annoy someone I would rather they treat me the same. I have used ebay for over 10 years and never recieved or given negative feedback, if I have a problem I just contact the member direct or open a dispute, at least that way it is not cowardly. Shame really this exists as this is a top forum for Lotus people and I have learnt loads in the few months I have been a member, I log on most days to see whats going down in the Lotus world and everyone is very helpful when required to sort those awkward problems. Many Thanks Dave
  11. Thanks Rob, I will investigate that one then, I am going to do one or the other with out doubt to save servicing time in the future. Has your system been totally reliable? Kind Regards Dave
  12. Has anyone fitted a powermax distributor to an Esprit? I am about to put my engine back in and have had second thoughts about leaving the points and condensor system original. I was going to keep it but remember how awkward it is to work on when I had this in my previous S1 and S2. I have three options from what I can see; Lumenition Optronic Lumenition Magnetronic Powermax complete distributor with new coil (Uses magnet system but you get a new distributor and 3 year warranty) My distributor is in good condition so not worried about bearing wear causing problems. I would be interested in anyones own experiences? Many Thanks Dave
  13. Hi Everyone Does anyone know where I can obtain a couple of the early S1 dash vents (The small grey square ones as fitted in the Tartan cars)? Were these a Lotus manufactured part or borrowed from another car? Many Thanks Dave
  14. I have used Nick before too, as Danny said he is a sound guy and easy to deal with. I bought one of my JPS Esprits from him and he had loads of other cars in his barn. If anyone is after parts he is worth a try. Your car is looking great Dan and love the wheels, I had similar on my first S1 about 15 years ago which was dressed like a Turbo.
  15. Looking at all these pics of gold S2's has made me realise breaking my gold S2 was a big mistake, should have stored and restored her in the future...... Silly Boy! Doesn't that Silver S1 look stunning though as does that gold Turbo with black stripes, like JPS in reverse!
  16. I discovered my S1 started out as Bronze when I got copies of all the original V5's from the DVLA, I never knew it was an S1 colour until then and imagined it to be light bronze but this thread shows it to be like brown, this would match the brown and cream leather interior it came in though. Mine is a 78 car. Anyone have any more pics of Roman Bronze? Great thread guys keep up the great work. Thanks Dave
  17. Hi Phil Yes the black car was mine, regret selling that one as it was a good car but I had other projects on the go at the time and no where to store her. Yes mine is the clip type air box. Cheers Dave
  18. Hi Paul I got lucky with the engine as when I bought the S2 in bits the owner had already bought all the new pistons, liners, bearings, gaskets, valves and guides etc, all I have done is finish the assembly, this has saved me a lot of time and money with my restoration. To rebuild the engine if you have to buy all the parts can be very expensive. Hi Phil This is my second S1 with the header tank in that position so guess you are right about the book, thanks for the nice comments. Your S1 looks fantastic.
  19. Hi Everyone, Quick update... Chassis and metalwork now back from blasting and powder coating, no ugly surprises and looks great. The cold weather has really slowed me down, I have had the Flywheel skimmed and now have the rebuilt engine and gearbox back together with new clutch. I had to have the exhaust manifold repaired where a corner broke off, the welder did a superb job and now perfect after being skimmed. The header tank had holes in it when blasted so I rebuilt it with a complete new seam welded bottom and new pipe, I blasted the inside at the same time and zinc coated. I had the front radiator duct support bar remade in stainless which looks fantastic. Looking forward to the fun bit now with rebuilding the chassis up, hopefully the weather will warm up a little as freezing evenings out the garage! Here are a few pics; Here are a few of the bits ready for build up...
  20. Hi Steve I was quoted £250 by the phone, when I got to the finishers I managed to get it for £150 cash as he thought the chassis would be bigger than it really is. I get it back this Thursday so will update with a picture. I have had all the other metal parts done at the same time, I have my flywheel at the machine shop at the moment as it is scored slightly. My exhaust manifold has a piece broken off where it joins the downpipe so will only hold on two of the three bolts, I am going to blast it and see if I can get it weld repaired with pre-heat and cast rods, depends on the quality of the original metal though. I hope to have the chassis built up by spring time so I can start the body when the weather warms up, not easy getting motivated at the moment with the cold spell. I plan to rebuild my carbs indoors this week just to keep progressing. Many Thanks Dave
  21. Intresting thread this one........ I like this S1 although not very original she seems to be in great shape, it is the sort of project i would take on especially as I have a spare set of wheels. As for prices; Yellow S1 on pistonheads again missing wolfraces and spoiler, retrimmed - £8000 with new MOT Yellow S1 on ebay recently - less than £4k needing work Red S1 on ebay - needs work as chassis looks poor and engine leaking, cosmetics good - £15k While looking for mine I was offered several restoration projects between £2k and £5k I sold Ken his car for around £8k, this was a 77 car with brown/cream interior, Ken has had the tartan put in so not original, this car also had a sunroof which I removed, lovely car though and looking great now retrimmed, only car I have ever regretted selling. A true collector will pay a fine price for a white/tartan car and as BiBs said upto £30k+ On ebay I would expect the Blue S1 to raise between £6k and £8k S2 are the one to watch as they will increase in price as people can't get the S1's.
  22. Hi James Just been reading your posts, very intresting. You are a lucky man indeed to have two such rare cars. I am currently restoring my S1 in the UK. Like you I am a true Esprit fan and have previously owned number 13 and 99 JPS cars as well as an original 76 early esprit in white which is now shown in the uk reg TNR 160R. My current restoration is going very well and I hope to have the chassis powder coated this week. I am contacting you for a big favour, please can you send me the dimensions of the 'LOTUS' decal on your car and a close up photo, I wish to get one made for mine as like you am a real bond fan, the original bond car is in the 'cars the star museum' which is over 300 miles away. I was planning on a visit to take the photo but never seem to find the spare time. Your help would be really appreciated and I may be able to return the favour in finding some rare parts you may need in the future, I am breaking a S2 at present and have many S1 spares. I also may have just enough have Tartan material if you ever want to re-trim. Many Thanks Dave E-mail [email protected] Where did you get your orange carpet? Was it Nick Fulcher? Thanks Dave
  23. Chassis now fully stripped and threads protected ready for blasting and powder coating in black, booked in for next Tuesday. I have ordered all my bushes, shocks etc from SJ so should be busy rebuilding towards xmas. I plan to get many other items powder coated over the coming weeks. My Anti roll bar is seized in my wishbone bush at present so needs attacking with heat, same problem with rear links seized in alloy rear hub both sides, again heat will sort. I am rebuilding my dash binnacle too at present due to the plywood looking tired. The interior has started its journey to the trimmers, I am going to repair the door cards the weekend where speakers have been added.
  24. Hi Guys Please let me know if anyone wants items, I have been contacted by many members and things are starting to go quickly. I will try and take photos if requested just leave your e-mail address. Cheers Dave
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