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  1. Good progress Jonathan and this is where the rewarding bits start as thing get refinished and come back together, oh yeah and the wallet gets seriously lightened 😁 My mount area has been cut in the same place, I have a four branch fitted. your chassis looks good so should blast up well 👍🏻 Dave
  2. Welcome Bob and what a lovely way to get into lotus ownership 👍🏻
  3. Welcome Jacob, looks nice and a smart colour combo 👍🏻
  4. He’s just taken a deposit on it 👍🏻
  5. Makes good sense, now get your gate paint out and finish the job Picasso 😉
  6. I think it is a little underpriced but saw it a little while ago for £12k I seem to remember so perhaps a sale fell through or other faults observed. It looks like a good entry level Esprit though. if not on the forum I bet it will be soon 😉 Dave
  7. At least your car never had the front inverted bulge cut when fitted with a S2 spoiler, they went right though mine. The frame looks stronger now, are you going to pin that lower cross bar joining the trolleys or weld?
  8. They were the root cause of the poor running which lead to the car being left in that garden for years, they are the worst ones I’ve seen and full of sludge and rust which makes a loud thump when turned in various directions. Other than a sheared seat belt bolt they weren’t too bad to remove, I did remove the quarter windows but that was just to make turning them easier and not needed. I’m considering fitting a HC engine as my old car and not interested in selling now I’ve committed to actually restore it, I will see though but have the perfect donor 😉 I need to assess the damage as if it can be fixed without a second mortgage I will otherwise it’s going to lotus heaven 🙄 The engine looks okay and low miles so shouldn’t need too much other than new gaskets, flywheel, clutch, spigot bearing, oil pump housing, water pump etc. Obviously I will check the compression, bearings, valve clearances. Dave
  9. Thanks guys, coming Wednesday now. I suspect the car was extinguished pretty quickly. The wiring is fried and the more I study the photos the more I see. Looks like the car was being worked on so the air filter was removed which may have attributed to the fire (airbox in the boot), A/C disconnected, radiator out, all odd so perhaps taken off to assess the damage? It should become clearer once home, I would like to repair but not going to let it swallow a ton of money, it’s a shame to break as well being a later car. Dave
  10. Not a great photo Keith so will update this week, it pretty much toasted everything unfortunately but sometimes things aren’t as bad as they look 😬
  11. I’ve spent many a happy day on that water in my speedboat, nice photo 👍🏻
  12. Thanks Keith, the interior is okay although missing it’s veneered wood panels, drivers seat has started to split as well but it’s lived a life so I’m okay with that. Dave
  13. Well this is my latest project, it’s a fire damaged 89 spec Excel SA which arrives this week. If it’s to far gone I will take the engine for my S1 and break but if it looks fixable within some kind of sensible budget then on the road it will go! I loved both of my previous SE’s and found them incredibly rewarding to drive, my wife only drives autos so been keeping my eyes out for ages, never expected to buy a damaged one but the colour just attracted me instantly. I will post more photos this week to get everyone’s views, if anyone has the parts PM me 😉 Does anyone recognise it? I would love to get hold of the original keeper to find out what order the car was in and how this disaster occurred. Looks like the usual carb leaks onto the distributor. From the photos it looked like a well cared for example and has the same mushroom interior I had in my old one. Dave
  14. Not surprised the dry sump sold quickly, it was a lovely looking car and only appreciating in value. Congrats on the quick sale, I always say good cars sell themselves. Dave
  15. Look what our local Bobby’s have as a toy…. Can’t wait to see this cruising the local roads, sounds awesome! Dave
  16. Mindless idiots and no doubt the green eyed monster was coming out, I bought a Stevens Turbo once with some very graphical engravings applied by someone, it was really embarrassing driving it home with people pointing and coming up with assumptions! 😬 I hope you get it sorted soon and it doesn’t put you off ownership. Dave
  17. Petrol tanks drained, well actually nothing came out of either until I poked a screwdriver through the hole after removing the banjo bolt as completely blocked with rust, what came out absolutely stank and was brown liquid. One thing for certain is the fuel pump will need replacing if that’s been going through it! As can be seen they were well past their life cycle so tip here we come! One had been repaired before, god knows what this is and I have no intention of excavation work 😁 At least I know what lagoon blue looks like now 👍🏻 I have started the mass degreasing work of the chassis and components which will take some time before it’s prepped well enough to paint…TBC Dave
  18. That’s looking really good now Paul, you can see the weights going to take it to it’s preferable position as you can’t get a central mount like the mini one I used. As you say this will make doing the whole body far more pleasant, get that central support bar fitted and jobs a good un! Im sure you can rent this out when finished to help with the costs as so many people would benefit from your engineering 😉 Dave
  19. Looks lovely in the sun, nice shot! Really looking forward to watching that and what a great way to finally celebrate all the effort and attention to bond detail. It all adds to the cars history and value as well. Dave
  20. Sounds like we share the same background Steve 👍🏻
  21. I like the first edition with the grey lower, most have been colour coded since which is a shame. Good find Mark 👍🏻
  22. Get the car in the garage! Now get us out to play! Happy pups in if the nag more than the wife 😬 Dave
  23. We have all been there so many times and never gets any easier, you are clearly 6 foot plus as well 😁
  24. The footage looks good, when’s the full version coming Fabian, they do look so smart all together? I take it the 2CV owner lives nearby as you used that in the practical classics pages? Dave
  25. Valve clearances not great Inlet - 0.005” to 0.007” Exhaust - 0.010” to 0.012” No1 cylinder Inlets - 0.003” and 0.004” Exhausts 0.014” and 0.016” No2 cylinder Inlets - 0.004” and 0.004” Exhausts 0.013” and 0.019” No3 cylinder Inlets - 0.004” and 0.004” Exhausts 0.016” and 0.013” No4 cylinder Inlets - 0.004” and 0.004” Exhausts 0.012” and 0.010” The tight inlet clearances I expected but the loose exhausts were probably down to bad setting up when last done. The timing belt was a tooth out on the distributor as well. Dave
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