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  1. I use Westcountry trimmers Jon although any trim shop should be able to reduce the foam to suit your needs.
  2. The S2 seats can be trimmed down to mimic the S1 style, my trimmer has done a couple sets before without issues.
  3. The green 89 car is smart, never seen that interior combo before either so can’t imagine there are many others. 🙂
  4. Welcome Fred, that’s one smart Elise you have there. Is it staying or going in P/x against the Emira? Dave 🙂
  5. Time to get back onto my old car after spending most of the summer on the LHD car. I thought it would be worth spending time on the bodywork before the colder months set in and give the car back it’s S1 guise.. Time to cut off this turbo tail to see what lie’s beneath 🫣 No going back now 🫣 The tail will create a nice bit of garage wall art 🙂 A flanged area had been added for the turbo valance to mount on which needed to go. Next was taking a mould from a repair panel Body area taken down to a knife edge ready for the mould. Mould tightly in place Area masked and gel coat applied Matting fully applied First repair done, it will need some final prep in the spring giving time for the repair to fully cure and settle but very happy with result and as good as new. 😁 Now onto the next corner before doing the rear, access to these areas is very good with the rear cut off, doing the rear is much tougher. Dave
  6. The federal one sits lower due to the impact bumpers, the mesh allows better heat release. You often see domestic valances with some burning evident if the silencer is mounted too close. SJ sell a kit to fit domestic bumper with a deeper valance (with mesh) allowing you to retain the federal exhaust.
  7. You still need the airbox with the twin outlets, they join together with the two ducts. SJ Sportscars sell the parts you need Here is the ducts, you need two; Here are the clips but no anchors (hooks) Filter Sealing ring Hope this helps Dave
  8. Allowing cooler air to be inducted into the engine. Your car should have the twin air box with plenum same as my federal S1 👍🏻 The pic shows the original on the right and replica from SJ on the left. You will need three M8 or 5/16 bobbin mounts also.
  9. The twin outlet with the plenum box was introduced in 77 as an improvement to the type where the duct runs out towards the rear of the car. What year is the S1 as don’t think the earlier 76 chassis has the mounting points for the plenum box? Dave
  10. Wow, amazing figure of £45k but looked nice at the end. I think they could have powder coated the springs after doing all that suspension rebuild and repaint. Well done to the guys at SWLC, another good job done 👍🏻 I must admit I didn’t see that making profit in the end. 🙂
  11. I did mine myself years ago, it’s not hard work just time consuming Bauke, I used a sanding disc to cut down the spokes then progressed with wet and dry through the grades finishing with 1500 grit. I sprayed the wheels black then giving them just a final cut to expose the polished looked. The rims are the same process only doing by hand with wet and dry followed by autosol.
  12. FullSizeRender.MOV It’s running, all sweet although the lumenition ended up being toast along with the oil sender and Flowlock valve so a bit of head scratching today. Still on a positive note it’s leak free at the moment although the new exhaust system needs some work as the flange isn’t flat joining the manifold, time for some more file work 🙂
  13. YBJ29X isn’t on the register as far as I know but don’t have the chassis number to confirm, it shows as a 81 car registered in 1994 so could have been a ROW import. Dave
  14. Gave the rear wheels some work today removing the paint and polishing, they aren’t perfect but fit with the cars patina so happy days 🙂
  15. Been busy on the S1, suspension now built up although I do have play in a wheel bearing which I suspect is the driveshaft as it push into the bearing with relative ease. I’ll investigate this over the winter when I’m doing the interior work as priority is getting it running and into my garage before the real inclement weather hits. New domestic stainless exhaust fitted to allow the valance to fit correctly. The carbs are now in and brakes bled along with the clutch, getting close now with just some commissioning of the electrics to do next. Carbs set up on my rig and now installed I still need to connect the throttle and choke, fit the coil and mark the flywheel TDC position then it’s just the usual of priming the oil, checking for spark then giving it a go. It’s not run for years so it will be nice to pump some life into the old girl. 🙂
  16. You’ll be leaving me with the kerbside motors mantle 🙂, you’ve done your bit for lotus kind so a well earned proper retirement is overdue mate 👍🏻 Time to chill and enjoy a few nice🍺🍷🥃 and terrorise the street of London in that yellow peril of yours!
  17. Here is the original federal S2 bracket The domestic S2 has a flat formed plate with a mounting channel bolted to it. ( I converted my car to Domestic spec where the silencer sits higher). Here is SJ’s Domestic plate and Chanel Here is SJ’s federal flat plate allowing the silencer to sit lower. I’ll check but think I binned the original mounting plate but still have a couple federal exhaust systems. Heres a photo from a federal S1 with the same bracket. Dave
  18. All updated, the investigation list is only a few cars now thanks to everyone’s support. Anyone who wants a clearer copy just PM me and I’ll send it across. 👍🏻 Dave
  19. Thanks for the advice chaps, I’ll lay the other box down to be sure although both boxes have been stripped, cleaned and only had assembly oil when stored that way for a short period. This cars box is quite happy now filled with oil 🙂
  20. Gearbox in with all gears easily achieved thanks to a complete new set of bushes right upto the lever and a new cross gate cable with mod kit. Still loads to do but slowly ticking things away from the list 🙂
  21. Engine back in from above as planned which was pretty easy even on a sloping drive, mind I did enlist the help of the boss to assist on the lift while I guided it down. Gearbox next then connect it all up. 🙂
  22. Time for an update as been busy on the Esprit although the basic refurb has turned into a nigh on restoration now with the budget blown 🙄🙂 The bodywork has taken a fair amount of work converting to domestic spec but come out well, colour flatting and buffing still to do along with a repaint of capping rails, Bootlid, roof and rear valance to action next. Engine is all done and carbs rebuilt ready for the accelerator pumps to be set up on my rig. The chassis is ready to receive after I finish renewing some wiring and all engine connectors which were looking tired. Gearbox is done ready to mate to the new clutch, lightened flywheel and new input bearing. The input shaft has been resleeved restoring to as new condition. All the suspension items are refurbed ready to install as well. Dave
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