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  1. Thanks for the response Andy. Fair points, I just thought whilst I have my car dismantled for restoration I would fix as many problems, or potential ones, as possible. New door seals etc. will fix the leaks but I thought while I have the access to the side holes I could fill them but perhaps I should just buy some new foam and leave them as they are... (The foam doesn't inspire confidence though! ) Cheers
  2. Hi The post title probably says it all. I have dismantled my car and am in the process of repairing things. One of the old problems I had was water getting into the car and although I know this was due to broken door seals I am thinking of blocking off the holes behind the plastic trim sections between the doors and quarter glass. I assume they provide ventilation to the main compartment but the only thing preventing water getting in is a bit of foam stuck to the back of the plastic trim. Any thoughts? Would filling the holes cause problems or am I seeing a problem that really isn't there! (Wouldn't be the first time...) cheers Goose
  3. Hi Not sure about the temp gauge but have you recently changed the fuel sender? If you get the wires the wrong way around the gauge goes to max. Well it did on mine anyway... . When I first bought my car the temp and fuel gauges didn't work properly but the issue was with the senders. New ones in = working gauges. Good luck! Goose
  4. Hi I can't answer all your qustions but I can tell you that mine (electric) was a nightmare to get to. Luckily I was taking the drivers door off anyway so it came out through the gap in the door jamb. Having just stripped the interior, including removing the dash, I can't see how else you would get it out. Not sure if they were all eletric but I think it would be fairly easy to spot which yours is: if you peer through the hole in door jamb into the front wing you should be able to see it - I think electric ones have the motor in a circular unit at the base (I assume that is what it is!). I have removed mine and covered the hole, quite like not having it on the wing. Good luck!
  5. Hi Gert To remove the capping rail you just remove the trim that runs from the bottom of the windscreen to the boot - drill out the rivets if I remember correctly. It will take a bit of effort but once the trim is removed you will then see that the capping rail is riveted down too (if I remember correctly). No need to take any glass out. Goose
  6. Good day but soaked Some Photos:
  7. Welcome! What an amazing garage! The first picture made me think your house was the little bit on the right! Nice collection of cars looking forward to seeing some more photos. (Do you find there is any need to go into the house? I would live in that garage! ) Angus
  8. hello My windscreen has cracked. Does anyone have one of the cheap untinted windscreens for the G cars that were on sale at the parts sale and don't need? There are only the tinted ones left which are over
  9. Goose

    Driving In Esprit

    Thanks! I thought it might help boost confidence in the old cars. I still get the Lots of Trouble Usually Serious comments and they really couldn't be further from the truth! Pete - you are right about the attention - everyone loved it. Every time we stopped people would come and chat and ask about the car, also saw a few Lotus Elise owners driving around. I will dig out some more photos this evening. Happy days!
  10. I have just completed about 2,500 miles in my '82 S3 Esprit. No problems at all, aside from the windscreen wiper coming off (easily fixed). Drove down to Monaco for the grand prix, then onto San Remo in Northern Italy, then down to Pisa, up to Parma, and then Lake Como. After Como we drive up to Chamonix to see Mont Blanc and the Mer de Glace, then onto Interlakken, follwed by Basel and finally Reims and around Amiens. Faultless and a great holiday. Even managed to get a photo taken of the Esprit in the Mont Blanc tunnel... Although the police charged us quite a bit for it... We were nervous at first at taking the Esprit but it was great - it attracted lots of attention and made us a few friends. Can't recommend driving through Europe enough! The Esprit has now become part of the family! Angus
  11. Goose

    Lotties Back!

    Beautiful looking car!
  12. Tom Tom - I run it off an old PDA from ebay -
  13. Great work! Congratulations to everyone on getting it all finished on time and to such a high standard - it looks truly stunning from the photos. What a great community. Sorry I could not be there. Post more photos and videos!! I hope you get lots and lots and lots of enjoyment out of it Si - as we all know they are great cars and you have one of the greatest examples. Angus
  14. I remember Troy posting a rough guide to removing the engine - search through his old posts.
  15. Hi Giorgio! Welcome to the forum. Not sure how much it will cost you to convert the engine but I know that there are a few on here that have done it and I am sure they will be able to help! Good luck and keep us posted about how it goes. Angus
  16. Sorry I can't be there as will be in Monaco. Have a good one and take lots of pics! Great effort!
  17. This is what the manual says - not much help... but sounds like a case of following the red wire. "A 15 amp line fuse (red wire) protects the mirror drive circuit and power is derived from the ignition live terminal on the fuse box. The mirror wiring loom i s attached to the main loom behind the facia support beam, and is sealed where the loom passes through the polythene sealing on the inner door panel." Good luck!
  18. Hi Picked this up from Ebay a few weeks ago - can't see it on LEW so thought I would post it up. It is a scan from Autocar dated 5th December 1990. Apologies if it is already lurking on here somewhere but no harm seeing more picks of car! Images and URLs to larger images (I think) below. URL for page 1 URL to page 2 URL to page 3 URL to page 4 URL to page 5 Angus
  19. Goose

    Birthday Goose

    Thanks guys! Sorry wasn't around to respond earlier! Start of another decade!
  20. Really gutted for you! Glad you both escaped unharmed.
  21. Being an F1 nut it would be fantastic if Lotus made a return! Fingers crossed for happy days ahead!
  22. Welcome to the forum! Nice looking car! I am not sure what the answers are to your questions but I am sure someone will let you know. Have a look on Lotus Esprit World and see if there is something on there about steering wheels (technical section). Enjoy the car Angus
  23. Good job! Are you using 400 sandpaper discs - makes the job a lot easier? I also suggest the use of a random orbital sander if you are not already using one - really takes off the layers and doesn't leave any marks. A company in the net called auto-paint are very good for supplies. I resprayed mine copper last year but decided that it wasn't for me so changed to midnight blue... I have decided that I am not sure about that either now so might try black this year or a very dark green... Also, while I remember, use a product called Barcoat - I have done a painting guide on LEW that tells you about it - it stops any paint reactions (unlikely due to the age of your paint but not worth taking a chance on. Reading your posts you obviously know about painting etc. but it might help. Also follow the link in my signature. Anyway, good thread and looking forward to seeing the finished car! Good luck! Angus
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