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  1. Mark Blanchard

    Midlife Crisis!

    Very nice Bazza. But it’s got too many cylinders.
  2. Mark Blanchard

    Midlife Crisis!

    If I wanted trouble I’d get a V8.
  3. Mark Blanchard

    Midlife Crisis!

    Yep, last Summer. Owned it for 16 happy years. Was offered very good money for it so took it. Now hoping Esprit prices plummet!
  4. Mark Blanchard

    Midlife Crisis!

    Nice bull nose Firebird Steve. Much better choice than my old 72 Mustang. Sorry to hear things didn’t work out for them.
  5. Mark Blanchard

    Midlife Crisis!

    I agree, the garage balls up with that. But they did a good job with the rest of the engine rebuild and the car is superbly restored. Though driving it is another thing, yes, it goes very fast but no power steering, drums all around and no servo assistants to the brakes! I need to drive an Esprit again!
  6. Mark Blanchard

    Midlife Crisis!

    So had to do a top engine rebuild on the Challenger, as the previous garage forgot to fit the valve stem seals when doing the engine rebuild. Also put a side stripe on, blacked in the grill and alloy centre caps. Getting a bit bored of the Mustang, time for an Esprit S4s or an S300 if anyone please knows a good low mile one
  7. Often it’s not the exhaust making the noise, but headers. Wonder where they stand with that.
  8. Mark Blanchard


    So corruption still reigns. Seems things haven't moved on since Mugabie. I had high hopes for Zimbabwe under Tsvangirai. Shame he passed away last year.
  9. Mark Blanchard

    The Grand Tour

    Did enjoy the latest episode. And my kids loved it. Proper cars in a world of tree huggers and snowflakes.
  10. Mark Blanchard

    Anyone an expert on antiques?

    I know a bit about old .925 and have quite a lot. What do you want to know?
  11. Mark Blanchard

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    I understand this was the same car at Castle Combe a few years back:
  12. Mark Blanchard

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    What a shot! Superb!
  13. Mark Blanchard

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a great day
  14. Mark Blanchard

    Euro question - 23rd June

    We can thank Blair for this. I remember this discussion well, "you'll earn more so you'll be able to pay it back." What a twat.
  15. Mark Blanchard

    Dessicant dehumidifiers

    I’ve got a 10 litre EcoAir DD322 desiccant dehumidifier. Collects a litre of water in a few hours and works a treat. Loads of good reviews and garage is bone dry.