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  1. Good looking car, though the front headlamps look oversized. One of my Mates is working on the Cosworth engine for it.
  2. Still sticking by my EcoAir Dehumidifier DD322. 2 years later still collecting loads of water and garage bone dry.
  3. Fitted deep dish wheels to the Challenger
  4. Hi Leigh, your car looked superb as always. So good to see an Elite on the road
  5. Spotted this very familiar looking Elite on the M40 this morning (Sunday). I was in the orange 1970 Challenger.
  6. The course was good. Covered most things. I think the intermediate course might be more useful.
  7. Spotted this Esprit S1 at Bicester Heritage today. It sold yesterday at Bonhams for £30,750 including premium. Was a lovely looking car. There were some real bargains to be had there. I was there undertaking a classic car and engine maintenance course. And the students car's on the course:
  8. I have a load of old Esprit magazines with lots of interesting info in the them. £10 the lot. Pm me if interested. Mods please move if this is the wrong place.
  9. I recon that concept looks cool. Nice lines and aggressive. Looks the business.
  10. Sold my 1969 Mustang Mach 1 Sad to see it go but thought I'd sell while prices are still high. Made £10,000 profit on it in 4 years of ownership, better than money in the bank. Now to find something else . . .
  11. S2’s were £4K all day long when I was looking in 2001. Looked at a nice S2.2 for £4500 and the owners wife pleaded with me to buy it. But however much I tried I just could fit in the bloody things.
  12. I’d seek revenge. Get the barby out next to your Passat, invite all your mates around, lots of chairs, lots of smoke, crack open the tinies, use their bin as a food table and crank up the Showwaddywaddy.
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