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  1. I’ve always found Wives don’t need to know about car parts and their costs. Parcels turning up in the post are always cheap stuff off eBay. And it’s good to be vague about the costs of new car purchases. They really don’t need to trouble themselves.
  2. I saw the car after the accident at Lakeside Engineering many years ago, it was in a really bad state. There were body cracks above the quarter windows and cracks and general damage all over. I’m amazed it’s back on the road. It was owned by Jonathan who was a member on here. He planted the throttle on damp roads, went up a bank and then rolled it. I would be very cautious about buying that car.
  3. The Turbo on mine never let me down in 16 years of ownership. Saying the Turbo is trouble is the only way owners can justify having an N/A.
  4. Thank goodness the ad didn’t say that tired old cobblers. As we know N/A is good, Turbo is better.
  5. That’s cheap in the current market. Would have probably got more with better photos and explained what needs doing.
  6. I do find it odd that during the development of the S1, the Lotus engineers didn't think they needed air intakes behind the rear quarter windows. They would have known that the earlier 1971 Countach concept had engine heat issues, so 1974 Countach LP400 had large intakes past the rear quarter windows and vent slots over the engine bay, so I wonder why Lotus thought they didn't need them. Even Giugiaro's 1971 Esprit concept sketch had air intakes behind the rear quarter windows.
  7. See if you can work 2 days a week. Will keep the brain active. That allows 5 days of fun.
  8. Agreed, that and cheap borrowing. UK household debt is 1.7 trillion. All on mortgages, loans and assets. And who wants to keep their money in the bank when they can buy a classic car and make good money on it. And it's free of capital gains tax too, as HMRC views cars are depreciating assets. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  9. £75,000 can get you a good one now. A mate sold his 67 fb for £24k 5 years ago. Big mistake.
  10. But when does it pop? Normally people wait till it's to late. Made £10k on my classic last year but prices are still rising and sold to early. This is crazy money for a chaved up AMG.
  11. I don't think it's just Esprit prices rising, I've seen classics generally increasing, and don't get me started on classic Mustang prices, they're through the roof. It's one huge asset bubble and it always end in tears.
  12. Wow, that's big money. Prices are soaring.
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