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  1. Nice collection! Lovely looking Les Paul.
  2. The problem with Bernie’s deal is it’s cutting out the casual viewers of F1 that used to watch it. And with the reduction in viewers this could mean a lack of interest or relevance for the younger generation. My Son’s a car nut but we don’t have Sky, so he never see’s F1 races and consequently doesn’t seem interested. Very different to when I was a kid. Bernie’s deal is a short term monetary gain for the F1 business but long term they’re shooting themselves in the foot.
  3. Let’s start with my Wife’s Boxster.
  4. We need another Guy Fawkes. Do the job properly this time.
  5. Failed again. If no deal is taken off the table tomorrow then the Government is not representing the people. Expect civil unrest, yellow jacket style.
  6. Ah, so more like £18k. Yes odd colour. And those gold wheels aren’t helping.
  7. This Esprit Turbo with fsh and 71k on the clock only made £14,850 at auction recently. Maybe the uncertainty of Brexit is causing prices to drop. Anyway someone got a bargain.
  8. A dreadful episode. Harris was a total twat again, unfunny egomaniac and irritating. Matt couldn’t hid his genuine distain for him, surely the real reason for his departure. Cant believe the BBC has chosen Harris as the only one to staying on for next series.
  9. RIP Keith. I only saw 2 live bands in the 90’s, Nirvana in 1991 at the Astoria and the Prodigy in 1998 in Hong Kong. Both singers commited harry carry. Weird.
  10. Yes the Eclat / Elite feature was superb! Great to see them in print Quite a few WHSmith around the South East have the mag for sale. And it's at Paddington and Henley WHSmith.
  11. Went to Race Retro today and spotted these
  12. Looks like you maybe right Mark. The car was last MOTed and Taxed In 2009.
  13. And the “just trodden in dog shit” look.
  14. Absolutely agree. Very interesting about Clark. If only he’d chosen to race at Brands Hatch.
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