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  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday Bibs, hope you had a good knees up.
  2. £30? You were robbed. I used to go to school in one every day back in the 70s. Don't have very good memories of them. And wow did they rust.
  3. Couple of shots from Stonor from this weekend. My Son met Brian Johnson from AC/DC too.
  4. Stonor this weekend. Hope to see a few Lotus's on display.
  5. Well I bought a load a couple of months ago before Russia invaded.
  6. Yes lots of mine are down, it’s head in the sand time at the moment. I think we’re in for a rough couple of months but hopefully things will recover.
  7. Good to chat and your car looked great. Couldn’t have asked for better weather.
  8. This is happening tomorrow, 10:30am till 3pm, in the field next to the Stag & Huntsman in Hambleden, near Henley on Thames. For anyone interested there's more info here: I'll be taking my fake Lotus.
  9. Cheers chap, much better photo. That's got to be the ultimate Esprit.
  10. Love that GT2.
  11. Took this shot at Bicester Scramble. Really lovely car.
  12. There's an Evora on Facebook Market place, but it's silver. It say it's done 67,000km, so 41,600 miles. Good luck.
  13. Superb photos Dave. Those top 3 look brochure quality.
  14. So Russia's practicing nuclear missile launches now. Let's hope it's just posturing and nothing happens on May 9th. We could really do without all this bollocks.
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