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  1. Mark Blanchard

    Top Gear - New Series

    Are Flintoff and Paddy into cars? Or have they been recruited for their dubious personalities.
  2. Whoops
  3. Mark Blanchard

    Hello from Twyford (that's near Reading)

    Welcome from Shiplake just up the road 🙂
  4. Mark Blanchard

    Euro question - 23rd June

  5. Mark Blanchard

    Prices Soaring

    Or a Piano for a Wino?
  6. Mark Blanchard

    Prices Soaring

    Yes but I'll have an S4s for £18k for those few disastrous minutes, before the truth hammers home. This is from the guy that went on holiday to California in 2002, after 9/11 and we had the place to ourselves.
  7. Mark Blanchard

    Prices Soaring

    I recon the best time to buy an Esprit is 1 week before Brexit, as we crash out of the EU and look into the abyss. I'll be offering sellers £18k for an S4s.
  8. That Lagonda was my favorite car as a kid. Took a photo of one in the flesh in 1981 near the National History Museum and next to an Aston Martin Bulldog. My jaw was on the floor.
  9. Mark Blanchard

    Prices Soaring

    Classic cars prices in general have been falling. Ferrari 308 GTS prices have dropped by a third. And if you’ve been watching the classifieds Esprit prices, they are dropping too. Esprits up at £35k and dropping to £27k and still not selling. After Brexit I’m sure confidence will return.
  10. Mark Blanchard

    Prices Soaring

    Brexit seems to have dampened prices here, but the rest of the western world prices are going great guns.
  11. Mark Blanchard

    Happy birthday TLF!

    Happy Birthday 😀 Best forum on the internet!
  12. Mark Blanchard

    Not Lotus but

    Those continental foreigners buying stuff before tarrif's hit the market place. And strangely the busiest summer we've ever had in my business, lots going to the EU.
  13. Mark Blanchard

    JMG gone!

    Not good. He’s only been there long enough to know where the coffee machine is too, so can’t be blamed. I’d run a mile from that job.
  14. Mark Blanchard


    Big thanks to Chris and Hofmanns for laying this on. Best one yet! And then Birthday lunch at the Baskerville in Shiplake with the family and my American junk
  15. Mark Blanchard

    Midlife Crisis!

    I’ve found them, but the label says Bo and there’s brown stuff on them. Is your friend still interested?