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  1. Mark Blanchard

    It's Sunday - time for confession Father

    Very shiny. But no amount of polishing is going to get rid of that big crack down the middle.
  2. Looks a good car and in great condition. But it's a buyers market at the moment. You could mention the issues and offer a lot less. A Lotus dealer local to me has a 2009 launch edition with treble that mileage for £30k, so if this car has genuine mileage then it's an ok price.
  3. If Geely are going mass market, this could be the end of fiberglass cars and the beginning of steel bodies. So they might start to rust, like Porsche's. What a ghastly thought.
  4. Yes they probably will, but it's a shame. That's why I asked to keep them on this "to do wish list."
  5. So fingers crossed. Any previous examples of Geely engines?
  6. Has the Geely V6 proved as reliable as the Toyota engines?
  7. Mark Blanchard

    Future of Lotus

    I hope the £1.5 billion also pays for proper marketing and PR. That's what Lotus has been missing since the 1970s / 80s.
  8. That's going to look good on my garage wall. And great they showed the Elite
  9. That's why I said I might be a lonely voice. A Merc / AMG engine would fit, but some how that goes against everything Lotus
  10. I maybe a lonely voice, but please keep on buying those Toyota engines, they're bullet proof and have given Lotus reliability for the last 10 years. And we need a Toyota / Lexus V8 with twin turbos in the new Esprit. And with stick on Lotus badges, so we can carry on pretend the engines are ours, know one's going to know
  11. Mark Blanchard

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Wow, what a vid!! The 430 basically wastes everything. That was so good to watch
  12. Mark Blanchard

    Future of Lotus

    Biggest investment the company has ever had. Lets hope it happens Do I hear the scratching of pencils at Hethel again, drawing wedge shaped things?
  13. Mark Blanchard


    Fantastic! Looking forward to it It’s also the 16th anniversary of my 30th birthday on that day too.
  14. Mark Blanchard

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    No, a bloody good design by Williams Towns, that would go on to influence a lot of other car designs. He also designed the stunning 1969 Aston DBS / V8 that was produced for 20 years until 1989.
  15. Mark Blanchard

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    My knees are shacking. That was my first car I ever loved.