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  1. Yep, not making much of an effort to sell it, or the interior looks like a Connolly wasteland.
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know anything about the history of this S4 on Autotrader? Quite tempting at that price, the ad says the interior needs work but not to fussed about that. All I know is I took a photo of it 16 years ago at Donnington Lotus Festival: New&onesearchad=Used&page=1
  3. Saw the meanest Evora yet, a black 430 with the biggest wing out there driving out of Henley. Properly cool.
  4. Sorry to put Thatcher on these haloed pages. I have it by good authority that this is her daughter Carol, on the Bahar Esprit.
  5. WFH cabin fever. Starting to loose it.
  6. Hoping to get the GTD40, I'm the highest bidder at the moment. Went to see it yesterday, Chris B kindly opened the storage unit. Unfortunately my chin touches the roof when the door is open, but I'm hoping to get it modified by dropping the floor pan, replacing the drivers seat with a shell seat and a fitting a Gurney bubble. There are some amazing cars for auction, definitely worth keeping an eye on
  7. Big Congrats!! Yep started as the young upstart ( to the dull Yahoo Esprit Group in 2004 and the Esprit Unity forum. And it went global. Massive well done to Andy!
  8. One night at school, I remember we put all the class room desks and chairs on the flat roofs, wrapping mountains of bog roll around all the trees and pissing all over the staff room carpet. Happy memories.
  9. Just had a look at the Europa in Hofmanns. Looks in superb condition.
  10. This was a good hoon. Police camera caught us doing treble figures. Luckily there were to many of us.
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