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  1. Mark Blanchard

    Prices Soaring

    I'm the highest bidder on that yellow Esprit S1 at the moment, wish me luck
  2. Mark Blanchard

    Absolute Lotus pre photo shoot and some beers

    Great shot. Looking forward to seeing the article
  3. Just bumped into Tim Shaw from Car SOS today. Seemed a good chap and not the plonker he plays on the TV series. He was interested in my Esprit, I told him to get more Lotus's on the show. He's got 2 1965 Mustangs and is on the look out for an Elise S1 now.
  4. Mark Blanchard

    Prices Soaring

    No, not one of yours and not your liver either.
  5. Mark Blanchard

    Prices Soaring

    Keeping a keen eye on this S1. As Wayne once said - Would give my right eye ball for it.
  6. Mark Blanchard

    Top Gear - New Series

    Watching Chris Harris on the interview bench is true car crash TV. Even my 10 year old son thinks he's a twat. Lets get him in a none talking role, just driving. And replace the talking role with Harry Metcalfe. And to ensure Woman are represented, lets get Rhian Sugden in there too: Job Role: changing gear slowly in a bikini.
  7. Mark Blanchard

    JMG gone!

    Oh bollox! Real shame, he was real talent and was turning the company around. My guess is he was shown the door.
  8. Mark Blanchard

    Bond Esprit video 1977

    Interesting and rare vid Mark. Thanks for sharing
  9. Yes noticed the fibre glass body and space frame and thought that looked odd. The Telegraph said it’s worth £400,000 so they were fooled.
  10. Not a nice sight. Caught on fire yesterday on A370 near Weston Super Mare
  11. Mark Blanchard

    Fun replicas

    Yep that’s the one.
  12. Mark Blanchard

    Fun replicas

    GTD40? With a 351W 4 barrel? Lots of fun and noise.
  13. Mark Blanchard

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    I hope you pissed in the pool before hand!
  14. Mark Blanchard


    Stunning looking car!!
  15. Mark Blanchard

    Ebay Lotus X180

    I'll take that back, the Esprit Turbo did have a spoiler on the limited edition 40th commemorative Esprit: