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  1. Sorry to read about this Barry, must have missed this thread. I thought the 910s engine was built proof. All I know is those Esprit meets / hoons can be expensive, the number of engines I've seen go pop soon afterwards have been many.
  2. I'm still taking my cars to Tescos and still getting filmed by every chav out there as usual as I enter and leave. It's also good for my massive fragile ego, which needs a boost every now and then.
  3. I say if you want to drive your Lotus and it needs a drive take it to the supermarket the normal route and fast. They haven’t stipulated what car you can drive or what speed you go, you’re in a hurry. Yes there might not be much space in it for bags but it’ll put a smile back on your face.
  4. As team principle I think he needs to lead by example. Go on you Helmut.
  5. Esso in Henley is daylight robbery. These were the prices today: £1.26 Unleaded (95 ron) £1.30 Diesel
  6. Cheers chaps, much appreciated. This is a really crap year all round.
  7. I actually enjoy Car SOS. It's not pretending to be anything it's not and I met Tim a couple of years ago and he's was an ok chap, not the total prick he portrays in the show.
  8. Yep, the government want the tax, alcohol is taxed heavily as we know and the supermarkets are running low.
  9. I understand wine sales are through the roof at the moment. People drowning their sorrows:
  10. Yep, I'm using my old cars to drive to the shops, the long way. If the coppers stop my there's nothing they can do, I'm going to the shops officer.
  11. Well, I self isolated in my old car today. I filled it up for the 20th time this month, it's got a drinking problem. And working from home is fcuking boring so I've decided to drink more too. Just had a couple of Henry Weston's Vintage Ciders and now nice bottle of Bearfoot Shiraz
  12. Yes the average brainless van driving neanderthal will just carry on as normal.
  13. The people I work for won't interpret it that way. They're egocentric enough to think they are essential, even though they produce luxury furniture. A fiver says they're in the office again tomorrow.
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