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  1. Totally agree and yes, the Hofmann's car. The current GT40 is jaw dropping. I went to Stoner Supercar Sunday last year and one turned up in black. All of a sudden the Lambos looked boring, it stole the show. The build quality of this GTD40 is really good, it's a superb car. I saw it at Hofmanns 2 years ago, it was in for a service, I saw it and thought that was the car. There's a chance I could still buy it. I'm going there on Thursday, they have a Gurney Bubble which needs fitting on the roof / door top, which would give me a couple of inches of head room. Lets hope.
  2. Looks superb and 9%! Definitely 4 winds, maybe more...
  3. Well it all subjective. I think the Ford GT was a poor pretender. And most of the recent modern offerings from manufactures look over designed. And I'm a Designer by profession for 30 years. But I'm guessing you're a youngster and entitled to your opinion.
  4. Yep, agree. I don't think there's a car out that looks better than this.
  5. So I was looking forward to buying a GTD40 last week (the holy grail of cars for me) and got very excited. I knew interior space inside was limited, so the seats were removed and I sat on the carpet. However my 6ft 5 frame didn't fit well in the car and my head didn't fit under the roof / door. So there's another dream gone to dust Only positive is I'll keep my American stuff for a while longer.
  6. The tax on it ran out 2 months ago. Here are a few photos of it from 6 years ago.
  7. Wow, that looks a nice car doesn’t it.
  8. A GTD40 with a Ford 302 with a UN1. You only live once.
  9. I’ve just made an offer on a GT40 today. That’s my bucket list car. See if the owners accepts.
  10. My wife bought me a 1973 Pulsar LED for my birthday. Was more expensive than a Rolex when it was new. It was used by a well known Esprit S1 driver. The watch is barely visible in this picture though.
  11. A mate of mine has an M12. He says it’s as exhilarating as it gets and knocks the spots off his Esprit V8, Fezza 360 and Gallardo. He’s upgraded the 2.5 V6 to the new 3.0 V6 M15 engine producing 535bhp. So best if you get one.
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