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  1. More photos here. Click on the images to enlarge.
  2. I scanned most of those photos from Lotus World magazines for MJK about 10 years ago. There were also loads of interesting factory photos from those magazines.
  3. A prototype based on the Lotus Elite / Eclat. I'm guessing for the federal market, judging by the size of the bumpers.
  4. Some more, hope this helps. M100 Concept car Launch Federal Esprit Duke of Edinburgh. Chapman looking a bit shaky.
  5. Hi Kimbers, Here as some photos: Prince Micheal of Kent With Giugiaro DeLorean King of Jordan Duke of Edinbourgh Duke of Kent Home Secretary Kenneth Baker
  6. What a great garage! And that S1 looks good without the front tag.
  7. Happy Birthday chap. Hope you had a good day.
  8. It was going fast and it was sunny day so didn't notice green, well spotted.
  9. Spotted a fantastic looking black Emira on the M25 on Wednesday. My wife thought it was a Ferrari from the front. Looked a million dollars 😊.
  10. Congratulations on the car, looks good. Never seen wear like that before. SJ Sports sell the switches: Or Douglas Valley are breaking a few Esprit's. Their customer service isn't the best, but worth a call. 01257 795272
  11. I bumped into Jimmy Page today. He was very chatty and was interested in my Son's guitar playing. Seemed a good chap.
  12. A couple of photos from the Scramble on Sunday. Was a great day.
  13. And a song. Used to blast this out of the window of my Avenger, subwoofers on max.
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