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  1. Rob, I saw your car at Stonor. Looked stunning 👍.
  2. Close, it was called the Tapiro: Giugiaro traced over the below photo to come up with the Esprit. Even the tire valves line up. More here:
  3. The Porsche that morphed into the Esprit a year later. Photo from LA Auto Show 1971. Photo by John Sage.
  4. We have floods around here and Thames Water still have the hose pipe bans in place too. It's probably because they don't maintain their water pipes and they're all leaking.
  5. Was that at Abingdon? Took my Son there a while back and he loved it. I sneaked in a GT40 drive too.
  6. Fishy: "What's it called? Mercy Largo?" Bibs: "Yea mate, that's the one."
  7. I remember that car, was owned by B33ENN. Was well known car when this place had over the front door.
  8. The Quitter's comments yesterday.
  9. Next there will be exhaust pollution camera's. Just a matter of time. This is supposed to be a free country but it isn't.
  10. The camera's in West London don't discriminate, they just fine you. I know of a Maserati owner that was fined the other day when he changed gear.
  11. "The government says excessive road noise can contribute to several health issues, such as strokes, dementia and heart attacks." There's noise coming from lots of places, concerts, festivals. How about the noise from being under the flight path, that can be just as noisy but the Government are not doing anything about that. Just another way to make money. What a load of old bollocks.
  12. Miserable sods! As quiet electrics cars become normal so people have something new to moan about. In my opinion this is totally pathetic of the government, they have more important things to do like run the country properly! I guess as roads and motorways have got slower due to congestion, Councils takings for speeding fines are down, so this is a new way to make money. One of my cars is 110 dbs at full chat, yes it's noisy but it's fun. In a world of mediocrity it's nice to have something different. Guess I'm going to have to get used to paying fines. I'm not going to stop making lots of noise.
  13. That Evija is absolutely stunning! I'd have that in a heart beat.
  14. Truss has lost all respect and authority. She is hopeless for not stand by her convictions and surrendering to back bench pressure and media hysteria. The Tory’s don’t stand a chance at the next election. I can see Labour in power for a long time with more borrowing, higher taxes and huge spending. This country is in serious trouble if we don’t start paying off the 2 trillion debt we have amassed.
  15. I'd sit tight and put some money in Chase Bank 1.5% / Atom bank 1.8% and some in Premium Bonds 2%.
  16. A very well respected Financier, who I know through friends, has told me to hold on to cash. And don't go out spending.
  17. Cheers to TFL and Bibs! Yahoo Esprit Group & Unity 1 a forgotten memory.
  18. Negative camber on a nice looking car. No need for that.
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