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  1. What pissed me off last week was going to my Son's school, and meeting one of my son's mate's Dad who happens to be a Director at Aston Martin. I mentioned Lotus of course and he said in a rather smug way that there had been no orders for the Lotus Evija. I'm guessing Lotus joining a big player like Geely is a threat to Aston? Anyway, I hope the news is not true.
  2. A speedo recon is cheap. And who needs an aircon in the UK, just wind the window down. Not much wrong with that.
  3. Not that DB5 again (yawn)! Where's a bloody Lotus?!
  4. Just seen Le Mans 66 too. Absolutely superb film. Probably the best car movie I've ever seen. And the on track racing and sounds were amazing. Did spot a couple of errors, but that's only because I'm a car nerd. During a presentation to Henry Ford in 1964 they showed the 1966 P3 Ferrari's, in the garage there were 20" rims on the 1965 Shelby Daytona's and Kumho tyres on an MGB. But forget all that, a brilliant film.
  5. Dan, you got to learn to say no. Otherwise you're their bitch. We've got coffin dodgers both sides and I make sure I rev my 6 litre engines every now and then. They know not to trouble us.
  6. Prices still seem high. Here's how low prices got around the mid noughties, when Esprit S2's to Turbos were between £4k and £10k.
  7. So what's going on here? I don't think I've ever seen a better Lotus photo in my 47 years!
  8. That's a great print! Here's some old Esprit art I've collected over the years.
  9. Looks epic and amazing work. Hope there’s enough space for Dany too!
  10. Never knew you had an Elite Barry. Very cool.
  11. The Spitfire is quintessentially British too and I'd much prefer to have one of those. You can forgive the rust as it's easy on the eyes.
  12. The Vitesse was the one to have. Looked more aggressive from the front than the Herald. That car above looks nice. I was driven to school in a Herald Estate for many years and the trans was noisy, dreadful thing. And one of my mates had a white Herald 30 years ago and it never stopped rusting, it was a white with brown edges.
  13. Nice collection. Prefer that Spitfire to the Midget.
  14. The SE wheels were fitted as standard to post 1990 Turbo cars with the Eagle chassis.
  15. I had 108k mileage on my Esprit, I loved every minute of driving it and used the hell out out if. But I new it was going to be a problem to sell, even with 3 full service books and 26k of bills. So I p/x'd it for 20K, which I thought wasn't to bad. But I think I was lucky, managed to sell last summer when things looked rosier. Unfortunately mileage does count when you come to sell Lotus cars, its the same for Aston DB7s / DB9s, Porsche 996s and 997s and all Ferrari's. That's why people keep the mileage down of clock them.
  16. That's a Guigiaro Turbo, but beautiful much the same.
  17. My Wife and I saw Once upon a time in Hollywood yesterday, it was a great film, excellent acting and very amusing, though it did go on a bit in parts. Watching it you really felt like you were in 1969 Hollywood. Don’t know why it was an 18, the gory scenes were nothing on his previous films and looked almost comical. It’s definitely worth seeing.
  18. It'll be good and dull all at the same time, like all Porsche's. I'm guessing Porsche have probably upped their annual donations to Evo magazine.
  19. That’s bloody amazing! Some really great playing. Move over Satch
  20. Sold my Esprit for £17500 and it's up for £30k now. Either Esprit prices are rocketing, or more likely the vendor is on another planet. It's a good car and engine rebuilt at 40k, but 108k on the clock now, £22k tops. Spotted this ad on Pistonheads this afternoon, very sad to see it. I need another Esprit
  21. Nice collection! Lovely looking Les Paul.
  22. The problem with Bernie’s deal is it’s cutting out the casual viewers of F1 that used to watch it. And with the reduction in viewers this could mean a lack of interest or relevance for the younger generation. My Son’s a car nut but we don’t have Sky, so he never see’s F1 races and consequently doesn’t seem interested. Very different to when I was a kid. Bernie’s deal is a short term monetary gain for the F1 business but long term they’re shooting themselves in the foot.
  23. Let’s start with my Wife’s Boxster.
  24. We need another Guy Fawkes. Do the job properly this time.
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