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  1. Some shots from a great day at the Classic yesterday.
  2. Superb photos. Thanks for sharing. So cool to have seen the launch back then.
  3. Yes all the 1987 Turbos had the Vulcan grey valance. It’s super rare that video. I’ve only ever seen the X180 launch covered in Motor magazine.
  4. Found this video of the launch of the X180 Turbo at Earls Court Motorfair from 1987. It still looks great all these years later.
  5. Stonor's a 2 day event next year? Did you hear that from the organisers?
  6. Happy Birthday! 944 sounds cool. They always looked flash back in the day. Any pics?
  7. A shot from Stonor Supercar Sunday. Am loving this car, even though it's got the wrong badge on. I'm not expecting any likes.
  8. I was admiring the stunning looking Jaguar XJR-15 on Friday at FOS, designed by Peter Stevens. Spoke to the mechanic who said the XJR-15 was a handful to drive and had no aero. Well turns out he was right.
  9. Congrats on your purchase. Elites are lovely looking cars. They were the first Lotus I wanted when I was a kid too. Good luck with the resto.
  10. At FOS at the moment. The Emira’s stunning in the flesh! And the Evija is out of this world. This is the most exciting time for Lotus I can remember.
  11. Who's going to be the first to get an Emira Babe on here?
  12. That's a lovely Turbo Esprit! Didn't know Lotus made an end of run limited edition version of them. I'm guessing a mid 1987 car. Here's a vid from Stonor. Some annoying person with an ice cream gets in the way.
  13. I hope the series has a batch of homologated road cars. I'm looking forward to seeing some Emira Cup / GT4 specials.
  14. Nice side profile. Looking forward to tomorrow
  15. No wonder you won with that shine. It's almost blinding!
  16. A couple of photos from Stonor today. Took the Ferrari with my Son and a mate drove the Challenger. Big well done to Barry for winning best classic car of the event. There was some tough competition too, but the Essex was the best of the best
  17. If you want to be totally safe, use Esso 99 Premium. It is ethanol free, even though it say E5 on the label. I put it in my cars and they love it so much they can't stop drinking it.
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