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  1. Yes it's a good article. That LE is quite tempting at that price with those low miles.
  2. Looks superb Gis and love the white letters on the Goodyears. More Turbo Esprit's should have them, as Colin intended. Clicky
  3. I saw the blue St. Tropez at Donington many years ago. A strange looking thing. It probably looked superb for 15 minutes in 1986. Looks good from this angle though.
  4. That white Elite is stunning. Don't know if this has been posted.
  5. Plenty more Esprit ad's here:
  6. RIP Tom. Was someone to look up to.
  7. Great news. Wonder if they're going to offer a V8 Evija? That would be utterly superb if they did.
  8. That's an odd place for it, it normally happens on horizontal surfaces. I know you shouldn't need to but if you keep the car garaged and dry this won't get worst. With my 30 year old Esprit I never took it out in the rain and used a dehumidifier in the garage, so never had this issue.
  9. I got the 360 ceramic coated today. Was done by Tom’s Detailing, [email protected] . He did a great job and it only cost £350. Very please.
  10. Congrats Barry. You'll be busy this year!
  11. Considering the age of the model line up, that's superb news. Not many manufactures can't say sales are up during Covid. Just shows that Lotus have developed and improved their existing range into very reliable driver's cars. And with the steady hand of Geely overseeing things, that's reassured people Lotus is here to stay .
  12. Blood on his hands now. His legacy is ruined.
  13. I'd stay well away from those Bentley Conti's, I understand the repair bills are stratospheric. Heard that from a mate who's used to big bills, has a couple of Lambos and a 355.
  14. My recent purchase wasn't in my bucket from last year. Strange how things happen . . .
  15. Yep sports cars are no longer fashionable. I think it's heard mentality, legislation and media that have change things. During the 1950s, 60s and 70s, sportscars were the thing to aspire too. There were lots of dull looking pedestrian saloon cars like Wolsey's, Victors and Maxi's that could go 60 mph before the car would shake (my old Avenger was terrible over 60). So the sight of a fast Lotus Elan +2, Marcus or a Maserati Merak was something special. As cars have improved and fashions have changed, so have peoples aspirations. We've been through fads like hot hatches of the 80s, pe
  16. The guy can’t expect to buy a classic car for that low price and not do some work. He sounds wet behind the ears.
  17. Happy New Year all. Hope we have lots of motoring events this summer
  18. An excellent article and very articulately written. Good to hear the other side of the coin from someone who speaks sense. And one giant EU country sounds daft to me. Hats of to Boris for doing the deal.
  19. There was this Dino that sold a few years ago for $221,000. They go for that in mint condition now. Brown would be the easiest colour to paint it.
  20. Beyond belief that anyone would pay anything for that heap of rust and it hasn't even hit reserve yet. And the rust is going to be worst on the inside structure.
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