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  1. Big Congrats!! Yep started as the young upstart ( to the dull Yahoo Esprit Group in 2004 and the Esprit Unity forum. And it went global. Massive well done to Andy!
  2. One night at school, I remember we put all the class room desks and chairs on the flat roofs, wrapping mountains of bog roll around all the trees and pissing all over the staff room carpet. Happy memories.
  3. Just had a look at the Europa in Hofmanns. Looks in superb condition.
  4. This was a good hoon. Police camera caught us doing treble figures. Luckily there were to many of us.
  5. Just bid £50k for this GTD40. Wish me luck.
  6. Wow! That looks stunning! What's the Superformance like to drive? Must be better than the thing I drove.
  7. Tim B (doct93) used to have one. Hasn't been on here for a while though. Might buy this. Can't fit in it, so would need to lower the floor and fit a Gurney bubble.
  8. Replica, Tornado or KVA I recon. In no way was this a road car. Totally brutal driving experience, proper analogue driving; small cabin space, could hardly fit in the racing seat, cabin was hot, 45 degrees, you're a couple of inches away from a 5.8 litre Windsor engine, heavy clutch, gear change was long, brakes nonexistent, acceleration was ok, handling was superb. It made a lot of drama about going quite fast. But wow what an experience! I'm thinking of buying one.
  9. Tracked this thing. Bonkers to drive but loved it.
  10. £50k for this one:
  11. Yep. I've got a space in my garage now and I know the car like the back of my hand. But wouldn't mind an S4s, but prices seem to have rocketed.
  12. Saw my old Esprit while on holiday in Cornwall / Devon. It's been for sale for the last 2 years in Saltash, Devon at William Crawford. It looked lovely
  13. Hi Karl, Congrats on your car. Don't do what you did to this.
  14. Terrible news. Very sorry to hear. He was a good chap. I hope he rests in peace.
  15. It seems there are a lot less Esprit's on the roads these days. In particular the GT3 / S4 / SE numbers are down. Maybe they're sorn or they're in collections or come to the end of their life? Bit sad really.
  16. Good looking car, though the front headlamps look oversized. One of my Mates is working on the Cosworth engine for it.
  17. Still sticking by my EcoAir Dehumidifier DD322. 2 years later still collecting loads of water and garage bone dry.
  18. Fitted deep dish wheels to the Challenger
  19. Hi Leigh, your car looked superb as always. So good to see an Elite on the road
  20. Spotted this very familiar looking Elite on the M40 this morning (Sunday). I was in the orange 1970 Challenger.
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