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  1. So good to see an Elite having some money spent on it. Hope to see that around when it's done.
  2. Chapman giving instruction at Zandvoort 1969
  3. The reporting is from a bunch of Millennials, who scream and shout when something goes wrong. They can't cope because they're a bunch of wet lettuses.
  4. Morrison is very cheap at the moment. Just need to go to Gibraltar.
  5. We’ve had 44 degrees for the last couple of weeks. We dream of your red alerts at 36 degrees.
  6. He’s says he’s friends with Putin. Wonder which Interpol free, safe haven he might end up.
  7. He’s completely out of touch with reality. To much of the gilded life and an ego the size of a small country. I think he need to pull up a chair next to Jackie Stewart and tuck into some Victoria sponge.
  8. Soup for lunch. It's boring but it does the job. I had a 1 pack, mostly the result of cider and Belgium beer.
  9. "All new Lotus production vehicles from 2023 will be fully electric." Ah maybe they're saying the Emira won't be new in 2023, as it was released in 2022, so they can carry on producing it.
  10. 18 months off the sauce today. And consequently 2.5 stone off the scales. Who would have Adam and Eve'd it.
  11. So is Lotus ditching the Merc 4 pot and Toyota V6 from the Emira next year? Sounds very odd as they've only just started making them.
  12. What is the point in him saying that. For future generations, that's Neslon Piquet's reputation down the plug hole.
  13. I think it's race related. Steward it an old dinosaur, with views and prejudices that live in the past. He gave Willy T. Ribbs, another black F1 driver, similar treatment. Stewart should shut his gob, sit in a comfy chair and let nurse give him another cup of tea.
  14. Yep, the next few years aren't going to be fun, but if you take the long view things will be ok. My IAG shares have tanked spectacularly, fortunately I spread things around so other shares are ok and giving a good yield.
  15. It's a beautiful car and a classy colour. I guess the liners were sorted out many years ago.
  16. Happy Birthday for yesterday Bibs, hope you had a good knees up.
  17. £30? You were robbed. I used to go to school in one every day back in the 70s. Don't have very good memories of them. And wow did they rust.
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