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  1. Isn't that a late model Diablo, still looks $4m!
  2. Sorted, cheers. Mark 88 Turbo
  3. Am having to log in, even though the remeber Log in dialogue box is ticked. It's been doing this for a while now. I'm not deletiong the History either, can it be fixed? Mark 88 Turbo
  4. I noticed you stuffed a notice on Yahoo. Have you advertised it on Pistonheads yet? Mark 88 Turbo
  5. Wheyyyyyyy!!!! At last, a picture, it's really happening! Put the badge on definately, otherwise the ignorant herd won't know what it is. You'll get "Is it a Ferrari / TVR 350 / Kit car?" Mark 88 Turbo
  6. Sounds like Steve can't make a decision without Dermots approval.
  7. I can see it's useful (i'm getting used to it), it just looks a bit messy (underlined words/ the bold) and more difficult to read than the Unity forum. Is it easy to change that column? Mark 88 Turbo
  8. I like the graphics / layout of this site, but just a small thing. The "Last Post Info", it looks a bit confusing. The Unity1 site's a bit simpler. Mark 88 Turbo
  9. How true. Didn't take my car to one or two events this years, because of the torrential rain. Stories of hot manifolds cracking from road spray (from Paul Matty) and then I think how much it's going to cost to get it fixed. Mark 88 Turbo
  10. Good news and glad to hear it! Maybe the Ice Blue Turbo's going to make an appearance at Stoneleigh? Mark 88 Turbo
  11. Sounds good. I like the way this forum is set up too. Just as good as the other one. Mark 88 Turbo
  12. So this forum is more for Steve to get his act together? Well I don't mind what ever forum we use, I think there should just be one. At the moment we have Yahoo, Pistonheads, Unity and now this one. I think adding one big forum on to LEW is a great idea.
  13. 2000 members!! The unity forum has struggled with just us on occasions. Mark 88 Turbo
  14. I'll pass on your message to the powers that be, Midlands Homo.
  15. Morning all. Seems alright to me. A bit slower than the unity forum, or am I still asleep?? Can this forum take 800+ ppl? Mark 88 Turbo
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