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  1. Here's a press photo of it. It was a lovely looking car. Shame they didn't put it in that garage.
  2. Hi Filip, love that XJS. Is it a 3.6? I’ve been thinking of buying one for 30 years but never got around to it. The V12 looks like expensive maintenance though.
  3. I’m sure it’ll bypass insurance and be back on the road soon, with no history of accident damage.
  4. They make tractors Jim. I think we need one of those Italian Designers, see if you know anyone.
  5. Old news but best thing I've seen on Netflix was Fargo. Absolutely brilliant. Couldn't stop watching. Watched the film for the first time last week and that was brilliant too.
  6. And cutting back on the 26 radio stations. Back to 5 is fine with me.
  7. That’s annoying about After Life. Was looking forward to that. Saved me the bother of disappointment.
  8. The classic car bubble must burst soon. Things are getting ridiculous now.
  9. Ex Lotus Owner so I've got 2 other cars. I need to get a Lotus again!
  10. No uniform at our old school. I'm in the middle. And I wore this to lessons.
  11. I’ve got the expensive uniforms to buy, plus school fees X2, £36k a year. Almost every penny I earn goes on Teachers salaries!
  12. An Esprit S1 doing the actual Cannonball Run in 1978. An XJ-S won that year.
  13. Impressive. I'll raise you John Lord of Deep Purple / Whitesnake from Henley (RIP). And George Harrison (RIP). Used to be a neighbour of ours in Henley, at the top of Friday St in a huge house.
  14. There's an article about used car prices here:
  15. Lots of old rockers live in Shiplake, our neck of the woods. Ian Paice from Deep Purple / Whitesnake, Barrie Barlow from Jethro Tull and Gary Moore used to live 3 houses away from us.
  16. There's a huge bubble in car prices, driven by a few factors, including a shortage of available new cars due to the chip shortages. Also lots of cheap money around at the moment due to low interest rates. Another thing, no one wants money in the bank at the moment as inflation is high, so they're putting their money in to assets, like supercars / classic cars. Prices are crazy, but what goes up must come down. Read Manias, Panics and Crashes to find out what will happen.
  17. So potentially McLaren sharing Lamborghini parts. Bruce will be turning in his grave.
  18. I had a ceramic coating done to a couple of my cars and it's absolutely superb, good protection against the elements and a long lasting shine. And you can top it up with Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Detailer.
  19. Above phrases taken from Harry Markle's Archewell zoom summit.
  20. One year no booze. Haven’t touched a drop since New Years last year. Lost 2 stone and all is good 😊.
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