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  1. I get pissed off with people not giving away at roundabouts. Bloody dangerous if you ask me.
  2. Congrats Pete! Your car looks totally epic on there! There was a nice Delorean on that program the other week too.
  3. Aside from removing the back markers between Max and Lewis, does anyone know if Max over took Lewis while under the safety car? I’m hear reports of this.
  4. Words fail me about that ending. The stewards decisions were about rating rather than rules.
  5. Nice looking car. It's going to drive better than the original Type 62, by a huge margin.
  6. Earls Court Motor Show 1970. Spot the Elan +2 anyone?
  7. I watched a couple of minutes of it and turned over. Harris is quite irritating but at least you can take his opinions seriously, even if you don't agree with it. However I just do have any time for that cricket plonker and No likey no lighty.
  8. More here. Lotus had just won the 1978 Constructors championship:
  9. That incident in 1994 with Schumacher and Hill still makes my blood boil.
  10. My wife owned a Porsche Boxster 987 for a couple of years and we didn't think much of it, dull and predictable. An Evora will knock the spots off it for driving engagement and fun.
  11. I'm using Ethanol free Esso 99 Premium, but it's not cheap. 161p a litre here in Henley. Swines.
  12. Environment? Err . . . off to fairy land . . .
  13. And then Biden fell asleep at the conference. I think that says it all, without saying a word.
  14. Spotted a stunning looking Turbo Esprit driving into Henley from the Reading direction this afternoon (Tuesday) at 3:15pm. I think it was copper colour but difficult to tell in the light. I waved back, was in the Ferrari. I wasn't one of the morons who thought it was another Ferrari by the way.
  15. 1999 London Motor show at Earls Court.
  16. I'm playing the waiting game too. One of my mates wrote a book called The Naked Trader and he says sit tight.
  17. Susan George (from Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry).
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