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  1. My Wife wants me to buy a Mustang GT V8 as a family car. They were £32k new in 2016. The same 6 year old car with 40,000 miles on the clock are going for £35k at the moment. Bonkers. I'm not getting one.
  2. Mark Blanchard


    This is from a police training manual when talking to Drivers who appear impaired. Oscifer... I only had one!
  3. A load of snowflakes having a melted down at the moment. They probably don't even know what a forum is.
  4. Haven't been driving my yank car much, 8 mpg. Not the most sensible car to travel in. It can pass anything except a fuel station. It will just have to sit around till all this calms down.
  5. Was thinking the same, but didn't mention it. We don't want more toys hurled out of the pram.
  6. Agree. And the fact it could go back on the road and have a clean title is ridiculous.
  7. Awesome! Only 40 grand! Where do I sign?! "Small accident and caught fire. Didn’t go through insurance so car is totally unrecorded!"
  8. It's van's with me. They accelerate up fast and then are glued to the back bumper, really annoy.
  9. Some of us have known these cars a long time. You initially weren't upfront about the cars. We wanted people to be aware of what they were buying. Transparency from the start would have been the best policy.
  10. Bumped into Brian Johnson from AC/DC in Waitrose car park in Henley yesterday. Got chatting about classic cars. He was driving a Black on Black Bentley CGT.
  11. . . . and Evil Dr Fish and me 2 weeks after. Big well done Bibs for what you have created, all from enthusiasm and a love of all things Lotus .
  12. The Government used to use RPI index to measure inflation but it looked to high. It’s 4.8% at the moment. They prefer the CPI measure which looks lower (house prices not included in the basket of goods). When that gets to high I’m sure they’ll bring in a new measure BSPI (bullshit price index) that looks lower, so it will look like we don’t have inflation, so they can keep interest rates low and get everyone borrowing / spending.
  13. Lots of established Lotus Dealers have been dropped unfortunately. Can't understand what Geely is thinking. I hear the Emira is going to be sold online, B+C and in high end showrooms with McLarens / Lamborghini. A car that sells for £65k next to cars that sells for £200k plus. They're a different customers. Won't be long before Lotus is knocking on the door of local dealers again I'm sure.
  14. Agree, watched that the other day and it sounds like a hoover. They need to get it sounding like this.
  15. This one? Was looking at it at the time but was talked out of the due to the 75k mileage. Seem to remember it was up for £29k, which I thought was a good price then.
  16. I agree the prices are good. But the auction only sold one car, so that's not very successful. If they'd sold almost all the cars, then I would have said that was successful.
  17. So they retro fitted it to look like an S1?
  18. Looks like Italy doesn't want to play ball with the EU combustion engine ban. One rule for everyone accept Italy.
  19. I think we can conclude the auction wasn't a success. And The Market have made a loss on it, what with the advertising and promotion of it. Spotted this full page ad in Octane mag and lots on social media. Kind of a shame really, not well planned.
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