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  1. That’s what I’ve been doing. A mate in the city said the same too. I wish it would hurray up though! Thanks for the link, I’ll give it a watch.
  2. Anyone got any bright ideas how to shelter their savings from inflation? The savings are currently earning 0.6% interest and inflation is running at 5.4% (or 7.5% RPI). Not sure about buying shares at the moment as the stock market seems high. Any idea's welcome.
  3. Welcome. That's a great looking Exige.
  4. 1980s Lotus V8 engine. For anyone that doesn't know, it was called the Type 909 engine and a one off and had 335bhp. I took this photo of it in the Etna many years ago.
  5. Great photos. That must be around 1990 as that Esprit has the Eagle chassis with the deeper dish SE wheels. It looks like it also has SE springs on, due to the ride height.
  6. Andrew Bailey (from the BoE) telling people not to ask for a salary increase from their boss, while he’s on a salary on £500,000 takes the biscuit. Though unfortunately his economics are correct as wage inflation will add to an upward inflationary spiral. As employees salaries increase, so does the cost of the business’s products to cover their overheads. Putting up interest rates in the short term won’t cure inflation as a large amount of it is from high imported energy costs. In the medium term If energy prices decrease but inflation persists, then putting up interest rates is the only cure. Unfortunately it looks like we are heading into a huge shit storm, 70s style.
  7. What a bunch a dicks. Especially the ones in the French cars.
  8. Mansell and Prince Micheal of Kent.
  9. I think there were a few JPS Turbo Esprit's for the European market. Whether these were done by Lotus or the European dealers themselves I am not sure. They're very rare. Here's a rendering by Lotus.
  10. Lotus Type 30 Special "Pam GP7" at Riverside 1966.
  11. Here's a press photo of it. It was a lovely looking car. Shame they didn't put it in that garage.
  12. Hi Filip, love that XJS. Is it a 3.6? I’ve been thinking of buying one for 30 years but never got around to it. The V12 looks like expensive maintenance though.
  13. I’m sure it’ll bypass insurance and be back on the road soon, with no history of accident damage.
  14. They make tractors Jim. I think we need one of those Italian Designers, see if you know anyone.
  15. Old news but best thing I've seen on Netflix was Fargo. Absolutely brilliant. Couldn't stop watching. Watched the film for the first time last week and that was brilliant too.
  16. And cutting back on the 26 radio stations. Back to 5 is fine with me.
  17. That’s annoying about After Life. Was looking forward to that. Saved me the bother of disappointment.
  18. The classic car bubble must burst soon. Things are getting ridiculous now.
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