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  1. On 24/09/2021 at 07:41, Bernie1806 said:

    Missing the point…

    Used car dealer 🙂

    It’s about a collective feeding frenzy and the fictitious, incorrect statements made my certain people.

    Everyone could see the photos and read the descriptions and paperwork on-line, warts and all.  That is real.

    The frustration comes when several people, who joined in, making untrue statements and kept repeating them…

    A right off, not true. Bought on eBay, not true, etc, etc. Can you imagine the frustration that causes….

    As for seeing us in court… grow up. This sort of immature drivel is just what I was ranting about.

    Can I suggest you look at a great piece on ‘forum folk’ !

    Over and out, no more input from us on this subject, or anything else associated with forums…

    Enjoy your cars….


    Some of us have known these cars a long time.  You initially weren't upfront about the cars.  We wanted people to be aware of what they were buying.  

    Transparency from the start would have been the best policy.


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  2. The Government used to use RPI index to measure inflation but it looked to high.  It’s 4.8% at the moment.  They prefer the CPI measure which looks lower (house prices not included in the basket of goods).  When that gets to high I’m sure they’ll bring in a new measure BSPI (bullshit price index) that looks lower, so it will look like we don’t have inflation, so they can keep interest rates low and get everyone borrowing / spending. 

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  3. Lots of established Lotus Dealers have been dropped unfortunately.  Can't understand what Geely is thinking.  I hear the Emira is going to be sold online, B+C and in high end showrooms with McLarens /  Lamborghini.  A car that sells for £65k next to cars that sells for £200k plus.  They're a different customers.  Won't be long before Lotus is knocking on the door of local dealers again I'm sure.

  4. 36 minutes ago, RobinB5 said:

    I should have bought that black S4s off Stocks Sports Cars 3 years ago instead of your S4. Would be minted by now. Having said that Barry, glad I didn't, love my Azure blue S4 to death.

    This one?

    Was looking at it at the time but was talked out of the due to the 75k mileage.  Seem to remember it was up for £29k, which I thought was a good price then.

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Giniw said:

    Not a success, well it depends how you see it. The prices are not bad at all, it's a different thing that the reserves were set too high. The prices for the UK market with RHD cars seem quite comfortable to me? (maybe not for the Essex, I don't know what used to be its price)

    I agree the prices are good.  But the auction only sold one car, so that's not very successful.  If they'd sold almost all the cars, then I would have said that was successful.

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