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  1. That's a lovely Turbo Esprit!  Didn't know Lotus made an end of run limited edition version of them.  I'm guessing a mid 1987 car.

    Here's a vid from Stonor.  Some annoying person with an ice cream gets in the way.


  2. 4 hours ago, Spinney said:

    As for bucket list cars, I’ve got this hankering for a V8 yank tank that just won’t go away. I’ve already done the V8 thing but in a Merc so, being honest, nice though that was it didn’t really do the proper soundtrack. 
    I’m thinking along the lines of old Mach 1 Mustang fastback or even a Dodge Charger. Corvettes have never really done it for me but I do find myself looking more and more at the classifieds. 
    Hmm what to do?🤔

    Go for it.  They’re lots of fun.  I had a 1969 Mach 1 for a couple of years and now have a Mopar.  They’re like driving old tractors compared to a Lotus, but nothing wrong with old tractors 😊

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