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  1. Ah, ok, I see. Sorry, didn´t know that. Whoever had done the conversion has done a good job, you wouldn´t notice it (well, at least from the very few pics I have seen of this car) . Georg
  2. frb

    New project

    @plumdeplakmuis Hello Jaap. On page 2 of this thread Elvin Ravenscroft commented. Maybe worth contacting him for further infos on the hillclimb car .
  3. I may be mistaken but I think Alireza´s Turbo was LHD although otherwise same spec as the turbo in the advert. The centre of the compos on his Esprit was Essex-style silver not gold but that could´ve been modified later on of course. Here: he stated he sold it over ten years ago (?) .
  4. frb

    Happy birthday MJK

    Happy Birthday Mike !
  5. Oh there was @Jeanvm, and plenty of it. But when you hold it in the hand for too long it gets warm . We strictly try to avoid that .
  6. From Friday, May 17th till May 19th, 2019 Club Lotus Austria celebrated their 30th anniversary with a nice event at the Austrian Lotus museum in Bad Aussee. There were over 30 Lotus related cars of all eras present on display in the museum. A few more arrived at the parking space outside. The weather was also very nice. All in all very impressive ! I´ve attached a few pics:
  7. Yes, standard would be just the boot carpet lying directly on the grp. To "cover up" the 3 main rear chassis bolts there is also a little rectangular strip of thick jute padding sewn directly on the underside of the carpet. Later S2s had the boot section slightly modified (reinforcement plate for the chassis bolts and geometry for the boot floor changed a little bit) so may have had additional centre padding added but, to be honest, I´m not 100% sure about that. No, stuck on with carpet fasteners (screwed directly into the wooden boards). They can just be seen on the picture above - the little black buttons on the rear upright boards and flat board behind the wheel arch. Some of the previous owners of my S2 unfortunately glued the carpet on (hence the glue marks) and it was quite a mess getting the carpet out.
  8. Hello Antonio. Here are some older pictures of the boot boards and the carpet of my S2 with some comments on how all fits together. Your car should be very similar to mine. As for the carpet side triangles - I´ve seen some S1s which seemed to have had them as factory fitment. It appears Lotus changed them for the very late S1s / early S2s but went back to the old setup in 1979 or so. But as mentioned earlier in the thread one can never be sure .
  9. Season openings in Austria .
  10. Yes, indeed I can confirm that early leather optioned S2s had vinyl back and sides of the seats and also a vinyl covered bulkhead panel. Also, if I recall correctly, later S2s could be ordered with "partial" or "full" leather option from about early 1979 on.
  11. Hello Geert. The dimensions for the clock are: A = 35mm B = 10mm C = 70mm D = approx. 14mm (bit hard to measure with clock installed in car) E = 25mm F = 10mm On the lower left corner of the "screen" ( A x C ) there is a little white "VDO" sign, measuring 10mm in lenght and 2.5 - 3 mm in height. The digits are only visible when the ignition is switched on and are slightly dimmed with switched on lights. The "bar" at the bottom is used to adjust hours (left) and minutes (right) and the clock has 12h format without "AM/PM" markings. A while ago there was a thread about the clock:
  12. Thank you, I really appreciate the positive comments . The colour is Midnight Blue actually.
  13. Thank you Dan ! Nope, 40 year old original nitrocellulose paint and two coats of wax . Although, to be honest, mechanically it has had quite extensive TLC and the interior has had a full restoration / retrim. The shutlines are also original but look super tight from various angles.
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