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  1. Hello Rob. One additional "Yes" to the carpet clips. They were standard fitment from the factory. All the bolts on the lower "B-post" section are painted over body colour from the factory. The repainter got that feature correct. By the way, speakers in the rear bulkhead were first factory fitted on the turbo esprit and maybe some esprit S2.2 in 1980 AFAIK. But it was not unusual that radios and speakers were fitted by the supplying dealer so might be "fitted from new" on your car.
  2. There are pictures of an ex-red Esprit S3 repainted in Triumph British Racing Green on top of the following web page:
  3. Well, it has had quite an active life before storage so maybe in the end a respray was the best option to make it look as good as it should again.
  4. Good question regarding KAH530V. Lotus with a number plate KAH 5XXV were usually registered by Group Lotus themselves around 1980 (there are several Elite & Eclats and also some Esprits with this series of numberplates). 403G was a super early S2 from May 1978 and would rather have been registered with a "T" or even "S" plate ? The database is unfortunately not fully complete. It used Lotus own factory "sales registry" book as main source and development and engineering cars (+ some regular cars ) were often not fully recorded in there. Especially on the very late S2 section many entries seem to be missing. So KAH530V may be a late S2 ( has later style of door mirrors without chrome base and laminated rear 1/4 windows ) that simply wasn´t listed. Team Lotus briefly ran with Martini as sponsors around that time so "Martini green", at least to me, seems plausible. It was also featured in a comparison test with a Porsche 924 in 1980 (I think "What car?" magazine).
  5. @GTK Anytime 🙂 AFAIK there was one domestic spec Esprit S1 in "Mint Green" (VIN 0366G) which may be the car on the cover (?) .
  6. Hello George. You may have looked for the following thread :
  7. Hello Graeme. This relay is part of the lighting circuit and helps controlling the dipped / main beam operation from the stalk. It unfortunately is not shown on any wiring diagram. Your relais appears to have the later style white connector ( was used on late esprit S2 and on early drysump turbo esprits - maybe even thereafter ). On my early S2 it is connected directly via spade connectors. In the past I had similar troubles when I mistakenly disconnected the relay without recording the correct wiring but was able to reconstruct the right order, as discussed here: I hope this might be helpful to you.
  8. Very saddened to hear about this. Sincere Condolences to the Chapman family.
  9. In Jeremy Walton´s first Esprit book from the early 1980s it is mentioned that the OPW 654W plate was used on Don McLauchlan´s company car (together with a red "burglar protected" triangular sticker ) and the OPW 678W plate was used on a "blue engineering S3" which very likely must be that car.
  10. As far as I know: The "Silver Car" was last reported in Giorgio Giugiaros private collection or at least Italdesign´s own museum. The" Red Car" was last seen a couple of years ago and its current whereabouts are not further known (?). GEX 170N was converted into a rallycross race car after its career at Lotus Engineering by Dimis Mavropoulos and still appeared occasionally at events in the last years.
  11. They look like common Fiat items of the time as used e.g. in the 124 range. The "Red Car" styling study and at least "GEX 170N" (the first "Ketteringham Hall" esprit prototype / Engineering car) used round vents of a similar design but look like from a Mk 1 Ford Escort. Early S1 production cars had a rectangular cover which was derived from Mk 1 Ford Cortinas iirc.
  12. Hello all. Having quite often seen Essex 006 LHD back when she was in Austria with her previous owner I can 100% confirm that the chassis is as the car left the factory and as pictured in @Sparky ´s picture above and only touched up in a few minor places. As seen on a couple of other very early Turbos as well it seems that these early galvanised chassis were not painted black but sprayed with the same "bitumastic compound" that was also used on the non-galvanised S1 /S2 Esprit and Elite/Eclat chassis. Unfortunately I don´t know if that coating was also used on the S2.2 car range in between but may well have been. However, I´m aware that´s just another theory and as with all things "old Lotus" one can never be sure. Maybe MJK could know exactly? Georg @Lex Templar
  13. Hello Dan . Nice to have you on here and good to see a fellow Austrian esprit owner on the forums . Looking forward to whatever turns up on the history of "Type 79B" (and of course "Type 79A" as well...). Georg
  14. There was a thread on VPW 941X on here in 2017, I think ?
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