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  1. Gordon: I'm not sure if you still have this car or not, but thanks for all that great info. I have the same problem on my 85T, and NO they are not supposed to leak there. Where did you buy the part? I am going to order a whole new regulator from STJ in the U.K. and then switch out the diaphragm so I can keep the original part that says Lotus on it. Thx, Lee
  2. Davey: Apologies for not responding. I did not see your post. No on the pump then but yes now. While putting the carbs back together I inadvertently pulled a harness apart from behind a panel. Once connected VOILA! Fuel. Then we found a bunch of other problems we are solving one by one and I am going to post all of this in detail once finished so as to help others with the same problems. All the best. Lee
  3. Steve: WOW! Thank-You so much for the manual. I for one appreciate your effort! Lee
  4. Hi Guys: I recently had the carbs rebuilt on my 85 Esprit T. After putting the car back together (mostly) I have no fuel. I noticed the Inertia switch (fuel cut off ) was tripped and is not working. So I removed it. I tested 12.4 V at the battery, then turned on the ignition and tested voltage at the Inertia switch leads and got about 11.75 V. So I hot wired (jumped the leads with a paper clip) the inertia harness and tested the leads at the fuel pump, NOTHING? While putting the air box back together I accidentally had a wire touching metal while I connected the battery and wires started smoking which I quickly removed from metal. I wondering what damage occurred in that short time? However I had no fuel before I made that screw up. This is interesting I tested almost 12 V at the inertia switch with the ignition OFF? Is that powered by a relay? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for an 85 Esprit Turbo? Maybe I can trace the wire from the switch harness to the fuel pump and see if it is damaged? Thanks in advance. Lee
  5. gtookey: Thank-You so much for posting this. I wish I would have tried this instead of paying someone who took 6 hours to rebuild both carbs. He admitted that he spent 4 hours learning on the first one, and only needed 2 hours on the second one, but had no problem charging me for the full 6 hours of labor, wow! What a business sense lol. Anyway I took off my intake manifold along with the carbs in one piece for ease. My question is do you know where to get the intake manifold gasket here in the U.S. as that did not come in the rebuild kit. Many thanks, Lee
  6. Many thanks to all, Geert, John Walsh, and Steve, once again this forum has come through for me.Sorry for the delay in thanking you all I was out of town for a family semi-emergency, but back now to tackle it.
  7. Hi All: The time has come to rebuild my carbs on my 85 Esprit Turbo U.S spec. I was able to remove the carbs by pulling the entire manifold off with them, much easier than trying to reach the nuts underside, as they turn, slowly, slowly then hit the engine, aaarghhh. Anyway, I am paying someone to rebuild them as the other options did not fix my running problems. Does anyone know what the: 1. Idle mixture screw settings are 2. The float settings 3. The float drops are supposed to be? He needs this info before the rebuild. I looked through the site but could not find it, plus in my Wes Hammil book but I assume these settings are specific to the model. Many thanks in advance. Lee
  8. Christian: Sorry for the delay. I looked and do not seem to have the same setup as you with regards to that return spring. Here are some pics, as mine sit. Let me know where I can shoot more pictures to help you out? Lee
  9. Buddsy. Sounds about right, thanks. Lee
  10. Buddsy: I pulled a Bosch fuel pump # 0580-464-008, is that what you used in your car? It is not cheap here $243.00 U. S. The parts X reference lists a Bosch 0580-254-967, and a AC Delco part, and a GM part considerably cheaper than the Bosch's, do you know if they work? Many thanks, Lee
  11. Barry: RE: The reddix carb cleaner. Would any carb cleaner work, not sure we have that brand here in the U.S. that is liquid like that? Thx, Lee
  12. Wow! Thanks guys for all the fast replies. I am going to try them all one by one before the removal. Buddsy can you believe I made it all the way to Norwich England from Phoenix, AZ. USA in November 14, and did not have time to look you up due to short trip. The next time I am there I have to bring you something from the states for all the times you have helped me on this site. Cheers to all, off to try, thx, Lee
  13. Hi Guys. Does anyone have pics or directions on the best way to remove the carbs on an 85 Esprit T? I am ordering the Des Hammill book as suggested and have help with the rebuild, but am on my own with regards to the removal. Symptoms are: the car will not go over 3000 rpm, 2500 up a steep hill or 40000 down hill with less load of course. The car revs in neutral to red line but sticks under load. I was told it is likely a fuel problem, as I drove it very little last year. One can push it through the 3K limit but then your next shift will be less, like 2500 or less for example, and the car will buck and stumble like it has unburned fuel to contend with. Also has anyone noticed that owning a Lotus leads to mechanically inclined friendship attrition, as in they are dropping like flies :-O Many thanks in advance. Lee
  14. Adam: Did you get this job done yet? I did mine last month on my 85T, and can give you all the gory details if you like. Lee
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