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  1. Check the easy part first.... Check if any of the hoses is leaking. Check the clamps, hose cracks, any vacuum leaks, Check the red hose, intake hose too.
  2. Grant Two of these will hit 500 Two of these will hit 600 Anything room
  3. "Busa is right... but this whole thing is getting too heated.. It's going to be cheapest to purchase the products you need in the US right now.. but, that doesn't mean that the US product is superrior and that's what we are trying to determine. Which product is superrior for a stage 1 setup. " TRUE! you are buying for the quality, this is the heart of your performance. Let me advice you with quality. The key in the turbo is balancing and the quality of the metal. Believe it or not, all turbine housings made in the U.S & Canada contains precious metals. The reason why I won't le
  4. "Please do me a favour" "Do yourself a favor", best time to buy things in the US if you decide. Don't worry about our $$$ falling. Does not mean anything. We will survive, Learn your economics. I buy lots of parts in Europe, but not this time. I will hold on. Falling currency does not mean bad thing to a stable country. There is always a winner and a loser. My lose is your gain. Its global, two ways street!
  5. "Its very hard to tell technical details, because everybody who builds turbos always is afraid that others may just copy it. For example, if he would tell you exactly what turbine-wheel+shaft and what center-section and what compressor-wheel he uses then its an easy one for your local turbo-shop to just copy it. " There is no secret building or modifying the Lotus turbo. As I said before, there are 3 steps and 3 stages you can port the lotus turbo. It will crack anything higher. Read my last, I stated the inducer/exducer dimension. I know all the Garrett/Holset blades. I have 16 walls
  6. Autocross7 in my opinion has the best answer for your turbo needs. Texas turbo buy lots of parts from my shop. Your turbo is a T3 configuration. If you are satisfied with the current response (drivability)and power, stay stock. You can't beat how the Lotus engineers calculated what the engine needs for turbo. No more no less! If you want a bit of power, with minimal lag, ask to port the turbine a bit bigger than stock using exducer diameter 2.1 to 2.2 (not more than). Use a 60 T3 a/r compressor 60 trim. If you want a big power, port the turbine to stage 3 2.3 exducer and use a
  7. Mike---Hybrid means two types of turbo family mated together (aka T3-T04E two turbo family). Lotus turbo is a T25. Porting turbo does not means a HYBRID. iTS AN UPGRADE. yOU CAN PORT THE turbo T25 to T253es, T254es, T25 63es and still a T25 not a hybrid. When you up the blades to T28, the process is different but the housing is the same. This requires a CNC machining. You will take a lots of meat, some will crack. Yes! still not a hybrid. If mating to a GT28r compressor or vice versa, then its a hybrid. I need to apologize... Sanj, Yes its my manufacturing company. I tr
  8. I found this...... a T28 instead of a reflow. Both housings are the same as Lotus but CNC machined to handle a T28 turbine/compressor blades. Not much lag & a T28 power, better than a reflow and cheaper too.
  9. I used this excellent!!
  10. Start with the cheapest way.....When is last time you change your sparkplugs? I have the same problem...changed my plugs, runs like a charm.
  11. I think your problem is similar to this thread
  12. 1. Get the "Red" Chipset #3 This will eliminate the boost restrictions in all gears and will allow boost up to 0.9-1 bar. Marcus---what is the difference between the "RED" Chipset #3 vs Johans Red-hi Torque chip? I noticed his is way too rich specially at the low rpm. Do you think I can get gbetter horsepower with the #3 in a given rpm vs Johan?
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