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  1. Try the Autocar one… it’s even worse….
  2. And actually - as Harry M says, you can use the engine on the road and it sounds good - the Cayman 4.0 you have to rev to get the noise and power, and thats not easy of the road..
  3. I was told by Scott Walker that they were not final spec seats.. and I trust Scott more than any other at Lotus. There was so much adjustment in the seats, I was able to get them just so
  4. Thing is, the default position is Porsche for non enthusiasts, even ones that watch or read top gear - so I am not surprised...
  5. And in EVERY other review they cane the Cayman for its overly long gearing and you can't use it on the road - as most have said, Harry's one is most down to earth.. Auto trader one is ok too. CarWow would have made a big thing about the brake pedal if it was a major issue, so maybe just one of the test cars needed the brakes bled or new fluid after a previous reviewer killed it
  6. I was 9th July deposit (9am) and have been told I am in the first batch of 2023 deliveries (no month though)
  7. They already told me that wouldn’t happen…
  8. I worked out that a v6 will on average do 345miles to a tank, and the i4 380 miles based on averages with a few assumptions of course (the i4 Emira is lighter than the a45)
  9. Just got this for my Emira..
  10. I did the same - and actually decided that DCT was ok for me. My reason for the i4 is running costs more than anything. I actually found I changed gear more with the DCT, and didn't feel I would use Auto all the time, only in traffic or when I am tired
  11. Litchfield will have something, they have 2 cars on order... but it won't be cheap...
  12. First drive review in Autocar next Wednesday….
  13. But that's the thing isn't it - the communication from Lotus is abysmal tbh... I gave the benefit of the doubt up till now, but its just getting silly - they will lose all the goodwill soon - it might not affect the Emira in the short term, but no one will want the EVs because Lotus arnt building loyalty. The 'big' update in January was actually just a configurator which it should have been at the start anyway. As an i4 depositor, official communication from Lotus was that they would contact me in January - I know this is now March, but only because I am on here - there are plenty who are not. I would really love to know what the Comms team at Lotus are actually doing - I want them to succeed, but they not helping themselves at all.. simple update emails are not that difficult to create and send out
  14. I think I am going to stick with my EXG plate rather than an EM one, will remind me of the exige when I see it (if I have the heart to sell it when the Emira arrives)
  15. Colours definitely updated - seem much more realistic Also noticed when you go to specify which gearbox - Its says 'V6 - Summer 2022' Delay ? or for the second round of FE's (i.e if you put down a deposit now)
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