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  1. Try the Autocar one… it’s even worse….
  2. And actually - as Harry M says, you can use the engine on the road and it sounds good - the Cayman 4.0 you have to rev to get the noise and power, and thats not easy of the road..
  3. I was told by Scott Walker that they were not final spec seats.. and I trust Scott more than any other at Lotus. There was so much adjustment in the seats, I was able to get them just so
  4. Thing is, the default position is Porsche for non enthusiasts, even ones that watch or read top gear - so I am not surprised...
  5. And in EVERY other review they cane the Cayman for its overly long gearing and you can't use it on the road - as most have said, Harry's one is most down to earth.. Auto trader one is ok too. CarWow would have made a big thing about the brake pedal if it was a major issue, so maybe just one of the test cars needed the brakes bled or new fluid after a previous reviewer killed it
  6. I was 9th July deposit (9am) and have been told I am in the first batch of 2023 deliveries (no month though)
  7. They already told me that wouldn’t happen…
  8. I worked out that a v6 will on average do 345miles to a tank, and the i4 380 miles based on averages with a few assumptions of course (the i4 Emira is lighter than the a45)
  9. Just got this for my Emira..
  10. I did the same - and actually decided that DCT was ok for me. My reason for the i4 is running costs more than anything. I actually found I changed gear more with the DCT, and didn't feel I would use Auto all the time, only in traffic or when I am tired
  11. Litchfield will have something, they have 2 cars on order... but it won't be cheap...
  12. First drive review in Autocar next Wednesday….
  13. But that's the thing isn't it - the communication from Lotus is abysmal tbh... I gave the benefit of the doubt up till now, but its just getting silly - they will lose all the goodwill soon - it might not affect the Emira in the short term, but no one will want the EVs because Lotus arnt building loyalty. The 'big' update in January was actually just a configurator which it should have been at the start anyway. As an i4 depositor, official communication from Lotus was that they would contact me in January - I know this is now March, but only because I am on here - there are plenty who are not. I would really love to know what the Comms team at Lotus are actually doing - I want them to succeed, but they not helping themselves at all.. simple update emails are not that difficult to create and send out
  14. I think I am going to stick with my EXG plate rather than an EM one, will remind me of the exige when I see it (if I have the heart to sell it when the Emira arrives)
  15. Colours definitely updated - seem much more realistic Also noticed when you go to specify which gearbox - Its says 'V6 - Summer 2022' Delay ? or for the second round of FE's (i.e if you put down a deposit now)
  16. Or cos I always get it wrong… it’s spice not mustard….
  17. Will post a pic later… but I have saffron yellow on my exige, and my friend has Norfolk mustard. Mine is a flat colour and his metallic… in photos you wouldn’t know one was metallic and the other not… only in bright sunlight does the fleck really show.. and even then, saffron still looks great
  18. I have a feeling they will go 5.9% - however - other finance companies will do cheaper - so I hope there will be options....
  19. My example is this - 2004 Exige S2 - Saffron yellow. Took my son to pick up some trainers he won in a raffle in Selfridges. Porsche's, Astons etc all around. Little yellow Lotus - I got more looks and pointing than probably all of those, and its always the same on road trips. Is it the colour, or just they are not common - not sure - but I think any Emira in a bright colour will get the same reaction (no car types might think its a McLaren..)
  20. I actually of course found the one I was looking for on the Emira group on Facebook - thanks anyways - apologies for posting in wrong place
  21. Folks... I remember seeing a video a while back that showed the Emira indicators - both front and back - think it was matt windle moving the dark grey car at the factory... can't find it now.. Anyone have a link ? Ta
  22. Mickle.. your a superstar… could I have a link to the hi res full yellow (if you have the chance to do black wheels too) - i may have a new background on my Mac 😁
  23. And actually…. Would you be able to do the yellow without the black pack ? thankyou !!
  24. Jamie did say that the lotus lettering could be done by them pre delivery as I asked just that ! He also thought the black exhaust tips would be a part you could buy also if that helps
  25. Gavan Kershaw has advised more than one person that touring is best for road trips and weekend drives. Sports is for smooth track tarmac and folks who will do a lot of track days. Gavan is the genius behind the ride and handling of the car, so I will likely go with his advice..
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