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  1. Colours definitely updated - seem much more realistic Also noticed when you go to specify which gearbox - Its says 'V6 - Summer 2022' Delay ? or for the second round of FE's (i.e if you put down a deposit now)
  2. Or cos I always get it wrong… it’s spice not mustard….
  3. Will post a pic later… but I have saffron yellow on my exige, and my friend has Norfolk mustard. Mine is a flat colour and his metallic… in photos you wouldn’t know one was metallic and the other not… only in bright sunlight does the fleck really show.. and even then, saffron still looks great
  4. I have a feeling they will go 5.9% - however - other finance companies will do cheaper - so I hope there will be options....
  5. My example is this - 2004 Exige S2 - Saffron yellow. Took my son to pick up some trainers he won in a raffle in Selfridges. Porsche's, Astons etc all around. Little yellow Lotus - I got more looks and pointing than probably all of those, and its always the same on road trips. Is it the colour, or just they are not common - not sure - but I think any Emira in a bright colour will get the same reaction (no car types might think its a McLaren..)
  6. I actually of course found the one I was looking for on the Emira group on Facebook - thanks anyways - apologies for posting in wrong place
  7. Folks... I remember seeing a video a while back that showed the Emira indicators - both front and back - think it was matt windle moving the dark grey car at the factory... can't find it now.. Anyone have a link ? Ta
  8. Mickle.. your a superstar… could I have a link to the hi res full yellow (if you have the chance to do black wheels too) - i may have a new background on my Mac 😁
  9. And actually…. Would you be able to do the yellow without the black pack ? thankyou !!
  10. Jamie did say that the lotus lettering could be done by them pre delivery as I asked just that ! He also thought the black exhaust tips would be a part you could buy also if that helps
  11. Gavan Kershaw has advised more than one person that touring is best for road trips and weekend drives. Sports is for smooth track tarmac and folks who will do a lot of track days. Gavan is the genius behind the ride and handling of the car, so I will likely go with his advice..
  12. Guys - gonna disagree on the yellow - my exige is Saffron yellow - solid and very close to Hethel yellow. I have a mate with Norfolk mustard - metallic. In all photos, there is an inperceptable different in the two. Only in bright sunlight, can you see the fleck, but to me, it isn't enough for me to think mine should be metallic.. hope this helps...
  13. Just a correction.. the seats worked for me and I was able to find a comfortable seating position
  14. so I heard mixed messages on the delay tonight.... a chap from Lotus said late autumn 22 for FE i4, someone from B&C said delayed to early 23.....
  15. Did they say why? Parts shortage ?
  16. The engineer I spoke to at Goodwood said they were tuning the i4 also for torque - so I expect it to be higher than in the a45 - as we know, torque is as important as power
  17. The Porche is good value.... and I'm sure it drives great - but it will slip silently by in any situation, even in a bright colour.. The Emira will turn heads even if they do sell thousands of them.... depends if you want that of course.... but I know a few people who say the Boxster and Cayman lack the emotion they were hoping for..
  18. Just seen on the Lotus site - the V6 is 234
  19. So do we know the difference in tax etc from the V6 and the i4 ? (maybe its here on the forum - but I guess Evora owners could answer if that's ok) And anyone with an Evora - what kind of fuel consumption do you get ? My thinking is around running costs v6 vs i4
  20. Config page has gone for now - so imagine they are uploading new one ?
  21. I reckon it will be amazing to drive - Gavan is developing it ! My biggest worry is its size - will I be able to hustle mine down B roads and up mountain passes...
  22. And thankyou so much !! Looks like it will fit
  23. I have a double garage - but, with 2 separate doors - the Emira will fit into the opening (just) - but - in the back 1/4 of the other side, we have a small home office. I have an Exige s2 at present, which prevents no issues in getting in and out. However as the Emira is 60cm longer, I need to work out if I'll actually be able to open the door. Long story short - could someone with an Evora (as I reckon it will be a similar measurement) measure from the front of their car to the rear of the door please ? Then I will have an idea whether an Emira is gonna fit ! Thanks in advance......
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