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  1. As you know, I've been working on this concept for quite a while. Recently, I have made two prototype stub-shafts without the groove. Yep, that is the way to go and can be made! If you own a car with OEM Lotus limited slip differential and would like to upgrade to stronger shafts, please drop me a note at MrDangerUS at Depending on the demand, I may fabricate couple of extra parts for my Lotus Brothers.
  2. Lotus owners who deposited $$$ down payment year ago, can claim their parts anytime. I will hold them for you. Also, I have a limited quantity for "open sale". PM me at [email protected] Cheers John
  3. 1995 Esprit I own, is the last S4s ever imported to USA.
  4. Long awaited Super Strong Reverse Cut CWP-s for Citroen trans-axles have finally arrived. Parts were designed w/objective to maximize torque handling and Reliability. The best German spec Alloy Steel was used and a special heat treating process was used to maximize hardened layer (the "skin") on the parts. Compared to the OEM and HLM parts, they have more robust teeth with thicker roots and no stress raisers. Compare pictures 4 vs. 7 and 5 vs. 6. NEW DESIGN Pinion has 7 teeth and the Crown gear has 31. OEM 8/35 has a weaker pinion and crown gear, due to a smaller pitch and narrow(er) tooth root (base). Pitch increase results in teeth number reduction and allows for a significant thickness increase. Consequently, the 7T pinion is much stronger than OEM 8T parts. Similar principle applies to any crown gear. Reducing number of teeth from 35T to 31T creates more space along the pitch circle, permitting for cutting thicker teeth without altering overall size of the pair. ******************************* Final Gear Ratio : 4.428 Tire Size : 275-35-18 Max Power RPM: 6250 Limit RPM : 7000 ******************************* ********************* Gear ,, Ratio ,, Compound ********************* 1 ,, 2.930 ,,,,,,,,12.974 2 ,, 1.940 ,,,,,,, 8.590 3 ,, 1.320 ,,,,,,, 5.845 4 ,, 0.970,,,,,,,,,,4.295 5 ,, 0.760 ,,,,,,,, 3.365 *************************************** Gear, MPH/1000, MPH @6250,MPH @7000 *************************************** 1 ,,,,,,,, 5.87 ,,,,,,,,,,, 37 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 41 2 ,,,,,,,, 8.86 ,,,,,,,,,,, 55 ,,,,,,,,,,,, 62 3 ,,,,,,,, 13.03 ,,,,,,,,,,, 81 ,,,,,,,,,,,, 91 4 ,,,,,,,, 17.72 ,,,,,,,,, 111 ,,,,,,,,,,,, 124 5 ,,,,,,,, 22.62 ,,,,,,,,,, 141 ,,,,,,,,,,,, 158 ******************************************************* Gear Change RPM drop (change @6250) RPM drop (change @7000) ************************************************************* 1->2 -2112 (To 4138) -2365 (To 4635) 2->3 -1997 (To 4253) -2237 (To 4763) 3->4 -1657 (To 4593) -1856 (To 5144) 4->5 -1353 (To 4897) -1515 (To 5485)
  5. Would you share this information with others on this forum, please?
  6. It is new, it has a new diaphragm and used to come w/a couple of different springs, less blow by trough the stem bore. I'd take a used one, too. My stem had a large axial play. I have fixed mine by pressing a stainless sleeve into the housing bore and reaming it. Now it is v. tight. Never grind the stem, it is better to play with the housing.
  7. Barry, here you'll find answers to your questions and a history of the development of this concept:ën-g-box-crown-wheel-and-pinion.350506/ Regards John
  8. Steve, Where did you get the map for MJ? I'm installing MJ on my '88 turbo with Bosch CIS K-Jetronic injection and sooner or later will need to map it.
  9. Bosch 002 pump is pretty weak (low pressure pump). If you necessarily want to stick w/Bosch brand, then use 010 pump. Price is not prohibitive Here is the performance diagram
  10. Useful tank threads, enjoy
  11. Here is a picture of Bosch 044 hi-volume primary pump installed. Tight fit.
  12. John, Yes, since the thermostatic sandwich plate remains closed until oil temp 82C, it shortens immensely the length of the oil circuit and the oil pump can build up the pressure almost immediately. Also, the stat plate shortens significantly the oil warm up period.
  13. 62mm ID for 4.5mm O-ring With thicker ring you must chamfer sharp edges of the adapter ring groove. !!! Never use ANY silicone parts/hoses/rings, etc., for ANY oil installations !!! Use only Buna-N rubber or Viton rings. Great variety here:
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