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  1. How many of you have original S300 Torsen LSD installed or on the shelf? I'm not asking about Quaife!
  2. IMHO, venting between charge cooler and plenum or directly from the plenum is better for your turbo longevity. If vented before the charge cooler, theoretically, the whole IM plumbing turns into a large Helmholtz resonator, which may adversely affect the turbo by creating a surge ( negative gradient wave hitting compressor tries to slow down the wheel ). However, I have seen it done both ways depending on the size of BOV and available room. On Bosch CIS Jetronic Injected cars, BOV should be used with Bosch K-Jet injection, as being a closed system, a loss of air for which fuel has been metered by the movement of the airflow sensor plate, can result in an over-rich condition and possible backfire. It must NOT be vented to the outside! If BOV is installed to an EFI system that use a MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor, as the MAP sensor source is inside the plenum chamber in the inlet manifold, relieving air before a closed throttle (throttle lift-off) will not affect running.
  3. WOW! Thank you for this comprehensive how-to article!
  4. Javques, Here is a company, which makes best turbos on Earth. They are very innovative and on the leading edge of technology. Pretty reasonable prices,(comparable to Garrett or Turbonetics new turbos), and fantastic performance! Take look at their Technology information page:
  5. If you're trying to determine an optimal runner length, this handy calculator beats all the charts In order to benefit from the 3-rd harmonic, it seems the runner length should be 14", as measured from the valve to the rim of the velocity stack.
  6. Loren Stump's design extends ~25mm, but he kept OE individual runners/ butterflies. Mine are extended ~23/4 above the stock plenum runner plate.
  7. Interesting photo Regarding the plenum volume (achievable via spacer thickness), there's an interesting photo on page 48 of Corky Bell's book "Maximum Boost", that shows a plenum spacer on Esprit engine, which seems to be about 3,5"+ thick. That spacer is huuuge! I'd say, it is thicker than the cover (3.5" OD), so it must be 4" thick practically doubling the plenum volume! Corky's book does not mention the spacer at all. This makes me think that he had used someone's else picture. I'm wondering whose car it might have been? It was a long time ago, because this book was first printed in 1997. ISBN-10: 0837601606 or ISBN-13: 978-0837601601
  8. Henrik, How come you never continued posting on this v. interesting project? It is a valuable education for others.
  9. Do not tint, bad idea. Creates a HUGE blind spot. Done this without thinking about safety, scraped them clean 2 weeks later.
  10. Buy RC injectors directly from John at WC Engineering. Great prices and technical support
  11. I went with triple VA67-A101-83A - 330 cfm - SPAL Fans, OD 6.5" (167mm), operated by Derale PN# 16769 Adjustable Mechanical Electric Fan Controller (from US eBay). This fan controller features an adjustable turn-on temperature range between 32°F - 240°F with turn-off preset at 10°F below turn-on point. Uses capillary tube and a probe that installs behind the steel turbo heat shield on the rear wall. Maximum capacity: 16 amps = more than enough for 3 small fans. Best fan prices here: Only €49.76 !!!
  12. Jim, You are absolutely CORRECT ! "Windows leaking " is a Fairy Tale. I have sealed off this gap with RTV
  13. Go all the way and make large splash shield ( which never was). Our cars need it, specially if you drive in rain. By the time of this writing, the diamond pattern shields were replaced with WL5 pattern parts, same as on the right side (looks less "industry-like").
  14. Would you please post a link to the ProAlloy site? Their craftsmanship is impressive!
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