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  1. Bosch 002 pump is pretty weak (low pressure pump). If you necessarily want to stick w/Bosch brand, then use 010 pump. Price is not prohibitive Here is the performance diagram
  2. Useful tank threads, enjoy
  3. Here is a picture of Bosch 044 hi-volume primary pump installed. Tight fit.
  4. John, Yes, since the thermostatic sandwich plate remains closed until oil temp 82C, it shortens immensely the length of the oil circuit and the oil pump can build up the pressure almost immediately. Also, the stat plate shortens significantly the oil warm up period.
  5. 62mm ID for 4.5mm O-ring With thicker ring you must chamfer sharp edges of the adapter ring groove. !!! Never use ANY silicone parts/hoses/rings, etc., for ANY oil installations !!! Use only Buna-N rubber or Viton rings. Great variety here:
  6. Steve, I am running "107" cams at 104° MOP intake and 106-107° MOP Exhaust, which gives me 42-41° overlap, 105-6° SLA and advances intake cam +1°. Car is running like a scalded cat. If you set up your intake at 106° MOP and exhaust at 108°MOP, the overlap gets reduced to 38°, SLA is 107° with +1° intake cam advance 38° overlap may diminish low end performance before the onset of turbo, but would help at the higher rpm. GK told me that 910 engine "likes" running at 105-6° int /109-110°exh MOP... smaller overlap and SLA at optimum ~108°
  7. Combining stat plate with Ford 4.3L engine 90degree oil adapter makes filter changes much easier and cleaner. Plenum stay/support brace has to be bent and twisted to fit between the filter and hose fittings. Use thicker, 4.5mm thick O-ring on the adapter side facing the stat plate. Stock Ford ring is too thin and may cause leaks.
  8. Topic should be: "Lotus dashboard only" Makes it more interesting for Lotus owners. All red is my friend's [Loren Stump], and the black is mine. It has larger Autometer gauges + Innovate SCG-1 boost controller/gauge. See
  9. So what transmission you finally ended up with? Quaife or Mendeola? Any details would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. Steel OEM tanks weigh 23 lbs/each and together hold 21 gallons. Since all dimensions are the same, we may safely assume they hold 10.5 gallons each. Right tank has an additional 1-1.5 liter sump.
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for a (discontinued?) 1986/1987/ US 88 Esprit Turbo wastegate, made by PNM, part number PNME9206 . Sometimes it happens that someone bought the part, but had no time to install it and a it is sitting somewhere on the "forgotten treasures" shelf. I'd like to help you in converting it into CASH! Image uploading. Refresh page to view . Thank you
  12. Yes, this piece is OEM shield used on 89 and later cars. Otherwise the left tyre gets badly baked. I have fitted a custom full shield there. The inner shield protect header against water splash. In addition, it shields inner CV joint gaiter, which sustained heat damage on my car.
  13. I found a more attractive pattern called WL5 from Amazon. Diamond looks too "industrial". IMO, best looking would be "turned engine" pattern, but I could not find it at any reasonable price. '
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