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  1. V8 kerb number "feels" wrong, it must be a dry weight... I'll drive my S4s onto the scales at the near-by construction site next week and let you know what the "real life" weight of this car is.
  2. Old thread but BOLD IDEAS and great reference material!
  3. These old threads carry a boat-load of good ideas and creative work, which makes them an excellent reference file!
  4. Bangkok finest:
  5. Jan, You have skills and resources. You should consider building one, the ultimate weapon !
  6. Just trying to assess the degree of PITA of this project. I may have to wait for loong winter or lump-out event. I've heard you need ET' small pair of hands to be able to accomplish it in situ, which I don't have, LOL.
  7. Has anyone installed Alunox header with the engine in situ? Any tips/observations would be appreciated. Thank you
  8. I found the picture, ha! It was taken by one of the Hethel personnel.
  9. You're right, that's the way to do it! Originally, initially, Esprit prototype had wastegate bypass joining the exhaust further downstream. I have a picture somewhere in my 31K Esprit file. Some day, I'll find it...perhaps.
  10. Before I bought VDO gauge from eBAY, I asked the seller what sender it takes. He had them in stock, so I bought everything at the same time. 180 ohm is most prevalent, but always ask. The other blade on the sender is for 16psi alarm, casing is your negative. You will need 1/8" NPS to M10x1.0 adapter
  11. Use this shield material. It works like a charm! And... it looks professionally good.
  12. Dave, Your opinion on my post from May 2016? -60 was your choice? What MC diameter did you have? PO fitted 7/8" MC, which was horrible. 5/8" feels like stepping in butter! CP2394-60 has "only" 2400 lbs of clamp load, which may be easier on the crank thrust bearing.It is good up to 339 lb/ft and its set up height is 45.9mm. If pedal effort is a problem, perhaps CP2394-20 will suffice, 1900lbs clamp force, 270 lb/ft torque capacity. FYI: Page from AP catalog is attached FYI. Are these specs still actual? Also, what disc is it? CP42-16 perhaps? Dave, your set up is for UN1, right? Does it have 21 T spline? AP High Performance Clutch Line.pdf
  13. Still alive and kicking! My apologies for the delay, which was caused by some unexpected personal events and difficulties in finding a suitable manufacturing source. Spiral helical gears are not easy to make and finding someone who won't charge a ridiculous fee(s) is even more difficult. If any one is still interested in this Group Buy, please send me a PM at [email protected]
  14. But, I keep getting his FB notifications. Perhaps I should ask him there... I thought, it would be good for the Community to know the details, if he have ever finished the project, LOL. Any confirmation of the info from my May 20, 2016 post would be helpful for the future mods. I guess, roaming around in his Diablo must be more exciting than playing with "just" Esprit.
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