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  1. Thank you Travis. Does he have any idea what are the specs of this turbo? 0.60 A/R compressor seems guuuge!
  2. I found my first attempt "diamond pattern" looking crude, too "industrial", simply incongruous. I started searching for alternatives. One day, I saw a divider wall in some supermarket bathroom (WC), and fell in love with it. I even took a detailed pictures of the bathroom wall. Sheet metal pattern was uniform, fine, uniform and aesthetically pleasing. After a long search, I found a similar pattern and a manufacturer who makes such embossed panels in stainless steel and Aluminum, under the name "rigidised sheet metal". Now, I think my shields look more attractive, take a look.
  3. Jacques, I admire your resourcefulness perfecting LEGO measurements. Can you recommend any good book on the "do it yourself" geometry set-up? Thank you
  4. Original turbocharger has been refurbished. PO mentioned it is a "T5 or R5" turbo, specs missing. Turbine cover looks like .63 A/R with 51mm exducer port. Too bad they did not measure wheels internal diameter when the piece was serviced. Compressor is quite large, .60 A/R with 45mm inlet and outlet. Plate attached to the cover indicates that it was built by Turbo Engineering Corp. However, I could not find any company with this name anywhere in US, perhaps it changed the name or went out of business. I hope to find more details when I talk to the second owner (Chris Urban?), who pro
  5. Anti-slosh baffles and mouse trap doors were added to prevent oil starvation in turns.
  6. Anyone has a pair laying on the shelf? I'll pay Cold Cash, new or used.
  7. Mike, would you please post some pictures what you are talking about. Merry Christmas to you. John
  8. Next, the engine was rebuilt. Lighter "H" connecting rods, rings, shells, gaskets, etc. and steel liners were incorporated.
  9. Hi Dragan, Whatever it is called...looks really good on Esprit!
  10. There are two "Blue" colors on the Bugatti, one lighter, almost "aqua" and second-much deeper. Consulting the colour chart for 94/95 model year, it seems that Lotus called the deeper blue... "Pacific Blue". Mystery solved!
  11. Body has been straightened and repainted in the original colour.
  12. Michael, Those are brake lines, not tucked away, yet.
  13. Polyurethane and LOTAC bushes. Springs and shocks supplied by PUK
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