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  1. Has anyone saved pictures from this tranny cooler modification? They did not keep in the original site/posting. Bummer... or, perhaps you can post pictures of your own UN1 cooling arrangement?
  2. Inscription says "Bosch", but this pump was made in Brazil, which makes it a subject to many manufacturing variabilities affecting product reliability, like metallurgy, tooling tolerances, plastics composition, assembly line ambient temperature and humidity, etc, etc.
  3. Market is flooded by chinese fakes. Bosch pumps are a primary example. Walbro pumps with "Made in USA" stamped on the housing are genuine. The rest is a crap shoot, even Bosch.
  4. Does your car have a "belly pan" like later models? If the answer is yes, here are some ideas. Last two pics show additional brake cooling ducts.
  5. Colder or not... Bottom line: I would never put air intake in the engine compartment. CAI temperature determines where on the map your turbo will work. Hi temperature and pressure drop are your enemies.
  6. Barry, There is one for sale on US eBay for $250 , eBay item number: 265102264634
  7. Re: lowering the engine compartment temperatures. Small modifications, but work for me. Fans are ON continuously when ignition key "ON" and powered trough Amperite "power-off" delay timer, which keeps fans extracting hot air for 5 minutes after ignition is OFF to mitigate the heat soak cycle. Thermocouple and Derale processor regulate speed of my 2 stage 5,5" Spal fans.
  8. Terry, You may try to call Possum Bourne Motorsports for advice and/or service. Phone: 09 238 5732 They are very competent when it comes to Exotic/racing cars.
  9. Here is what I fabricated and changed to 3/8 aircraft bolts. Originally, I had a couple of M8 bolts and large metal washers =ridiculous design.
  10. Hey, Tom, so what did you find out? Have you pulled out the pump? If you do you can put an endoscope to see how much debris there is at the bottom.
  11. Ford 90 degree oil filter adapter and MOCAL MOCT B3 thermostatic sandwich plate installed successfully.
  12. Exhaust manifold and turbo support/stay installed.
  13. Mark, Very informative thread, thank you. My turbo flange has four holes with M8 thread. Are you suggesting drilling them out to accept M10 bolts? Isn't it easier to install M8 studs using existing status-quo?
  14. Heavy duty chro-moly shifter reinforcement plate has been installed. Additional studs had to be welded in.
  15. Hi Derek, 4 AWG, which has thickness of 0,204" (5,189 mm)
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