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  1. I have replaced the IAC valve and the problem went away. Easy access, need 2.5mm hex Allen wrench. Part used: Delphi (Delco) CV10024 with chromed tip.
  2. No, I did not (yet), but I was looking at adapting Porsche 944 cruise configuration. However, I don't know if it is a "stand alone" system. Here, I found video for Rostra:
  3. Is it Rostra model 250-1223 Universal ?
  4. Per Jacques tip, I have bought two rear lifting point brackets from PNM, nicely made, stainless, heavy gauge. I took some time to browse trough PNM Engineering online catalogue... they have a great stuff there and prices are pretty competitive! Check it out: They even have COLSIBRO valve guides I was looking for:
  5. I have used some four pronged T-nuts with "antlers", which I found in the local hardware store. Alternatively, you may get some hex drive type D wood screw-in inserts from ebay.
  6. If you wish, I can send you a paper template of the wheel well OE or "mine" shield(s). My edges are not rolled nor folded, just raw. That's why I have used the U-edging. I made a cardboard mock-up, painted a line on the wheelhouse, decided where the fasteners should be and drilled holes in the fiberglass inside the whse. Next, I fastened nut/inserts with epoxy glue. Stainless (furniture) angle brackets and J-nuts/U-nuts are from eBay.
  7. Just developed the same symptoms on my S4s' I'm glad someone have researched this problem before me. Since the problem started a while ago and became progressively worse, my bet is on the oxygen sensor going bad. I'll keep you posted on the results.
  8. I found x-ref list for AFS99, don't know if it is correct. Any thoughts? ACDelco afs99 CITROEN E144001 FIAT 465234950 NISSAN 226 A 0 0 Z 801 CITROEN 9619112180 LANCIA 465496740 FORD XF5Z-9F472-HA
  9. W jakim miescie mieszkasz?
  10. Serwus,

    Prosze napisz do mnie na moj prywatny adres  [email protected]  to pogadamy.

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    2. MrDangerUS


      Obydwa znam biegle, i rowniez pare innych.

    3. Wysia


      Super, napiszę e-maila 😀

    4. MrDangerUS


      No i co? Nico? Nikodem Dyzma?

  11. Moge popytac wsrod znajomych. Prosze podac jaki model i rok produkcji?
  12. For some reason the above link does not work. If you'd like to see the item, go to US eBay and enter Lotus Esprit C35Citroen Ring&Pinion gear set in the search box.
  13. Mike, What is the APR caliper PN# ? Do they fit 18" rims, or need to go larger?
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