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    1988 Esprit X180 Turbo, 95 Esprit S4s, last VIN to USA
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  1. W jakim miescie mieszkasz?
  2. Serwus,

    Prosze napisz do mnie na moj prywatny adres  [email protected]  to pogadamy.

    1. Wysia


      Before I write the right message -
      What language can we write in? Polish? English only?

    2. MrDangerUS


      Obydwa znam biegle, i rowniez pare innych.

    3. Wysia


      Super, napiszę e-maila 😀

  3. Moge popytac wsrod znajomych. Prosze podac jaki model i rok produkcji?
  4. For some reason the above link does not work. If you'd like to see the item, go to US eBay and enter Lotus Esprit C35Citroen Ring&Pinion gear set in the search box.
  5. Mike, What is the APR caliper PN# ? Do they fit 18" rims, or need to go larger?
  6. Hi Harald, They are in Warsaw, Poland, here are some links: And their phone number is: +48 730 722 572 You have to send them your old tanks as a pattern. Price was 2500 PLZ for a pair. (~ $650 ) .
  7. Stefan, Yes, the new owner's email would be nice. Strange... So far, the car (Bebe) has not surfaced up anywhere.
  8. Please state whom did you buy the parts from, so I don't make the same mistake. Consider it a service to the community! FYI: Dave "Changes" has decent bushes on hand.
  9. Engine compartment and bulkhead thermal insulation installed. Looks like inside of the bank vault, LOL. Bulkhead wall insulation also reduces engine noise transmission into the cabin. Eye candy! Unfortunately, due to website limitations I'm not able to post any pictures.
  10. I have replaced all of them with screw-in M6 x 15mm Furniture Hex Drive Flat Head Nuts For Wood with epoxy. Now, I can use an electric ratchet to drive the screws in; no over-torquing concerns. I'd love to include a picture, but the ridiculously low picture size restriction of this site makes it impossible.
  11. Lotus Esprit coolant pipe, inlet/outlet, to chargecooler A082K4227F is available at
  12. Tanks were installed finally on June 2, 2021. " Made in Poland" tanks are really well made and less expensive than UK fabrication cost. And... no import duty fee!
  13. Hello, Old thread, but a new question, which no one asked before. Could anyone tell me if polarity matters when splicing Raid bag plug wires (one is blue and another is beige/brown), to 95 Lotus (GM) wiring (green w/red and green w/yellow stripe)? Thank you very much
  14. I re-discovered this thread whilst trying to identify turbo core number. Nice to have all numbers in one place. Interesting piece of history: Cliff Garrett founded a company in 1936 which came to be known as Garrett AiResearch or simply AiResearch. Garrett AiResearch designed and produced a wide range of military and industrial products for aerospace and general industry. It focused on fluid controls and hydraulics, avionics, foil bearings, turbochargers, aircraft engines, environmental control systems for aircraft and spacecraft, and other products. In 1968, after a merger with Signal Oil, Garrett became part of Signal Companies. In the mid-1980s, Signal merged with Allied Chemical & Dye, and became AlliedSignal, becoming an automotive, aerospace and engineering company. The Garrett Aviation division was sold to General Electric in 1997 and is now part of Landmark Aviation. AlliedSignal merged with Honeywell in 1999, where the turbocharger business resides today.
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