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  1. May 18, work on the new interior has started last week. Looks "naked" and not too attractive.
  2. Thank you Steve, your comment is re-affirming PO's information.
  3. Here is a study/dissertation on this subject and a couple of pictures of my CAI pipe swirl insert.
  4. Old Valeo has a flat power curve, which "kicks in" at the much higher rpm. Esprit power demand is high. Most of the time, OE alternator has to work at the maximum (100%) of its output for long periods of time melting the regulator. Electric components should never be allowed to work at levels higher than 80% of their capacity, otherwise they'll burn out. Rebuilding the old 90A machine = polishing old turd. There are modern alternators on the market, more reliable and more powerful. (picture below is just for illustration purpose only, not an actual Valeo curve)
  5. In addition, you can fit an engine torque damper (plenty on eBay). You'd have to make some custom brackets.
  6. I have installed RC-s in 2017, they are Awesome ! You can save a bundle by ordering injectors directly from the manufacturer, no VAT, see below:
  7. ASSEMBLING CITROEN C35 TRANSAXLE CWP When assembling everything together, don't re-use OE bolts to fasten the crown wheel to the differential, they are probably stretched out. You may be better using ARP 147-2802 bolts kit instead, (from eBay). They are spec-ed out for a Hi-Torque Dodge Cummins 5.9L Diesel.
  8. Well, looks like someone in US have been successful! This is a kit offered a while ago by Lotus by Claudius in Los Angeles, (discontinued?) Any further details anyone?
  9. What "T" means on this strip? Terminal?
  10. TIP: RAIL ZIP is a high tech concentrated corrosion inhibitor and track cleaner. RAIL-ZIP penetrates existing corrosion layers and restores electrical conductivity to all model railroad tracks. It eliminates arching and sparking to assure total layout integrity. The uses for RAIL-ZIP extend beyond model railroading, anywhere you have electrical contacts and corrosion problems you can use RAIL-ZIP. Auto and motorcycle connectors, plugs and fuses can remain trouble free making sure your new, classic or antique electrical systems won’t cause problems. Outdoor lighting fixtures will be more reliable requiring less maintenance. Because RAIL-ZIP works chemically and not mechanically, hard to reach contacts can be easily treated.
  11. FYI: chamfering holes makes installation over the studs much easier. I wish Alunox would incorporate such modification into next batch.
  12. Here are some of the tools I have used to tighten K-nuts (10mm heads) on the gen 3 (CNC flanges) header. Most useful were ratcheting ring spanners, "ratchet-less" stubby ratchet handle and wobbly extensions. Most difficult were 4 top nuts in the milled "pockets" (real PITA!). They have to driven first and incrementally moving back and forth trough all cylinders.
  13. I understand, the tube is SS 321, but could anyone tell me what s/steel grade are these flanges made off?
  14. One can use this electric compact COOLANT CONTROL VALVE, 3 Way from Tesla 6007384-00-F, to control the flow direction.
  15. We have a few "left over" CWP from Group Buy Initiative Questions are asked what are the differences between old OE/HML Citroen gear pattern and the new Group Buy initiative design CWP. A: -more favorable pressure angle, reduced number of teeth, smaller module & pitch and reversed twist direction. All of the above makes teeth more robust. Also: best alloy steel and ultra-deep case hardening Designed by Gleason Works, Rochester NY, USA. Please MP at [email protected]
  16. Renewed Interest in DWUR. I'm wondering if anyone has a first hand experience/update on UnwiredTools latest DWUR product and software for K-Jetronic CIS? They had enough time to remedy all initial bugs (that's when I started my research). CPU must be well beyond G8 or G9 revision by now. Your thoughts?
  17. Simon, Parts are galvanic plated (zinc) and passivated. Smaller parts/fasteners were cadmium plated. Grille was bespoke made, CNC cut. I'll try to find out more about it for you.
  18. Alunox header places turbo closer to the engine, causing interference with the support strut attachment "ears". Requires grinding off some material. Also, the lower coolant spigot interferes with the heat shield. Grind off all extra metal to round it off or re-tap the end allowing for one extra turn.
  19. Giniw, What year is your car and which generation of Alunox did you buy? First Group Buy parts had some fitting problems, so I heard!
  20. Harald, It is not a vacuum, but Pierburg BMW charge cooler coolant pump. Hard rubber washers were used at all fasteners. Can not hear anything in the cabin. Here is another location for CC pump ( Dave "Changes"). Pump used: Craig-Davies EWP80
  21. Could you possibly post a full spec sheet for this engine? You know... all the features, modifications w/supplier's and/or Brand names of different parts. Danke John
  22. Here, I found RH drive s2000 rack for sale on US eBay
  23. Here are some pictures of the "old" OE vs. my new design/run. Add robustness!
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