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  1. Hi George,

    I found your post here

    and I'm wondering how did the Alunox installation go. How is the performance with the new chargecooler?

    Please PM me at


  2. Serwus,

    Prosze napisz do mnie na moj prywatny adres  to pogadamy.

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    2. MrDangerUS


      Obydwa znam biegle, i rowniez pare innych.

    3. Wysia


      Super, napiszę e-maila 😀

    4. MrDangerUS


      No i co? Nico? Nikodem Dyzma?

  3. Hi Paul,

    Could you tell me please how to navigate to change the car ownership from 1 to 2 ?

    I see you've done it successfully...

  4. Derek,


    I need to change the cam pulleys to "green dots" on US S4-s.

    You're an electronics Champ, so you probably know this.

    I don't know whether the ECU will be able to cope with the green dot cam pulleys change  w/o a remap.  A European Sport 300 map would probably be the ticket since those cars came with green dot pulleys from the factory.

    Your thoughts?

    PM me on





  5. Hi Ben,


    Do you know what happened to your black S4s after you sold it? Where is it now?


  6. Mike,


    Could you tell me please what was your final HP and TQ of your GT1 replica?




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    2. mike_sekinger


      If I had the car back, I would put one of my 500+ engines in it - that would add some drama.  If you've ever driven an Esprit with more than 500bhp, you will know what I mean :-)

    3. MrDangerUS


      Wow, I can imagine...

      I drove 1200 hp Viper, although it is not the same, but insane/hair-raising enough!

    4. mike_sekinger


      Anything over 700bhp is starting to get CRAZY.  Over 1000bhp is INSANE.

  7. Deze kit past herziene 'Hi-Torque' RH shift transmissie versnellingsbakken van 1993 en daarna: Esprit SE VS van April ' 93 (w/RH shift transmissie) en alle S300, S4, S4s, V8, V8GT, 350 en GT3

    Als uw transmissie shifters aan rechterkant heeft deze upgrade uw toepassing zal passen.

    Hebben een goede dag

  8. Vanya,


    Att diskutera möjliga inköp och tull frågor skulle du vänligen kontakta mig på min privata mail
    Jag vill inte diskutera affärsangelägenheter på den öppna webben.

    1. Vanya



      Jag förstår! Håller det i åtanke i fortsättningen.

      För övrigt, hur många språk kan du!?!?!?!!? :P 


    2. MrDangerUS



      Alla konversationer på detta Forum övervakas av andra.
      Eftersom de uppgraderade webbplatsen, man kan inte skicka ett privat meddelande. Skicka mig ett meddelande från din privata e-postadress till


  9. Jaap,

    Please send  a private message to me at


    Kind Regards


  10. Please give me your email address. PM me, please.

    1. swindon_alan


      Hello. Sorry I have had a think about the gearbox upgrade and although I really want to do it I can't really afford it at the moment. Keep me updated though. 



  11. 88 Stevens-the same car, let's be friends.

  12. I'd like to be friends with super gear-head like you.

  13. I'd like to be friends with anyone who owns 88 Stevens Turbo, like mine.

  14. Your PM box is full,can not send any message to U.

    I'm Curious: What Turbo did you install on UR car? Specs? How did U rig the waste gate? Electric or mech. controller? Could you please contact me at: MRDANGERUS@HOTMAIL.COM or post it in GARAGE section?

  15. Hi Ozon,

    88 Bosch cars are not that common in US either! Most of the owners falsely believe that their cars engine output can not be modified/improved. I am an automotive engineer and I know they are mistaken. I am investigating a digital warm up regulator application for Esprit, see

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