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    2021 Evora GT / 2005 Elise (RIP)
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    Exhaust, intake, Carbon Fiber
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  1. Some people say the Emira is better looking than the Evora, I beg to defer, what do you think? Original Image: Property of Matt Motal
  2. Yes I am, I want to be as rapid as you are, BTW, I just ordered the best Lotus tag ever, I'll show you when I get it....
  3. Welcome! are you following me? 😜🤣
  4. Lotus announced today it will make a limited-edition (200 cars) called the Exira in honor the legendary Exige, one of Lotus best track models. Building on the legacy of the Exige, the Exira represents a quantum leap forward for Lotus. Those instantly recognizable brand signatures and core values have been combined with a paradigm shift in levels of practicality, comfort, functionality and technology. Technical specifications: Engine configuration 3,456cc / V6, Engine model Toyota 2GR-FE, Supercharger Edelbrock 1740, Power 502hp / 375kW, Torque 402/ 415 300Nm (manual) / 310Nm (auto) Max engine speed 6,800rpm, Gearbox Six-speed manual (Only), CO2 emissions (WLTP Combined) 258g/km, Fuel economy (WLTP Combined) 25.0mpg (11.3 l/100km) 0-60mph 3.1 seconds, 0-100km/h 3.2 seconds (manual) Top speed 200mph / 321km/h, Drag coefficient (Cd) 0.20. Source image: the property of Lotus Cars Limited.
  5. This is an after market one HethelSport but if you are using the Carbon tailgate you are good, it comes with the hardware needed and no need for adjustments, my on the other hand is a pain in the arse, sevral adjustments, because my tailgate is not designed to take the wing, I'll do a DYI on it soon...
  6. Lotus announced the development of the Emira GT-I4 with 410 HP and a price of $109K, I think I'm getting one
  7. Put my deposit down today (RENDERMAN) I4
  8. Finally got a chance to spray and install my wing, hope you like it as much as I do
  9. Good evening everyone, after an absence for a while I am back in the Lotus game! I am a long time member but my first post, please don't ask why 😝 I was able to purchase this gorgeous (in my eyes) 2021 GT auto (too old for hard clutch in Miami traffic) and in less than 5 weeks of ownership already started doing a few things to it lol, hope you like it as much as I do.
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