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  1. Thanks guys.. Short of pulling the engine, (It's a Lotus not a Ferrari) I guess I'll test my patience first. Stupid design, should of had a hing on it or something that made it easy to change. Guess I need smaller hands.
  2. 99 V8 Esprit. I just bought new K&N air filters for the car. So here's my dumb question. Is there an easy way to remove that 4th screw located on the bottom of the air box cover? Thanks
  3. I have a 99 V8 Esprit, and the LED odometer will intermittently go haywire. It does it in all weather conditions, wet, dry, hot, cold, it always come back on line, but the question is when.. it's almost never while I'm sitting at the the emmissions station and the tech wants to record the mileage. I thought it had something to do with voltage, or mositure. Of course the all the dealer wants to do is replace the entire speedometer head. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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