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  1. Hey guys, I have a 93 1/2 esprit with only 19k miles. It had a timing belt done by the dealer 2k miles ago (about 1 year). Anyways, here is the question. I have owned 4 of these cars and this one doesn't "whir" like the does whir.. but not as loudly. Just wondering if perhaps that characteristic whir is created by a tensioner, or something that is not right on this car. Car runs outstanding.. but I am about to do a ton of PUK mods and don't want to install the parts before the car is 100% perfect... thoughts?
  2. I am going to sell my 1989 Esprit. The car is black and is the cleanest you will likely find for sale. I bought it two years ago... with the intention of keeping it forever... but well, I have never done that with any car. The car has had recent Service including trans and motor oil change, air filter and plug wires, new tires front and rear. The car is physically in amazing condition. It is easily the quickest best running non charge cooled esprit I have driven. Fuel injection runs perfectly, plugs are all perfect even after idleing in traffic. It is running 16 inch SE rear wheels.
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