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  1. It's been a while since I've revisited the Esprit, I've been trying to get some additional finances together to pay for the engine rebuild. When the sun comes out it seems to motivate me to do things, so I striped the engine down to constituent parts and tried to catalog everything by taking pictures, although my iphone seems to lose pictures all the time, what is with that! Anyhow all the castings were sent off to get vapour blasted and have returned shiny like new, a thing of beauty I can tell you. The Main casting has been sent to the machine shop to get Hone bored to take the +0.
  2. The usual suspects.....most from Lotusbits and SJ's but also Kemp.... Fixings from Margnor and Co-ord Sport, carb kits from Dellorto If you want any further information then I'll be happy to help where I can. I'm still in the process of rebuilding so don't know all the answers! D
  3. Hi Roland, I'm in the process of rebuilding my 910 engine which is similar to the 907, with the difference to the cylinder head valves and dry sump. Both more expensive on the 910 engine because the exhaust valves and oil pump are difficult to get hold of. The spend at the moment is around £2500 for parts and I'll probably have to spend another £2000 for machining on the head and block and the additional parts for the head. I've already rebuilt the carbs myself, an easy job, well worth doing yourself for around £100 for the rebuild kit plus a bit more if you want to get the castings vapou
  4. Hi All, I've just picked up Dave's email regarding this register, great idea, would have added mine earlier if I'd been been on the ball! ? Chassis no: 1079 first reg: 25/08/81 Original colour: gold Current colour: Black interior : Cream Original wheels: BBS Roof stereo: Not sure (after market sunroof installed) Point of interest: Under restoration cheers David
  5. Only an in-reference that there are very few exhaust valves available, this could be because Lotus made very few, or because they are "chewed up" by the turbo engine. However I'm reaching into the recesses of my memory to a previous forum topic that stated that these are rare because of their delicate nature. Either way there aren't many of them about which is what I would like to correct. Happy to be proved wrong and there are millions lying about that I can pick up cheaply (-: Gary hasn't any in stock at present, he has them made, but hasn't replenished his stock....again he is selli
  6. Hi, I'm having to replace the exhaust valves (and the inlet valves) on the head of my Lotus 910 engine. Unfortunately because of the inherent issue with the 910 engine munching exhaust valves like they are going out of fashion, they are now going out of fashion. As such they are a rare and valuable commodity, looking at SJ and Lotusbits they are retailing for around £65 each and as I have to replace 8 of them this isn't a cheap option. Looking around there seems to be nothing similar, however I can get some made, but from Inconel instead of the sodium filled originals. Now for the questio
  7. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but is there a sufficient air gap between your heat shield and your mount? If not then all that's happening is the heat shield is conducting heat into the mount, rather than diffusing it.
  8. Just thought I'd add my twopence here, I find the best thing to diagnosing the problem is start with easy things like, checking if the alternator is charging your battery. You can do this by placing a voltage meter over the terminals of the battery and if it's around 14v then all is well with it, if less then the alternator needs attention. Next check oil level, is there too much/ too little. The maybe concentrate on coil. But imho I think it sounds like the battery, low voltage causes, fluctuating revs at idle, and consequently the other symptoms you are having. Volt meter on dash is not ver
  9. In the beginning there was light and all was good....... Well up until the point when I removed the cam belt to change it for a nice shiny new one. The crankshaft went clunk, dunk, thug, thought that was a little strange, pretty sure it shouldn't be making that noise )-: My heart sank as I suddenly saw money oozing from the galleries and seals of the engine. When I had stopped crying I decided that action would really need to be taken and find out what needs to be done. I checked the endfloat and it was about 4mm, when it should be 0.08-0.2mm..... so err slightly off. I Knew that the
  10. No you don't have to exchange it.
  11. The chamfer on the casting should overlap the V on the bearing so that oil can run onto the inside of the bearing. I'm at work at the moment, but I can take a picture of the block this evening to highlight what I mean. Lotusbits do a -0.01" crank for around £200, does anyone know of anyone else who is selling these?
  12. Yep it's all very odd. Looking at the main bearing (5) the one with the V groove, I think this failed as the 'V' wasn't lined up with the filed chamfer on the block. Therefore failing due to lack of oil, this in turn popped the thrust bearings out and then the crank started to grind against the case where the ring of the crankshaft casting failed. Just so happens that it was a perfect circle, maybe a crack in the original casting, or possibly a very bad repair, I suspect we'll never know now. Thanks to all you guys out there who helped diagnose the issue and for putting your views across.
  13. I found out where it comes from, it looks like it's part of the casting around the rear main bearing area. Must either be a weak spot in the casting as it cracked very neatly around the circumference! @Ian worryingly I think you may have been close to the truth!
  14. Thanks Giorgio for the picture and info. I'll have to recreate that tool when I get the time, which at the moment seems like a long way off!!!
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