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  1. I think I've sorted the winking headlight. Checked all the connections all seemed to be ok, at least nothing happened when I turned the lights on and wiggled the wires about. So I took it out for a spin on a very bumpy road, still winking at all on coming traffic. Lots of scratching of the head came next with nothing coming to mind, however the other light pod was a little loose (as discovered in the MOT) so I decided to fix this in the mean time by re-rivetting on the pivot carrier. Now good and fastened, I took the car for a jaunt and decided to test the headlamps on the same road, hey presto all was good in my small world of Lotus Esprit Turbo headlights! Not sure why fixing the other headlight fixed the winking one but I'm happy none-the-less! Can anyone shed any light on this?
  2. Ok so I've reset the jets to the LC Turbo standards and had a go retuning the carb mixtures. The hesitation seems to have disappeared and so too was an annoying misfire. Power is a little down on before which is a little disappointing but sill pulls strongly. The issue now is that I went through the PO history and found out that he had converted the cast pistons to forged and increased the compression ratio to 8.2:1, would anyone know whether it would be better to rejet to HC's standard jetting, if so the DHLA 40's I have on there at the moment carry 36mm Chokes, whereas the HC should have DHLA 45's with 35mm Chokes, should these be changed too. Or is this just overkill and I'm better off sticking to the LC jets/chokes. I know a little about carbs but this sort of information is beyond my skill level, I've got Des dellorto book, unfortuantely a friend is borrowing it, otherwise I would be consulting this. Thanks David
  3. Hi, I noticed recently that my fith gear has a whine, only very slightly almost impercievable, but very much there. Can anybody shed some light on whether this is ok and a standard issue on Esprits, or is it the start of something more serious? If so is it easily fixable? thanks David
  4. I agree I don't want to over torque and crack the ali sump and nor do I want to under torque and have my sump strewn across the M4. From memory the nuts where quite large (I forgot to measure them before I came to work this morning) but 24Nm is around the correct torque for an M8 - 8.8 grade nut, pretty sure they were bigger than that! I'll measure them tonight, weather permitting.
  5. Hi, I've got to the stage that I am finally fed up with the oil deposits my turbo leaves on my tarmac drive, so have decided to plug up the dry sump nuts with a gasket sealer. I checked the service manual and it suggests that a torque of around 16-18 lbft (24Nm) now this seems a little low to me as they must be M12 nuts and standard torques for M12 nuts are around 87Nm. Can any of you good people confirm that this is correct or not? Thanks Davetoff
  6. Hi, I need a little advice, and possibly a little confidence to boot. I've been trying to tune my carbs after refurbing them. I've read the forum about how to tune them and think that I have the right set up, However whilst traveling at a steady cruising speed there is a slight hesitation, very minor, almost neglegible. The question is, how do I know that I have the engine and carbs tuned correctly? They maybe too rich or worse they maybe too lean in which case am I sitting on a time bomb? I thought about a gunson's colour gauge but another forum suggests that they aren't very efficient on Lotus engines. Can anyone help, would be much appreciated as I'm sure it's only a matter of confidence that has the correct mixture! Cheers David
  7. Hi Choppa, I'm located in Farnham so if that is anywhere near to you? I'll have a look over the weekend and see if I can dig around a bit, and clean points as suggested. Always best to do the easy/cheap stuff first then move onto the harder/more expensive stuff afterwards! Thanks for the offer, I may be taking you up on it if it is the pegs that are gone? Cheers David P.S I would also like to see your N/A to compare against another Esprit, as I've only ever seen one in the flesh and I own that one!
  8. Hi All, I finally got my car through its MOT after a year of weekends tinkering and with a very patient examiner who spent a couple of hours getting the emissions right, and thankfully not charging me for their time. So I've been enjoying the new found freedom of driving the Lotus which is great fun and with the added benefit of having admiring glances from passer-bys. My fun was short lived however, when I decided to take it for a spin at dusk. I popped up the lights no problem, unfortuantely whilst going over some pot holes, there seems to be many of them at the moment (I'm digressing), the left light pod closed down, then moments later, pops up again. This happened quite often all the way home. The glances where changing from admiring to incredulation as I'm periodically winking at everyone on the pavement! Rather annoyingly I've only just refurbed the right light pod that had a slightly different problem, namely coming up but not going down, but this is a new one on me. It's not a panic yet as I've only started thinking about what it might be and haven't had the time to delve into it, but I'm assuming that it is a loose wire somewhere. Just needed a few pointers from all you good people as where to start? I've been searching around the forum for this particular problem, but haven't seen anything as yet that describes this. Thanks David
  9. Thanks once again Slewthy really appreciate it. David
  10. Thanks for the pictures Slewthy, much appreciated. Have you also got a picture of the bracket attached to the caliper? I think it's only on the left hand caliper, the right doesn't have a bracket as far as I can remember! Thanks in advance. Cheers David
  11. Sometime ago, when I first got my Esprit, I enthusiatically pulled the rear brake calipers off the car along with the flexible rubber brake pipes (wanting to replace them with braided hoses) and the brackets holding them together. Unfortuantely not making a note of how these should be put back together again. When I came to put back all the pipes recently I couldn't, for the life of me work out which way around the brackets went, and how the copper pipes where attached to the brackets. I've looked in the manual and parts list but there isn't anything with regards to pipe routings. Please could someone out there send me a picture of their rear brakes, bracketry and pipe routing so that I can reset mine to the same? Would be very much appreciated. regards David
  12. I had a think about this over the weekend and decided that instead of going down the route of looking at the transmission as a problem (the expensive route), I decided that it was probably a link issue (cheapest option and one I was hoping it would be!). It also became apparent when I noticed a slight crunch when going into 3rd gear. So I shortened the adjuster bar and hey presto all was well once again with 1st gear (and 3rd), not sure why the adjuster had become lengthen over its life, but was just very glad that all is well on the gearing front. Thanks guys for all your input, got me thinking in the right direction! Cheers David
  13. Anyone know where I should start?
  14. Thanks for the tip Harry, I'll have a look this weekend and post results. Cheers David
  15. Had a look inside the gearbox this weekend, I also changed the oil to MT 90 redline (3 litres), turned the clutch slave cylinder the correct way around and re-bled the system! Unfortunately 1st gear still crunches, added a picture for anyone to comment on because I'm not very good with gearboxes so could have easily missed something. Help definitely needed. Sent from my iPhone P.S. reverse gear is now ok, like a fool I didn't realise that it had to be lifted over the gate!!! However 1st is still a worry!
  16. Ok so I took the wee beastie out for a spin to test her capability and before too long noticed that the turbo boost pressure was only around 5psi and try as I might I couldn't get any more power out of her captain (sorry I'm not Scottish!)! So that would be one explaination why on the rolling road she was only pushing out 190hp! Which leads me onto my next question, and one that should probably be voiced under "turbo" section of this forum, but can anyone give me some pointers as to why the boost is so low? Wastegate was refurbed and fitted recently, leading me to believe that the spring is either too weak in there, or there is an air leak in the system somewhere! Does anyone have any other ideas, or infact know where I should start? Help much appreciated D
  17. Pretty sure that the lever is over the gate, however don't have the car to hand to check, something I'll do tonight. I would agree that it is adjustment for the reverse gear but it's alright up until the point when the engine has been running for a bit and then it decides not to let me select reverse, so very strange. Again I'll have a play with the adjustment and see if what happens. I put the gear selector into 1st gear and it feels positive in its selection, however when I release the clutch the grinding happens. I'll look under the inspection cover and see if I can see anything untoward. Fingers crossed it's not a new transaxle!
  18. Hi, I've been racking my brains for sometime now as I cannot seem to find the answer to why when I move off and lift off the clutch it sometimes grinds 1st gear. It doesn't happen all the time just occasionally, and doesn't seem to matter whether it is hot or cold. Also selecting reverse was ok until I took the car out and once it had warmed up then selection of reverse was impossible. I've replaced a load of parts see below: Clutch Master cylinder Clutch Slave Cylinder Clutch hose (red for a braided one) Clutch Changed the bushes on the gear linkage stiffened up the cable between bellcrank and cross gate because it was flexing. topped up the resevoir and bled the system. Checked the gear selector for play. Adjusted connection between cross gate and cable to centre gear selector. .........but I cannot think of anything else to do in order to get rid of these problems. Otherwise selection of gears is lovely and tight for 2nd/3rd/4th/5th. Please help!!! Cheers
  19. Hi Guys, Along similar lines I've had problems slipping it into 1st gear, sometimes it goes in, and sometimes it crunches like a good'n, however it makes me look like a right spanner when I leave anywhere! I've changed the 3 bushes to the rear but does anyone know how to get to the gear selector bush underneath the cross gate? I was thinking of coming in from the top as I couldn't see any access to it from underneath (I may be missing something), but when I removed the cross gate fixings then there wasn't enough access to get to the bolt and nut! I've been racking my brains and it's beginning to hurt! Cheers Sorry guys found on another Topic in the forum that you need 3 double jointed hands and patience of a saint, plus the words "hardest job I've ever done!" was also branded about..............Great!
  20. Looks like the proof will be in the pudding so to speak, I'll take it out for a blast and do some timing! It seems to pull very nicely, I had an RX7 before with approx 220hp and it seems to be very similar to that if not a little better. However it has been a long time between cars and I maybe looking through rose coloured specs! On the rolling road point, most of them should be calibrated yearly so theoretically they should be pretty similar, however the guy I took mine too was a vet in tuning and most of his technique was instinct so I suspect his rolling road hadn't been calibrated for sometime! Some rejetting took place but only top end acceleration jets where richened in order to increase power there. I'll try and answer so of your questions: GKP - You're right of course there will be dispartiy between rolling roads, just quite surprised at how much! John - I'm hoping that they are quoting figures at the flywheel otherwise I'm stuffed! Scott - still very impressed about you N/A. Trevor - There are a lot of questions there, but the car was warmed up and only run for a minute or two at a time, accelerating through the gears. There was a blower on the rads, but as it was only a short blast each time then I'm sure the cooling wouldn't have had much impact. Standard atmospheric conditions were not taken into account and no calcs were recorded. It was purely a finger in the air job by an experienced tuner, at least I hope he was...............maybe I'm just becoming a little paranoid!! Put it this way he sorted out the timing and mixture in a matter of minutes making the car sound better and pick up quicker, so was impressed by this. Something that I'd been trying to do for ages with colourtune and a timing gun! Steve - I'll take the car out and see exactly what the car can do with th Sat Nav. ..........I'll keep you all posted. Thanks guys for the input. David
  21. I took my 81 Turbo to get the carbs tweaked to a tuners, with a rolling road, the other day. After an initial run the horse power came out at 190. I thought that this wasn't bad considering the age of the vehicle. The tuner also said that this was a pretty good power output. Then after some consideration I realised that this wasn't so good considering the engine had been rebuilt only 2000 miles ago, with high compression ratio and lighten flywheel. There was also a new (refurbed) turbo in and a spanking ITG air filter to boot! When I asked the question I wasn't surprised to find out that manufacturers do tend to over estimate the horse power for their models, and coming from an automotive background I'd heard this to be true. However I was surprised that it was such a large amount, for instance when my car had rolled off the production line then most probably the horses would have been even less than what I have at the moment say 5-10hp for an estimate. This means that at the very best case Lotus's claims of 205hp was to say 12%-15% out. This then made me doubt myself that most probably the tuners rolling road and gauge were out, but as this is nearly impossible for me to test so the next course of action was to pull the resources of the lotus forum and put the question out to all of you who have had their pride and joy on a rolling road and recorded the data? I have searched the forum for this topic and haven't come across anything like this, if I have missed it then please feel free to point me in that direction and accept my apologies. In the mean time can you help by listing the power output recorded and any mods you had which would increase the figures of your car? This might also give a clearer idea of which mods give the best results. SO if you are interested in the results and as an esprit driver, handling and power must be pretty important to you then please help me out? Can you put: Model: Esprit Turbo Model year : 1981 Power at engine: 190hp Power at wheels (if known): 145hp Mods: Engine rebuilt with high compression ratio, lightweight flywheel, ITG air filter. Thanks D
  22. Thanks guys feel a little safer knowing that the engine isn't going to blow up when it reaches temperature. I've drained the oil, jacked the car front and rear so should have eveything out, changed the oil filter, and replenished the oil. Should be good to go! I have one other question, is there a chance that the fuel in the engine has degraded any of the engine seals, I'm presuming that the seals are oil resistant not necessarily fuel resistant?
  23. Hi Jdfish, Does the engine cutout? If so you might want to check that the jets in your carbs are clean, easy to do just take off the small access panel on top of the carbs and unscrew each jet in turn? Don't forget to disconnect the battery however before you start! Also it might be your fuel regulator not providing adequate pressure when required (on boost), best to check carbs first then move on to that. If carbs ok then borrow/buy a fuel pressure gauge ( I bought one for around $18 from Mr Gasket and plumped it in directly). Should be around 3.5-5 psi. Sorry can't answer your question regarding Voltage, but it seems reasonable amount. D
  24. Good idea I didn't think about that. Thanks.
  25. Hi Jeff, I think I can close this now, as I drained fuel tank and fitted new pump with pre-fuel filter, seems to be working fine. Thanks for your help. Cheers David
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