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  1. Hi Guys, Can anyone suggest a good breakers yard, or anyone have one for sale? I am looking for a front grill for an Elise S2. "Cheap" because my baby is turning in to a money pit lately. Somebody stole my grill, Many thanks x
  2. Wow ! you're great ! it worked that was a simple solution. Thank goodness x
  3. Hi Guys, My car has been left standing in reverse for 3 months, as I have been out of the country. The last few days I have driven it but when making each gear change, it was making a clunking sound but would go in to all gears. I parked it up last night and as it was on a slight hill I left it in reverse. Went to start it this morning and it is stuck in reverse and there is no shifting it ! Could it be the gear linkage? Please do not say it is gear box Any advise would be greatly appreciated x Sorry it is a lotus elise s2 x
  4. Hi Guys ! Just to let you know had the test done on my car. Good news it was just a split in the hose the one with the bleeding nipple. So Woo Hoo ! no expensive bill for me and my baby is back on the road. Thanks for all the advise, the garage looks at me in dismay when I start spouting out all this knowledge x
  5. Thanks Andy, I will take it on Monday for that test and flutter the ole eyelashes and hopefully get that done free and at least then I will know what I am dealing with. The Freelander cooling system is Landrover yeah? Somebody did mention to me about landrover parts being used on the k- series rover engine. If all else fails I will look at that. I just hope it is not HGF again x
  6. Hi Guys, Yes i have ordered a new cap as I've read these are recommended to be replaced at every service anyway and they are only a couple of quid. Michael, you asked about the heater core? I don't know whether this could be anything but ! the heaters do not work properly I did post a thread on this problem previously. The garage did a quick fix not sure what they did but the control dial on dashboard is fixed to (floor) and not screen and I was told do not touch it or I won't get any heat at all. I have heard the trickling of water running to the front before aswel. Travis I was wond
  7. Hi Travis, Hmmm, now that could be a simple option to look at also. I don't really think it is the head gasket which has failed again. I do feel it is something easy and cheap to sort out but the first thing everyone says to you is "HEAD GASKET" So any ideas from you guys is greatly appreciated. x
  8. Hi Michael, Yes the overflow coolant bottle I meant. The garage who initially fitted the new head gasket had a look at it briefly because I thought if it was a head gasket problem then surely this would still be down to them as it should not have gone so soon after having it done. They said it was unlikely it was the head gasket but there was a lot of pressure causing the symptoms. They need to have it in and investigate further. Another thing I noticed when I stopped the car I could hear as if the water was running through to the front somehow. If that is any help? Shortly after buy
  9. Hi Guys, I had a new head gasket fitted on my lotus elise S2 about a year ago. The last couple of weeks I've noticed I have had to keep filling up the water tank. The the other day while stopped at traffic lights I could hear the water bubbling and my reading went up past 100. This soon came down once I started moving again. By the time I had got home the tank was empty again. It seemed to be the same symptoms of head gasket but there was no mixture of oil to water etc. As the Lotus dealer had done the work for me, I took it back there and on quick inspection they said it was not th
  10. Yes everything seems to be connected okay. Nothing is working at all now. No lights on dashboard etc, just the immobilizer light flashing and a clicking noise which sounds to be coming from the dashboard x Hi Bibs, Doh ! I just disconnected it all again and screwed it as tight as I could and hey presto it works. Now I feel the fool ! How stupid am I ? not to check the obvious. I love you guys ! Thank you x
  11. Hi Guys n Girls Its been a while ! I went away for 5 weeks and left my car (Lotus Elise S2) standing battery died so replaced battery and car has worked fine for last 4 weeks. I drove it briefly this morning everything fine, went to start it just now and put the key in, lights came on pressed alarm fob to start the car and nothing. When I tried it the second time there was no lights displayed at all. Left it for a few seconds and my immobilizer light started to flash but not as intermittent as it usually is. I could hear like a bleeping noise which seemed to be coming from the left ha
  12. I will try and upload a pic of the wheel. Stratstone Cardiff are a waste of time, They did my head gasket that was ok but I have been waiting a few months for an alarm fob as mine is really on its last legs. They keep saying they will ring back and never do, very frustrating ! I must be the unluckiest lotus owner in the world everything that can go wrong has x
  13. Had a look on ebay everyone on there apart from the ones ive got on mine. Looks like replacing a whole new set rather than just the one x
  14. Hi everyone, Any advise where to get a front wheel I think its 16in for Lotus Elise S2. Mine has a buckle and twist in it apparently. x
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