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  1. Yes, I think launching the DS range was his idea
  2. Toyota would be my first choice too, IF they purchased Lotus completely. Any situation that involves a financial player such as Aston has can be unstable as they'll want big profits in return or to be able to sell at some point to get something back for their investment. Lotus can be profitable but maybe not at the level required for such a solution to work. Can I make the case for PSA given there are suggestions they could be the most likely suitor? Carlos Tavares has turned PSA around from a huge debt situation in a relatively short space of time. He is a hard headed business man f
  3. That is exactly how they should launch it - stylised trailer and lotus track car behind it. A version with rally car cues could potentially look great too! I'm glad they are talking about something relatively compact, low slung, light and distinctive. Jmg has done well so far so I'm going to trust that he produces a car worthy of the Lotus badge. At least they aren't rushing it!
  4. I guess Lotus needs to risk the Ip issue, but they also need to make sure they keep full control of the brand. They made mistakes with that in the past... Just spotted this autoexpress article with comment from Jmg. It states that existing Lotus cars will be exclusive to Hethel:
  5. I doubt Lotus' current range are going to be big sellers in China, and while in industry terms the investment isn't massive - it does suggest they have more ambitious plans than only assembling a relatively small number of sportscars.
  6. Anyone seen this? Could this be the relationship that allows Lotus to build a saloon or SUV? Wouldn't be a fan of the SUV unless it was essential to secure Lotus' future. Mention of building engines doesn't seem quite right either as Jmg had said they wouldn't go down that route
  7. As someone who was sucked into the Bahar thing because I wanted to see a new Esprit (even though I would never have been able to afford it), I think they should keep things simple. Think they will struggle with the Evora or anything bigger more expensive. However a new Elise and Exige that are: fractionally bigger without putting on much weight easier to get in and out of have more user friendly and attractive interiors (perhaps use his connections to borrow the touch screen and digital display from the new Citroen C4 Cactus - that might sound like a joke but these could easily be mounted
  8. I agree with this. I was a huge supporter of the Bahar plan as it seemed so incredible but convincing at the time. Now I feel Lotus needs to concentrate on a single drivetrain that they can re-engineer for a series of different models and customers. Many of the engine parts will most likely have to be bought in. I get that V6 and V8 cars naturally sound better, but with clever engineering four cylinders can also produce a fantastic noise! Apart from the late 90's Esprit 4 cylinder engines have dominated Lotus' past after all. The Alfa 4C and up coming Caterham/Alpine twins are Lotus' n
  9. Would love to see Lotus revealing even a little of their plan, like Caterham has on Skiddmark: Plan seems credible, especially with the Renault JV. Would people accept a Lotus sportscar developed via a JV and would they also accept Lotus if they had a couple of 'core' sports cars and then SUVs and mini cars aimed at developing markets? I would have been horrified at the thought not so long ago, but now I could imagine a new Elise, a production version of the Ethos city car concept and some form of small sporty
  10. Cheerier article on Skiddmark -
  11. Sh*t. However who knows if this is A) entirley credible and B) if it does happen someone might pick up the pieces and do something good with them (such as Genii?). Definitely a real kick in the face after yesterday.
  12. Great win, and it wasn't a result of crashes or the misfortune of others, so very optimistic for the season ahead
  13. Thanks Mark, really interesting. I hope something new appears soon and it is a genuinely new product rather than a couple of new bumpers, a dodgy sat nav upgrade and some shouty stickers. However it is good to hear that there is a product plan and that the dealers are impressed. Hopefully the 2010 Elise concept will lend some inspiration to the next generation car.
  14. Sorry, haven't been about so much lately so may have missed it, but when and where did DRB say that I can't find any mention of it anywhere? (I've only seen fairly vague commitments to retaining ownership and expanding sales in the far east). The 4C is awesome and even the odd looking lights are growing on me. I also love the Pininfarina Sergio, which is much more interesting than the LaFerrari.
  15. There is in an interesting comment in the new Car out on Wednesday (Subscribers get it today). There is a big section celebrating Aston Martins centenary, which includes an interview with Ulrich Bez. He talks a lot about the benefits of independence but when discussing producing a smaller Aston Martin Boxster rival he says its a good idea but they would need a partner. The interviewer mentions Lotus and he replies "that they are always talking to lots of people", but doesn't deny it either. Could be nothing of course but if Lotus is ditching the plan to move upmarket this could be a very a
  16. A new Lotus Esprit twinned with a Honda NSX sounds incredible. It would increase the chance of both companies making money on the car, the V6 works with the new F1 rules (some rumors of a Honda f1 return: Lotus-Honda F1 team?). Would secure Lotus' car making future and who knows it could spawn a smaller slightly more affordable sportscar that would still be profitable I read there is growing frustration at Honda that Toyota and Nissan are increasingly being viewed as the Japanese enthusiasts brand of choice. I think Honda have been working on the new NSX for some time, and I d
  17. Bloody hell! Was so nervous the last 10 laps and especially the last 3!!! Looking forward to seeing more from the modern Lotus Team!!!! Away for a beer
  18. It seems surprising. If they are struggling to finance the road car divisions reinvention then why buy into the F1 team? Could a deal however be considered where Genii and Proton would merge the businesses together? Therefore perhaps Proton could reduce its risk in owning Lotus and obtain some much needed investment, and Genii could perhaps see a way to make Lotus profitable again and leverage the brand more???
  19. Could they use the overall design from the Elan or Esprit concepts fitted to this revised Evora chassis and with a bought in V6 Turbo or V8? It might not produce the car the Bahar Esprit would have been but if it sells and could save the company it would be worthwhile doing. It also might help a revised Evora with the GTE styling and a new interior make more money through economies of scale. The MJK plan was to do something like this and then introduce a larger supercar (perhaps like the Etna concept of the early 80's) later.
  20. I would love for someone to step in, do a joint venture deal with a company like Renault, Kia or SAIC (Chinese owner of MG) and launch a modern day Elan or something close to the Paris 2010 Elise project, then a new Esprit. However this may be wishful thinking I fear.... Instead then if someone could come in and develop the Evora into a true 911 rival (though perhaps 10-15% more expensive as it will almost certainly be more exclusive - a good point you made Thomas) and some sort of new Esprit above it I would be happy that Lotus could still trade successfully. I might not be able to afford
  21. Yup, it sounds to me like they are just waiting until February and then they'll try to sell. The revised GTE style Evora pictured looks fantastic, just what was needed to relaunch the model and generate sales. Why is it not on sale? Does anyone know if a new interior was planned for it?
  22. Unfortunatley for me the Evora is out of my price range, and the current Elise and Exige are a little to hardcore (not to mention the wrath of my other half that I would undoutedly feel for some time if I turned up in a car with so few creature comforts for the money!). I had high hopes for the Elise Concept even if it had ended up being a few thousand more than the price projected at Paris 2010. Hopefully they'll find some way of launching something for Boxster money and with a similar usability, but without sacrificing all of Lotus' values. A modern day Elan rather than a modern day 7. If
  23. Another bit of not great news in this mornings Autocar. The new Infiniti boss has confirmed that the Evora hybrid based E_merge won't be going ahead. The writing seemed to be on the wall for that one when I read about the projected price and then a couple of days ago that the Lotus range extender engine is still a couple of years away. However I had hoped it might have made it and kept the Hethal production line busy.
  24. I can't agree with most of that analysis I'm afraid. Possibly with the exception of Caterham having F1 "heritage" compared to Lotus'. I can't disagree with that!! However the Renault name is very strong in F1 both as an engine manufacturer and from time to time as a chassis constructor, and Caterham has a strong following for such a young new team. TF is good at attracting talent, ex McLaren/Renault/Force India people. Also I had thought some senior Lotus engineering people had moved to Caterham some time ago. In praising Caterham I'm merely suggesting that Tony Fernandes made promises he w
  25. I think this is a disaster for Lotus. In the next couple of years there will be the Alfa Romeo 4C (with an engine developed by Maserati/Ferrari), a new MX5 which will have a high powered lightweight spin off model (that will be much cheaper than the Elise) and the Alpine Renault - Caterham twins which will have F1 heritage, should be lightweight and will also be more practical than Lotus' current line up. Also look at all the cars above, they are all rumored or confirmed to have been developed as part of a join venture (the Alfa Romeo is rumoured to be twinned with a larger engined Maserati
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