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  1. Isn’t a circle of salt good for something? Sure I saw that on the x-files...
  2. My, Christine has let herself go a bit, hasn't she? Thank goodness she's in good hands...
  3. Peter is my new best friend. - You're easily bought I do hope he made it home! - No problems so far :-) I'll miss the old girl. - You lie!
  4. On the plus side, you're unlikely to come across so many issues :-)
  5. That's another list I'm not looking forward to! :-)
  6. And it's only getting longer :-(
  7. Definitely another fuel tank then...
  8. I need a sense of scale there...
  9. Yeah, I wondered about that too...
  10. That's one way of looking at the positives I suppose...
  11. I'm pretty sure I've said FFS before now. I need something stronger... FFFS?
  12. Sparky, if you're going to "become one with the machine" I suggest you don't do it with Christine... Hope it heals up ok!
  13. Ah, gin, I know there was something! Do you like "interesting" gin? I just ask... Re the alternator, it has been on a few runs of reasonable length, the most recent one was a couple of hours to Farnham, overnight stop and drive back the next day. Would that count as a long trip? And heat and demist? And brighter bulbs? Over the moon is right :-) Thanks for the updates. I think...
  14. Will there be a VIP ticket option? Front row, champagne, that sort of thing? Count me in!
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