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  1. Lotus Esprit + 2 Ferraris in this commercial (skip to 1:08)
  2. My Lotus dealer fixed this for me earlier this year without me even knowing about the recall. They had got notice of the recall while they had my car and took it upon themselves to do the fix while they had to car. They let me know when I picked the car up.
  3. Honestly, I think there is a huge disconnect from reviewers and the public. Kind of similar to movies nowadays it seems. The reviewers praise the Evora for its great handling, light weight, simplicity, etc. All the person reading the review sees is: 416HP + Camry engine + $100k + No modern amenities + No local dealer = does not compute. Most people, even sports car people, see things very simple. They want to see high HP numbers, sub 3 second 0 - 60, exotic engines, scissor doors and fancy touch screens. Chassis stiffness, handling, light weight, fun... most of that doesn't mean anything if yo
  4. I merely meant that if Geely said "here's a blank check, make your own SUV." I know that is never going to happen, it was just more of a thought exercise. I mean not even Lamborghini was allowed to do that and they have much more cache than Lotus.
  5. IMO it sounds like they are just using the Lotus name for their performance SUV. Not saying Lotus isn't helping engineer it, but since its a shared platform their hands are kind of tied. You can't really use exotic materials and manufacturing techniques because those would be too expensive for the mass produced Geely and Volvo SUVs. It would have been interesting to see what Lotus could have done with a performance SUV if it didn't need to be shared. Would be interesting to see a different take on an SUV (as much as you can anyways).
  6. Kind of agree. Assuming this really is a mule for the next car or new Esprit. Maybe they are just testing something else using an Evora?
  7. Was kind of excited about this, but a YouTube video I saw said "starting at $210k USD". Which means it will probably be quite a bit more properly equipped. Sorry, not worth it IMO at that price. Lets hope for some good ol' Maserati depreciation I guess.
  8. I think most people assumed it meant mainly the chassis was going to be shared, not just a re-skinned Evora with another name.
  9. When I take my 400 to Cars and Coffee they usually always put me with the exotics in the spotlight area. Most people seem to like it, but there definitely are people who are like "Lotus?" There are some haters though. Had a guy once yell "Its just a Camry" when I was pulling out on to the street after the show.
  10. Yes this information is a bit perplexing. While I have no issue with them continuing to use a Toyota engine, using the exact same engine currently is confusing. If this car is a successor to the Evora then IMO it needs 500HP if the price is going to be $100k+. Since Lotus stopped at 430 and only made limited amounts at that power level I don't think they are confident to go past that with the current setup. I was hoping with it possibly being their last ICE that they would do something a bit different. I have a feeling this is going to end up being a re-skinned Evora. That isn't a bad thing if
  11. Aesthetically I still think the Evija is the better looking car (from what I can see anyways). This is still awesome though. Gordon Murray was on the Lotus podcast and it was one of their better episodes IMO.
  12. I think the Evora 400+ is one of the best sounding factory stock 6s out there. Did they even drive the car?
  13. I am not sure I am 100% convinced its the last ICE car from Lotus. I mean if that were the case, why even bother? Why not just start with a whole new line of EV and not waste time with an ICE car? I know this car may be a car to help bridge the gap with dealers, but it seems like a lot of work for what is most likely to be little reward. Even if its based on an existing platform like the Evora, there is still a lot of engineering and money that needs to be spent to get a new car off the ground. If the "last" ICE car sells like hot cakes, relative to Lotus' normal sales anyways, are they really
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