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  1. There are a few design points I am not super huge on, but overall its one of the better looking SUVs I have seen. Way better than Urus IMO looks-wise. Honestly the interior looks very nice, kind of wish the Emira's interior looked as good.
  2. Likuid

    Lotus Emira

    I didn't say unreliable. I said performance over reliability. Its not a binary. Most likely the Toyota is more reliable than the AMG, but they are still using the AMG. My point was I don't think Lotus has much say in it, because Geely has little interest in ICE. Also, Lotus has been on a ropes for a long time and using the K series is an example of a company that is more desperate than anything. A case of beggars not being able to be choosers. They got lucky that Toyota allowed them to even use that engine at all, but that engine is already pretty much maxed out at 430HP without updating internals and gearbox which they will never do. IMO its a dead end and I think Lotus knows this, but it made it for an easy (and affordable) transition.
  3. Likuid

    Lotus Emira

    I think it has more to do with Geely not being interested in investing much into ICE than it does because of the reliability. Of course Lotus knowing that engine well is probably a reason too and that's the why the V6 is coming out first, but I don't believe for a second if Lotus had access to something with better performance over reliability they wouldn't be using that instead.
  4. front looks more rounded and less jagged than urus
  5. I wonder if the length of the video is any indication of its 0 - X acceleration?
  6. I think it may have actually been 1.3 to 0.3, but point still stands basically a second faster.
  7. You're right. I owned a Evora S auto and currently own a 400 auto. I think a lot of people think the 4XX auto is basically a slightly faster shifting S1 auto. Its so much faster you wouldn't even know it was the same gearbox. That combined with the better exhaust note its almost night and day. Its pretty amazing what Lotus did with that torque converter. My only issue with the torque converter on the Emira is how confusing it is having a DCT on the i4 and torque converter on the V6.
  8. Likuid

    The 600hp V6

    The problem from what I hear is that Lotus would have to get the V6 re-federalized if they make any internal changes. That plus I assume its using the Audi (I think) DCT that JUBU sells for like $25k or something for the Evora. As I mentioned in other posts, its unlikely Geely was interested in investing much money into the Emira's powertrain, thus why we are probably stuck with the V6 (for good or bad) as it was in the Evora, I doubt you will see the V6 go higher than 430HP in the Emira unless they can find another gearbox. The AMG is probably their only chance of producing something over 430HP for the Emira.
  9. The 311 used the same V6 with 450HP I believe, but used a sequential gearbox. I don't believe Lotus will take the V6 past 430HP in the Emira with the current gearboxes. Just because Komotec is squeezing 475HP out of it doesn't mean Lotus will. Lotus probably doesn't believe the engine and gearbox are reliable much past that point. Maybe they have something up their sleeve, but to my knowledge any change to the internals of the engine would require re-federalization which is expensive.
  10. Honestly I think it has everything to do with Geely not wanting to invest into the powertrain much. Part of me thinks the only reason they are keeping the V6 is because of the manual option. If Geely gave Lotus the money to put a 500HP engine in the Emira I am sure Lotus would have. When it comes to ICE I think they are working with what they can. The power (or lack there of IMO) is the only reason my name isn't down for an Emira. I love everything else about it. While I doubt they will ever take the V6 beyond 430HP, here's hoping the AMG sees some higher numbers in the future. I may go and try some other non-Lotus cars for awhile and maybe come back home once the Emira matures a bit.
  11. You have to wonder if anything was done with the gear box, either modifying or a different one. Lotus claims the Emira is the car that will bring them more mainstream. A creaky diesel engine gear box from a delivery van isn't really that. People put up with the in the Evora, not sure Joe-Porsche will. If they did modify or replace hopefully it is stronger and allows more potential from the V6 down the road before it leaves the market (or for the after market).
  12. Does the Toyota engine really cost Lotus anymore than the AMG? I would almost think the AMG costs more than the Toyota. Toyota is significantly older tech and much more mass produced. I mean I heard Geely owns 10% of MB, but I wonder if they were able to get the AMG for any significant discount? If the V6 powertrain is exactly the same as the Evora (which I assume it is) why would it be $20k more? It sounds like the AMG has more potential than the Toyota. So why are we paying more for an engine with less potential and possibly costs Lotus less money? I mean this is all very confusing and I hope it is cleared up in September. If the AMG is expected to eventually surpass (and eventually completely replace) the V6 in performance why even bother hamstringing it to be under the V6 to start? Why not just make the AMG the higher performance version from the beginning? Its the more "prestigious" brand and has the more modern transmission (DCT).
  13. I mean he really didn't change that much. Not sure the 4 exhaust or taillight changes add anything, having the body color strip under the black area on the side actually looks pretty good.
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