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  1. I had this problem on my '13 S. I eventually found someone on one of the Lotus forums saying they fixed it by cleaning the MAF. So I bought some MAF cleaner and cleaned it once a month (its pretty easy). This stopped the limp modes and stalling. Granted should you have to clean the MAF once every month or two? No, but its at least a better piece of mind when compared to the alternative of random limp modes or stalls while out and about.
  2. I swear I read or heard somewhere that the "stop gap" car will be petrol only.
  3. According to a recent interview I heard. Carr said its still not legal in the US. I have to imagine it will be eventually.
  4. Yeah even I silhouette or covered car would get some discussion going. I have to imagine they could at least provide something like that at this point.
  5. I do think its time for Lotus to start teasing the next car. They just released a new parts bin Evora, I don't care anymore about some barely tweaked Evora with some name that doesn't make sense at this point. Evija is cool, but I want to see something more in their pricing wheelhouse.
  6. I think that's exactly what it is. They are squeezing the Evora for everything is has got, there can't be much left at this point. Honestly Lotus... Evija was fun, but its time to at least tease us something new for the real world now.
  7. Its absolutely bizarre that people are upset that you are holding out judgement until we have actual tangible information. Lets be honest, it doesn't matter what Lotus does. It will never be good enough for some people anyways.
  8. I agree, it may not be a good time to buy a Lotus...however, I would argue its not a good time to buy any sub $125k sports car/supercar new or used. I would really wait and see how much the C8 disrupts the market before purchasing. Personally I have no interest in a C8 myself, but I am interested in some used carts in that range that it may affect.
  9. Probably not, but I believe Lotus did say that they installed the batteries in a way that they could be replaced in the future if better tech came along.
  10. Just because there are no cars currently to enhance doesn't mean the effect won't translate to future cars. However, Lotus needs to get some new cars out in the next 3 years. Not just Evoras with a little more HP and carbon fiber. They need some new stuff.
  11. I don't think they necessarily mean luxury like Rolls Royce. The Evija or any current Lotus is hardly luxurious on the inside.
  12. I didn't know this either. I know they moved into the Ann Arbor engineering facility years ago. My guess is probably not enough room there to house both their NA engineering and Lotus Cars staff long term. Maybe once they got some Geely money they moved.
  13. I have owned an Elise, Evora S and now an Evora 400. I had very few issues with my Elise, owned it for almost 7 years. I did have some electrical issues with my S (a somewhat common problem). They could not get it fixed before warranty expired but, the dealer agreed to warranty the electrical issue even past the Lotus factory warranty. Eventually the issue did get figured out. I traded my S towards a brand new 400. I have owned it 2 years and 2 months. I have had one warranty issue, an A-pillar seal that came loose (common issue). I have never been denied a warranty claim. Honestly I think some warranty issues being denied has more to do with the dealer not fighting for the customer enough. Seems a lot of horror stories come out the same dealers. I bought and serviced all mine at AutoEurope (Michigan, U.S.) and they have been nothing but great to deal with every warranty claim was accepted without any money out of my pocket. I was actually looking into the the Guilia Quad for a daily, but i have heard nothing but horror stories in regards to reliability. Its a real shame. I know some people here have gotten some bad 400s, but honestly my 400 may be the best car experience I have ever had in the first 2 years of ownership. Its been rock solid (knock-on wood, err composite?). Most Evora owners aren't even on this forum and the ones that haven't had problems aren't posting about how trouble free their car has been (unless asked). Almost any car forum makes that car out to seem much worse than it actually is due to selection bias.
  14. This is probably best idea. IMO no point in making an SUV until the Lotus brand and dealership network has been built back up more. It would be awesome if Geely allows them to create it from ground up instead of using existing platform.
  15. To be fair to the auto in regards to reviewers. I have seen very, very few reviews of auto Evoras, especially 400 or newer. Most reviewers say "if you get a car like this, it should be a manual". I doubt any of them even drove the auto version. That being said... I own an auto 400 and I agree with you. I do think due to the nature of the Evora that the manual versions will hold there value better. The only way I see the auto holding value close to the manual in the long run is if the Lotus brand makes a huge jump into the Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren territory. If this happens then the Evora will for sure become a car for some posers. People who want a car with a Lotus badge, but in no way could ever afford a new one. I am not saying these posers will bring the Evora values up to collector values or even their original value. But due to the rarity of the Evora combined with this (theoretical) new found demand for anything Lotus I could see values for both manual and auto holding quite well, at least in the US market, which seems more accepting of autos. Of course at this point this may be a long shot as Lotus still has a lot of work to do to bring the brand up to prominence and that could be decade down the road.
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