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  1. Honestly its not a shock at this point in time Evora 400s are not auctioning well. When you are buying a car at auction you need to be ready to purchase withing a small window and most likely have knowledge of the car you are purchasing. Its not a great car to sell at auction because of this. Most people don't know what the car even is so they are unlikely to bid on it. Which I assume is your point. You would most likely get more money selling it privately. Sure, it may take a little while, but with patience you will easily get more money for the car IMO. Rebuilding the Lotus name isn't going to be an overnight thing and lets be honest at this point Geely / Lotus is just squeezing what they can out of current line-up until the new line-up is ready. Even the interim car they are talking about will most likely be based on the Evora. Maybe with updated styling, modern interior, and maybe engine? Its not going to be something that rejuvenates the brand, but most likely to hold over dealerships. The hyper car is advertising. Plain and simple. If Lotus makes a great hyper car that is all over the car sites and magazines then that helps the brand. If they then follow that up with an announcement of a great new line-up of cars they can then start using that to get new dealers involved and hopefully with Geely's pull get Volvo dealers involved in bolstering the dealership network. Now this could all fail, but honestly if Lotus makes a great hyper car, rolls that success into a new line-up of great cars, and rolls that into a more comprehensive dealer network I have to imagine its going to take Lotus to places they have may never been in their history. Only time will tell.
  2. Sorry to hear about health problems, but this isn't anything new. The health issues have been claimed for years. I placed an order at least 4 or 5 years ago that turned into a nightmare. Months went by with no updates. At first they claimed the delay was because the owner was having health issues (it was some women I was originally in contact with), but she assured me my order would be filled soon. Weeks went by with some back and forth and then they just stopped communicating with me. I asked for a refund multiple times, etc. and was completely ignored. So I actually contacted the vendor that made the product (I think it was Transforged, don't remember for sure) and told them what happened. Transforged actually contacted BRG directly and they finally got them to refund my money and they filled my order instead. So someone was there, they were just ignoring me. It wasn't until a manufacturer gave them an ultimatum did they do anything. So while I don't like hearing that someone is having health issues you cannot run a business like that. Its unethical and health issues are no excuse for essentially stealing peoples money. Luckily some people were able to do chargebacks, but over on the US forum it sounds like many people's orders were so old they couldn't even issue a chargeback.
  3. Batteries are heavy, but the good news is that batteries can be placed to lower center of gravity and distribute weight better, so my guess is that its most likely going to handle well.
  4. This is why I disagree with people who say that the hypercar is a terrible idea. Yes, most of us here can't afford it. The goal of the hypercar is not to make money directly. In fact I won't be shocked if it loses them money (directly). Honestly a hypercar is probably the cheapest (relatively speaking), quickest and easiest way to bring Lotus back into prominence. The only way this won't work is if its a terrible car. That way when the new line-up launches or 4 years Lotus will have some clout. Will the hypercar fix all of Lotus' issues? No, Lotus still needs better dealership networks, especially in the U.S. I don't think Lotus is oblivious to this. However to get new dealers or a better network they need cars for the dealers to sell, but the cars also need to actually sell. The hypercar helps this. You can't afford the new Lotus hypercar, but you can afford the new Elise, Evora or Esprit (whatever they would be called).
  5. Yes. I mean I can't tell on the lip from pics, but I would assume. Its listed as "Carbon Pack 2" option. $120k still seems high to me for a 400 even with the carbon. I mean a automatic with no carbon is $110k on their site. Just seems a bit optimistic to me. Maybe I am wrong.
  6. To be fair my local dealer basically seemed to have raised the price of all 400s by about 12k. Not sure if others did the same or not. There is a white carbon fibered out 400 for $120k USD.
  7. Looks like Evora with roof scoop to me. Evora 450? Would be cool to see closer to 500HP.
  8. Honestly, I think this was a very fair review. The interior is not up to the standard of the price of the car. However, none of us bought it because of the interior. My guess is the interior in the future line-up will be much better.
  9. I don't completely disagree, but most car company's don't make cars for people buying them used in 10 years. They make them for people buying them new now. Bugatti is one of the few companies I have heard that tried mot to put too much touch screen kind of stuff in their cars because they want them to be timeless. However comparing a Veyron to an Evora...its just not the same. Most Veyrons will be driven so little not that not having any modern conveniences isn't much of an issue. I mean...I guess what's Lotus' goal. To sell more cars or to barely sell any cars? They already tried the latter and lately it hasn't been working out too well. You will have a hard time convincing your average customer buying a brand new car that a double din is much better than an integrated system. If the car is a great car, an integrated system is not going to be a deal breaker for 99.99% of people. Whereas a double DIN aftermarket will turn off a lot more. I mean almost every review of the Evora one of the first things they point out as a negative is the double DIN after market system. Although I am all for a system that can be upgraded or replaced.
  10. The Evora GT may make it. My guess is this was maybe a stop gap for the stop gap to appease the current US Dealers. Honestly an Evora or Evora-like with more HP (500?) and modern interior with Lotus version of Volvo ICE would be nice to see. I agree I thing the era of a raw stripped down car may be over. However I am sure they we release limited edition stripped down versions of most of their sports car product line like most manufacturers do.
  11. Isn't the Mansory the official kit anyways? I am pretty sure Mansory kits are all wide body. The WinAce one replicas are not wide body.
  12. Honestly its hard to predict. If Geely is able to make the Lotus brand something desirable then my guess is the current generations of cars will hold a respectable value in the long term. However, that's a big IF and could take years. That's why I think Geely wants to make the Lotus hypercar. Its a quick way to bring the Lotus name mainstream again, then you have to bring out some new quality cars, better dealer network and advertising. Easier said than done of course.
  13. People always seem to lean more negative when things are unknown. I believe the current line-up is dead. Maybe they will do a 450 or something, but I think its the end of the line for the Elise, Exige and Evora. Whether new cars that share those names will come I have no idea. However, if it really is going to take 3 or 4 years to see the new line-up I wonder if it would be in Lotus interest to at least play around the the Volvo and Geely parts bin. Maybe release a Evora 450 with a custom Volvo-bases ICE, electronic keys, and other bits that will make the car more modern. Maybe make the interior higher quality. I think the new looks of the 410/430 is very good, not much needs to change there. At worst at least they have some experience with more modern tech when the new line-up comes about and at best it sells more cars in the interim.
  14. I wouldn't worry about that. Its obvious the matchbox car concept they released years ago. I remember seeing this drawing then. They probably just Googled "lotus concept". Either that or asked Lotus for a futuristic looking concept and they just gave them that.
  15. I think if Geely is serious about making Lotus into a contender in the supercar market I think they are going to have to eat a lose for awhile. Release a great new Esprit and lose money to keep price down, that plus great reviews, much better advertising / promotion and better dealer network to get people buying them. Then after time you can begin to raise the prices. Get the new Esprit in the next James Bond movie for the love of god. Isn't this kind of what Audi did with the R8? They knew they were going to have issues selling people an Audi supercar. So they ate loses for years until the R8 basically became a very desirable car. Look at their price point from the original.
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