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  1. I am not sure if Lotus test the engines with the provided Toyota ECU before installing them. If they do I could see Toyota warrantying them up until they are installed into the car and before any Lotus ECU is used. Maybe that's what they mean.
  2. Lotus only has 1 model of ICE car. That model should compete with a wider range IMO. Also, people aren't saying it needs to be 500HP for it to be a good car. Some people (including myself) are saying due to the many issues Lotus has selling cars that they have they need to play the numbers game to get people driving to dealer's and test driving cars. Almost no casual sports car buyer (which is most of them) cares about weight, steering feel, etc. If they did care Lotus would be selling much better than they do. While I think its important that Lotus keep as many things as "Lotus" as they can they also must admit the lower weight/lower power philosophy doesn't work getting the general sportscar consumer driving to dealers for a test drive. As far as I'm concerned, "hanging with" or "competing well against" just isn't good enough to get people buying the car. Sure, if everything else was equal, but its not, not even close. Lotus is not Porsche. They don't have a bunch of dealers and a brand that almost sells itself. They need to beat the competition and beat them convincingly. Show the world Lotus is back and better than ever. This will help start to get butts in seats, test driving your cars. This is just 1 step of many they need to do to bring the brand back from the brink.
  3. Does the Emira need 500HP to be a good car? No. However many of us here would agree the Evora was a good car and it sold poorly. While there are several factors for this, a 416HP $110k (USD) car is kind of a hard pill for some to swallow when you add the lack of dealerships, reliability concerns, brand recognition, etc. Personally I don't think a more modern looking 2-seater Evora with some better tech is enough to sell 3x or 4x the cars. I think Lotus needs to make a splash with the Emira, not a ripple, to get people's attention. When a magazine pits the Emira vs. a Cayman we need to see results that not only beat the Cayman, but beat it convincingly where there is no doubt what car is better. Make Joe-Porsche consider driving a 2 hours to the closest Lotus dealer to test drive the Emira. Do I think this will solve all of Lotus's issues? No, this is something that will take years to fix. However, I do know if Lotus sells more cars, then there will be more dealerships popping up, with more dealerships they will sell more cars. I hope you are right. I am sure it is frustrating for some people on this forum who are in the know, but are bound by NDA, watching us talking about something we really don't know much about. While I have talked about how what I have heard so far has not got me that excited for the Emira, I also will freely admit that the information we have received may be wrong or misleading. Still fun to talk about. I hope I am wrong and the Emira knocks my socks off.
  4. Apparently Lotus does not receive any warranty on their Toyota engines according to @Bibs. This really isn't a shock either. Why would Toyota bother giving a warranty on an engine that was fiddled with? I know the internals really weren't, but they eventually strapped a liquid cooled Edelbrock supercharger on it. Its really not in Toyota's interest to warranty the engines they send Lotus. In fact they was probably part of the deal of Toyota allowing Lotus to use the engines. So Lotus could (in theory) swap out internals and take it beyond the 460HP threshold mentioned before if needed without impacting any Toyota warranty.
  5. Even if it starts under 460HP its unlikely that the Emira won't exceed 460HP at some point during its life cycle. Do we even know if adding a super charger to the engine doesn't void any warranty? I mean I don't know of many blown Toyota V6 in a Lotus under warranty so I don't even know if a warranty is really a concern for Lotus. If it is then they should have used an internal engine from Volvo/Geely.
  6. Likuid

    Lotus Emira

    Looks good, although the paddles seem very small, so I assume they are attached to steering wheel again like current auto. Not a huge fan of that. Redline looks the same as current V6 auto. So far everything seems to be confirming what we have heard. Edit: nvm redline looks different in each image and in the video. So its not clear.
  7. So Lotus' plan is to go head-to-head with Porsche with only one model offering similar pricing and performance to a Cayman? That's a pretty terrible plan for a brand with such a terrible dealership netowrk, lack of brand cache, and a reputation (deserved or not) for unreliability. I mean, I agree, that's probably what's going to happen, however I am not sure what its going to accomplish. You don't even make a dent into the (essentially) industry standard by offering what the industry standard already offers. Especially when you already have an uphill battle because of the poor dealership network and lack of brand awareness. If this is indeed what happens with the Emira, that tells me Geely did not want to invest much into the car and its more of a Lotus pet project until the focus switches to all electric (which may be a good thing to some people). I mean honestly if Lotus' goal is to make a car that's just like a Porsche Cayman, but without some of the major advantages owning a Porsche I am not sure what the point is. Sometimes is does indeed take money to make money. If Geely/Lotus are serious about bringing Lotus back into prominence its going to take more than just a nicer factory and a (still unreleased) electric hypercar. They need to get the Lotus brand back out there and something to be desired. You do that by being better, not by being almost as good.
  8. Both versions should have manual or DCT options IMO. The V6 is the higher end car (as far as we know), yet the auto version comes with what most people consider/perceive as the worse automatic tech. The I4, the lower end version, which a lot of people would buy as a backroads toy, doesn't have a manual? I own a 400 auto, while it is great what they achieved with a torque converter, its still not as fast as most modern DCT and can have quite a bit of shift shock. I mean that just looks bad from a marketing perspective and is a bit confusing from a consumer perspective. Even "Lotus Car Guru" on YouTube (a guy who worked at Lotus for decades) said the V6 Emira should have a DCT option. If Jubu can do it for the Evora then Lotus should be able to do it on the Emira. I mean it kind of just screams "we didn't have much budget for developing this car" to me if its true. The only way it makes sense is if the I4 is the more powerful version of the car somehow. While I highly doubt this, it would be a very Lotus thing to do and its not completely unheard of. I think the I4 Turbo Mustang had more power than the base V6 did. I am kind of hoping some of the information is a red herring from Lotus and in July it all makes way more sense.
  9. So far from what we know the I4 will be DCT only and not a Toyota and the V6 will be manual or torque converter auto, but will be Toyota. Personally I think this is absolutely stupid on Lotus part if true. Not having a manual option for the I4 is kind of crazy to me and having a DCT on the I4, but not on the V6 also is very confusing. That being said, who knows how true it is.
  10. Looks good, but as far as full electric cars go, so far, I think the Evija is the best looking that I have seen.
  11. Lol good point, its hard to say.
  12. I actually agree. Did not like it at first, but honestly I kind of like it now.
  13. Likuid

    Lotus Emira

    I agree, doesn't look as good as I hoped. However, seems like it will be great for attaching parade floats to the top of. That's not something I ever expected to see in a Lotus.
  14. I took my 400 to a Cars & Coffee and when I was pulling at at the end of the event a guy yelled from the crowd "its just a Toyota". Even at an event celebrating cars people hate for no reason.
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