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  1. Aesthetically I still think the Evija is the better looking car (from what I can see anyways). This is still awesome though. Gordon Murray was on the Lotus podcast and it was one of their better episodes IMO.
  2. I think the Evora 400+ is one of the best sounding factory stock 6s out there. Did they even drive the car?
  3. I am not sure I am 100% convinced its the last ICE car from Lotus. I mean if that were the case, why even bother? Why not just start with a whole new line of EV and not waste time with an ICE car? I know this car may be a car to help bridge the gap with dealers, but it seems like a lot of work for what is most likely to be little reward. Even if its based on an existing platform like the Evora, there is still a lot of engineering and money that needs to be spent to get a new car off the ground. If the "last" ICE car sells like hot cakes, relative to Lotus' normal sales anyways, are they really just going to abandon it and the idea of ever making another ICE again? I have a feeling this next car is a test. If it sells very well (at least very well in Lotus standards) my guess is ICE at Lotus won't be completely out of the question for future cars. Lotus is probably smart not telling people that their future is ICE because that may very well end up a lie, whereas if they have a change of heart and they will make EV and ICE cars for a long while still I don't think anyone would be upset. I mean Geely obviously is pushing hard for EV. They essentially mandated the Evija. In an interview with Russle Carr he basically said the higher ups and Geely said "we want an electric hypercar" as one of their first requests. Maybe this next car is a car Geely is allowing Lotus to possibly prove ICE is still viable. If it fails then most likely it would be the last Lotus ICE. If it succeeds then maybe ICE will still be on the table.
  4. The question is, what does "more widely accessible" mean? I guess we will see.
  5. That's why I said its kind of catch 22. You will sell more cars with a bigger dealership network, but the dealers will want to see more cars sold before they would be interested. Especially in a show room. If new Lotus use a Volvo derived engine then I am unsure if service will be as big of a hurdle at least when it comes to the service side. The parts side is another story obviously. How many dealers want to store parts for cars they will barely see? Maybe Lotus USA could keep a parts warehouse and ship Lotus specific parts as they are needed by dealers? I am not sure how much power Geely has over their dealers. I am unsure if they can just mandate Lotus service or if they would have to make it optional or offer the dealers other incentives. Well sure, but the question is: do people not buy or desire the Evora because its a piece of crap or because of other factors? My guess is more because of other factors. Sure, one of those may be because some people think Lotus is crap and thus the Evora is, but honestly I don't think Lotus' reputations of reliability and build quality is the biggest issue. It is one of them, but not the biggest. There are plenty of car companies that overcame reliability issues and many did that with simply just some better QA and longer warranties. Disagree, while it does help the long game significantly, seeing a car in a popular movie or in pop culture media almost instantly makes it more desirable and brings them into the zeitgeist. This is why car companies pay to have them in the movies. How much did Iron Man help the R8? Sure plenty of young boys wanted an R8 after seeing that, but a lot of their Dads did as well. Also movies aren't the only avenue of course, there are ton of avenues. I am not saying its an end-all-be-all. Even with Aston being in Bond movies they are still struggling. I just think its the quickest, most impactful way to get Lotus known again. Getting Lotus known by the general population, even if most would never be able to afford or want to buy one is still important. How many more people would know Lotus if Iron Man drove up in an Evija? I know Lotus cars have been in some modern movies, but I can't think of a single blockbuster movie one has been in. Here's an uncomfortable reality some people hate to bring up on this forum. Do you think most people buy McLarens, Ferraris, Lambos, or even Porsche because of their great handling and stiff chassis? Sorry, that's just not reality. In reality most (not all of course) buy them because the public at large think that those cars are cool. You aren't cool if you and your parents are the only ones that think you are. Lotus are going to have to play to this demographic. I am not saying they have to completely sell out, but just making a light, great handling car isn't enough, sorry. If that is their plan they will be stuck in purgatory forever. I know that may turn some Lotus fans off. Lotus right now is kind of their secret only they know about, but if you want them to succeed you are going to have to accept some of the negatives that come with it.
  6. Honestly, I have to imagine the main things that stop people from buying a Lotus: Dealership Network - Geely really needs to convince some Volvo/Geely or all Volvo/Geely dealers to offer Lotus service and warranty work. This would be absolutely huge. I am not sure how you convince Volvo dealers to do this or if they even have a choice in the matter or not. This would put you up there with Porsche in-regards to dealership network. Maybe those dealerships would only service new Lotus. So your Esprit or Elan (and may be even the current line-up) would not be serviceable by them. This isn't a huge deal because most of the current line-up would be out of warranty by then anyways and many people would just take to trusted mechanic if dealer is too far away. More Showrooms - While you're at it, try to get some of those dealerships to offer Lotus showrooms. Even if its only a 1 or 2 car space. This may be a bit harder because they are probably going to want to see it to be worth their while and that's only if you make cars that sell. But how do you sell cars without a better network and more showrooms? Kind of catch 22. Perception of unreliability and poor build quality - While just telling people "we are reliable" isn't going to convince many people. A 5 to 7 year warranty will. It will make people feel much more comfortable with their purchase. Poor tech - While many here may see the double din radio as a plus because it makes it a bit future proof, lets be honest, the general public don't. They want flashy new tech. This is probably the easiest to fix on this list now that they have access to Volvo and Geely tech and we have already seen it in the Evija. Power to Money Ratio - This may be most controversial. While many of us here understand that having a ton of HP isn't what makes a car, its the easiest way for the general public to rate a sports/super car. Lotus is going to have to up their HP game I think. They don't need to go crazy, but I suspect there would have been a lot more interest in the Evora if it was 500HP+. Not sure if they would make it a better driver's car or not, but HP numbers are important to people even if they will never use to the car to its full potential. They (still) exist? - Got to remind people that Lotus is around and has an amazing history. Most people don't know they exist or thought they went out of business decades ago. This is tricky because its not like the Evora hasn't been reviewed by a lot of the big car channels, yet still sells terribly and the Lotus name still isn't well known. How else do you advertise a Lotus? IMO the best way is to get it in some block buster movies and other pop culture spots. A new James Bond with an Evija or a new Esprit would do wonders for the brand. Music videos and stuff like that would also be good advertising. All this is easier said that done of course and the speed at which it can be done is a question. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  7. Yeah kind of crazy. I mean I would still call a hybrid a combustion engine car even if its not the sole propulsion method, but maybe they mean strictly combustion. Either way its kind of sad, however if they nail this next car out of the park I will be there, especially if its not a hybrid. It will most likely be one of the last few manual sports cars manufactured, looking at where things are headed.
  8. 500HP+ Evora based car is something I would love to see.
  9. Maybe they should get away from being locked into names that start with E?
  10. What model range? Every single car is EOL. The only new car is a 2 million dollar car which is limited production.
  11. Looks too small to be an Esprit IMO. Looks more like an new Elise-sized car. Also, if the Esprit is going to be their more "flag ship" it should a bit more exotic. This looks like like a Caymen, with a better looking front.
  12. I had this problem on my '13 S. I eventually found someone on one of the Lotus forums saying they fixed it by cleaning the MAF. So I bought some MAF cleaner and cleaned it once a month (its pretty easy). This stopped the limp modes and stalling. Granted should you have to clean the MAF once every month or two? No, but its at least a better piece of mind when compared to the alternative of random limp modes or stalls while out and about.
  13. I swear I read or heard somewhere that the "stop gap" car will be petrol only.
  14. According to a recent interview I heard. Carr said its still not legal in the US. I have to imagine it will be eventually.
  15. Yeah even I silhouette or covered car would get some discussion going. I have to imagine they could at least provide something like that at this point.
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