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  1. I said I think the top of the line 131 needed a 5 at the beginning of its power number. If the 373kw is true then that would confirm that it will at least be 500HP.
  2. So looks like first 131 to be announced will be the Emira, which Lotus trademarked back in November. Some people say Emira has no translation, some say it means "Prince" in Arabic. Looks like they trademarked Elevo back in March. Elevo appears to mean in Spanish "I raise". In their teaser image there were 3 cars under covers. All appeared to have slightly different shapes and sizes with different headlight configurations. The smallest car seemed to have headlights that looked like the Evija. So are all three based on the 131? Are two of them the 131 and the other maybe the Alpine collab car? Maybe only one of them is the 131 and the others are future electric concepts? In the other teaser image that had a car that looked like a mini Evija underneath a cover next to an uncovered Evija. This same car looks lo be the smallest of the 3 cars in the other teaser image (although its hard to know for sure). So if the Emira is the first to be announced, is the smallest (and I assume least powerful) variant of the 131? Or is it solely the 131? As for the 2 trademarked names Emira and Elevo. Emira sounds good. Elevo sounds like a name for an economy car. In the end I don't care that much about the name if the car is good.
  3. I am guessing Elevo would be for electric car. Emira sounds more like what 131 will be unless its going to be 3 different cars using same chassis.
  4. You may be right, but seems to me saying "Its the same motor already in our cars" actually hurts marketing more than helps it. Also could be a red herring as well, who knows at this point.
  5. Sure, but does Lotus want to sell cars or not? Yes HP is not everything, I think we all agree with that here or we wouldn't even own a Lotus. The problem is everyone is acting like Lotus is currently doing great and selling a ton of cars or even some cars. They are selling 1000 - 2000 cars a year. That is pretty terrible for cars that are in that price bracket. Of course there are many reasons for that, but one of them is trying to sell a $110k Evora GT with 416HP. The new Nissan 400Z will be starting at $35k (USD) and have almost the same HP output as the Evora GT. To your average consumer what makes the Evora GT worth almost 3x the price? HP does help sell cars, especially sport/super cars. Remember Lotus is not Porsche or Ferrari. They do not have the name cache to get customers, they need to bring more to the table to win over new customers and if they win over more customers they will also get more dealers. I would be happy to see the 131 have 500HP, but if 500HP is the max of that motor (reliably) you won't have any wiggle room to add HP in the future. So my fear (if they use that engine) that they will be limiting themselves severely for the next 10 years or however long the 131 is in production. Since it may be their last ICE it would be nice to know it would have more potential than that out of the gate. Sure, I guess they can always upgrade to a different motor down the road, but since this is apparently their last ICE line-up I see that as unlikely. Listen, I get it, most of us here aren't HP slaves. However, think about this; if the 131 sells well, maybe that means Lotus will continue making ICE as long as its commercially and legally viable. If the 131 sells poorly then my guess is the 131 will be cut short and they will make their move to electric sooner. So IMO, its important for Lotus as a company and important to us as fans of Lotus to want the 131 to do well. Either way, unless its a complete let down or severely overpriced it may be my next car. I just want Lotus to also do well, if they means I may see another Lotus on the road every 3 months instead of well...almost never... I can live with that. P.S. When talking HP numbers I am only talking about the highest end model of the 131. Since it appears to be possibly 3 models. Obviously the lower end models can have lower HP if they are priced right.
  6. It says that, but its not clear if the author is just making an assumption or not. Its not a direct quote from Windle as there are not quotes around it. Not sure why Windle would announce that, but keep the I4 a secret.
  7. Honestly I wouldn't put too much stock in the Toyota V6 from the Evora/Exige comment of the article. Its almost like the author is making an assumption, because its not a direct quote, there are no "" around it. I also don't know why Windle would just flippantly mention that it uses the same engine as the Evora/Exige, but keep the 4 cylinder a secret, unless the 4 cylinder is the higher output version for some reason. Even if it does use the current Toyota motor, doesn't seem like something you would just say in passing. That being said if it is the current Toyota V6, that has positives and negatives. Reliability and parts being the 2 big positives. However, if it truly caps out at around 500HP reliably (with a new stronger gearbox) and if the 131 is truly their last ICE then this car will most likely probably be on the market at least as long as the Evora was. Not sure 500HP is going to cut it for the top end version of the T131 10-years from now now (you could argue it would barely cut it now with the base Corvette doing about the same). Honestly feels like going out more with a whimper than a bang with their final ICE. If this is true then it kind of feels Geely is not interested in investing much into the 131 and seem to be saving their big investment for the electric cars. That being said, I'm skeptical of anything until its officially announced.
  8. Yeah Lotus isn't ready for that bracket, but the 85k - 130k bracket is pretty devoid of much at the moment. Starting somewhere in the mid to lower end of that range for whatever the high end version of the 131 is may be a good niche for Lotus to carve out.
  9. If this is what Lotus brings to the table with the 131 it will be a massive failure, IMO. If it truly is 3 cars, the top of the line needs to come out first and then release the lower end models. I know HP isn't everything to this forum, but its and easy number for people to judge car from, like it or not. I think we are going to need to at least see that number start with a 5 for the high end of the 131 range. IMO there is no way you can get away with asking $145k USD (£105k) for a car with 460HP, even at that weight figure.
  10. I have no idea what this car or cars is going to be. In their image it was 3 cars, but no idea if all 3 are the 131 or only 1 is and the other 2 are other cars like the Alpine co-developed car. The one picture of the college next to the Evija made it look mini Elige sized non-electric Evija. Personally for this car I would rather it move slightly up market from the Evora, but this is just my personal preference. There is huge void in the market in that price range. There are plenty of people who are not fans of Porsche. IMO there is too much competition that they just can't compete with down market. They don't have the cache of playing with the big boys (yet). However, what about a $130k car that gets you 80% of a $250k? Not sure if its possible for Lotus or not. What I want to see: Use the Evora chassis, unless their are potential future safety issues, its already proven to be excellent Handle like a Lotus Manual and DCT options Drop the back seat, its a nice storage area, but pretty much useless otherwise More power, 500 - 550 I think would be a good sweet spot Looks good, exclusive Higher quality interior Longer warranty, 4 - 5 years
  11. There is a Lotus engineering facility in Ann Arbor, MI. I assume it was built back when GM owned them? A few years ago they moved HQ there. I assume it was really to save money. Then they moved to Plymouth, MI. Here is facility in Ann Arbor:
  12. So 3 cars huh? I am just glad they all appear to have a different look. I hate the trend where cars from the same company all look very similar. One on right seems Elise-sized. Two on left seems to be much wider.
  13. Hmm weird, mine is right against the line, but mine was not done in factory. I had black pack done at dealer and they painted roof, mirrors and added black wrap to the under door area.
  14. Lotus Esprit + 2 Ferraris in this commercial (skip to 1:08)
  15. My Lotus dealer fixed this for me earlier this year without me even knowing about the recall. They had got notice of the recall while they had my car and took it upon themselves to do the fix while they had to car. They let me know when I picked the car up.
  16. Honestly, I think there is a huge disconnect from reviewers and the public. Kind of similar to movies nowadays it seems. The reviewers praise the Evora for its great handling, light weight, simplicity, etc. All the person reading the review sees is: 416HP + Camry engine + $100k + No modern amenities + No local dealer = does not compute. Most people, even sports car people, see things very simple. They want to see high HP numbers, sub 3 second 0 - 60, exotic engines, scissor doors and fancy touch screens. Chassis stiffness, handling, light weight, fun... most of that doesn't mean anything if you can't wow your neighbor and tell them it has 600HP. To be fair I am not these knocking people (okay maybe that last sentence was a little bit of a knock). Cars are an expensive purchase. Most people are going to go with something that is more easily understandable and quantifiable. Driving feel is not one of those things that can not be easily quantified. Its also not one of those things you are going to experience on a 10 minute highway test drive (watch Doug Demuro's reviews). Lotus is going to have to cater to at least some mainstream ideals unfortunately and I am sure they already know this. The next 5 years will be interesting to see what they do.
  17. I merely meant that if Geely said "here's a blank check, make your own SUV." I know that is never going to happen, it was just more of a thought exercise. I mean not even Lamborghini was allowed to do that and they have much more cache than Lotus.
  18. IMO it sounds like they are just using the Lotus name for their performance SUV. Not saying Lotus isn't helping engineer it, but since its a shared platform their hands are kind of tied. You can't really use exotic materials and manufacturing techniques because those would be too expensive for the mass produced Geely and Volvo SUVs. It would have been interesting to see what Lotus could have done with a performance SUV if it didn't need to be shared. Would be interesting to see a different take on an SUV (as much as you can anyways).
  19. Kind of agree. Assuming this really is a mule for the next car or new Esprit. Maybe they are just testing something else using an Evora?
  20. Was kind of excited about this, but a YouTube video I saw said "starting at $210k USD". Which means it will probably be quite a bit more properly equipped. Sorry, not worth it IMO at that price. Lets hope for some good ol' Maserati depreciation I guess.
  21. I think most people assumed it meant mainly the chassis was going to be shared, not just a re-skinned Evora with another name.
  22. When I take my 400 to Cars and Coffee they usually always put me with the exotics in the spotlight area. Most people seem to like it, but there definitely are people who are like "Lotus?" There are some haters though. Had a guy once yell "Its just a Camry" when I was pulling out on to the street after the show.
  23. Yes this information is a bit perplexing. While I have no issue with them continuing to use a Toyota engine, using the exact same engine currently is confusing. If this car is a successor to the Evora then IMO it needs 500HP if the price is going to be $100k+. Since Lotus stopped at 430 and only made limited amounts at that power level I don't think they are confident to go past that with the current setup. I was hoping with it possibly being their last ICE that they would do something a bit different. I have a feeling this is going to end up being a re-skinned Evora. That isn't a bad thing if the price drops, but I don't see that working at current price considering Evora barely can sell at that price. That being said this could be a red herring for all we know. I am excited to see what they do, I just hope they do it right.
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